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Fwd: The circle game . . .

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Round and round it goes and where it stops is on the heads of every American citizen.  We are the dupes and they are the puppet masters ruling the world at their whim while not so slowly squeezing the life out of the public both here and abroad – sometimes economically and sometimes physically.



Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fwd: Jerry Bowyer on "Exercise Which Maximizes Neurotransmitters?"

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From: Jerry Bowyer "Exercise Which Maximizes Neurotransmitters?"

I wrote recently about my interview with Phil Campbell, author of The Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol. Campbell's book is the fruit of 30 years of self-monitoring, coaching, medical testing, and academic research focused on finding the optimal exercise training program. The conclusion is that the center part of such a program should not be the widely recommended long-form aerobic session, but rather short-form exercise which takes the trainee quickly into anaerobic territory. To get the highest health gains overall, Campbell recommends 8 sprints at maximum speed spread out over a 20 minute time period, 3 times per week...

To read the entire article and listen to the interview, click here.

Jerry Bowyer is a columnist, an economist, and he blogs here.

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Mark Rauterkus
Swimming and Water Polo Coach, Schenley High School, Pittsburgh, PA
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Charlie in Iceland

Travel blog from Charlie!

Fwd: Propaganda 101

From John H

For those of you who depend upon The New York Times for establishing a connection with the 'real world' should read and pay special attention to the attached article.  The most powerful propaganda effort ever waged is now in place and being managed by plutocracy through the main stream media.  And for those of you who believe heart and soul in the Democratic Party should absolutely watch the Real News Network interviews at the Peoples' Summit.



Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fwd: Danny Chew Fundraiser - Final Reminder

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From: Carol 

Dear Bicycle-loving Friend,
As you may already know, we are holding a Fundraising Event for Danny Chew  on June 17th, to help raise funds for making his home handicapped-accessible, as well as for the uplhighly increased living expenses that come with being paralyzed. He is temporarily living in Ohio, but is coming home to Pittsburgh in a month. Time is of the essence!
The Fundraiser should be a great celebration with  food, beer, music, bicycle-related games and activities, as well as Danny himself.
(For details on the event, please look below)

If you cannot make it to the fundraiser, but would still like to contribute, here is a link to help Danny: We are also accepting gifts-in-kind for our Silent Auction and Basket Raffle (there is a form attached to this letter, and arrangements will be made to pick up anything donated), so you have an opportunity to participate in those ways as well.

Just for the Record, I fit into all this by being one of the original cyclists in the Chew Cycling Crew...Danny's sister Carol and I were the first to check out the Thursday night bicycle rides at the American Youth Hostels, then other members of the family became interested, and well, the rest is - HIStory.

Please see the attached letter from Danny...

Be well everyone,
Susan Richter
412-736-xxxx (removed by blogsmaster)

Here is the event information:

Come to an exciting FUNDRAISER for DANNY CHEW, creator of the DIRTY DOZEN BICYCLE RACE here in Pittsburgh, and lovingly known as The MILLION MILE MAN for his goal of riding a million miles on a bicycle in his lifetime. He was paralyzed last Fall in an accident while riding, when he suddenly passed out:

The event will be held on June 17th from 4-10pm, in the large parking lot in front of the World's Largest Bicycle Museum, BICYCLE HEAVEN, on the North Side ( There will be tours of this massive historical collection throughout the event, and JOHNNY ANGEL'S MUSIC MUSEUM, (, is nearby and open until 6pm. The Museum is also located right behind the THREE RIVERS HERITAGE TRAIL, so you can even ride on the trail to the event!

4:00 - 6:00 pm:
Bicycle obstacle courses, activities and games for kids of all ages. Plus, ATTILA DOMOS, (unofficial, but soon to be official) world's-record holder for # of miles on a handcycle in a 24-hour period, and recent winner in the handcycling category of the Pittsburgh Marathon! He has pledged to bring two of his handcycles for people to try, and will participate in other creative ways later on in the program. (

FOOD, BEER and WATER for sale.

BASKET RAFFLE and SILENT AUCTION, with some pretty incredible items, many related to bicycling.

DANNY CHEW (and Family) MEMORABILIA TABLE, with DANNY present at the event to tell the stories behind everything!


CHERYLANN HAWK sings Children's Songs with awesome drummer Pete Shell

5:00 - 6:00pm:
JIM DONOVAN, drummer from "Rusted Root" & his lovely daughter, TUPELO

6:00 - 7:00pm:

7:00 - 7:45pm:
PRESENTATION WITH & ABOUT DANNY, with special guests and dedications

7:45 - 8:15pm:

8:30 - 9:00pm:
CHERYLANN HAWK returns, with other great songs for grown-ups!

9:00 - 10:00pm:
STANDING WAVE with Steve Sciulli and Dennis Childers

10:00 pm:
MUSIC JAM and DANCE to close the night

Please join the fun, and for now, the conversation...Let us hear your ideas and any ways you want to get involved! We would especially love to hear from young people, especially teenagers who want to participate in the kids bicycle games, crafts and "safe obstacle course" area. When they are done with their 2-hour shift with the kids, the young musicians from the Rock Academy will be performing! PLUS, WE PLAN TO SERVE PIZZA (and BEER, for the adults...) around that time!

If you know Danny personally and have had some adventures with him, we need your stories, either written or recorded via webcam, etc., for a power-point presentation that will be created in honor of the event. DEADLINE IS NEXT MONDAY, June 12th.Please send all entries to:

Tickets can be purchased online:
and are available at the door -
$10 Pre-Registration (until 6/16 ) for persons 12 and over
$15 at the Door
$10 Students
$5 Children 4 to 12 Under 4 Free


Keep checking the facebook page for updates:


Guardian and kid riding bikes

Friday, June 09, 2017


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From: Bret


I just heard you will be visiting here in Paso Robles tomorrow.  That's great.  I look forward to meeting you.  Let me just say thank you for creating and promoting this game.  It is a lot of fun.  This will be the second summer I will play SKWIM, with last year being the first. 

So my SKWIM story started last year about this time.  I had spent the last three years watching my son play water polo.  I saw how much fun the boys were having and I wanted to play too.  Though truth be told, water polo would be way too rough for me.  But that still didn't stop me from wanting to play some type of team water sport.  Sadly, actually frustratingly, there was no team water sport games that I could find.  And I don't just mean I couldn't find any team water sport games in my town, but even through an internet search I could not find any meaningful team water sport games through out the world either.  I think the closest I came was underwater hockey (seriously, it's  game where you hold your breath and dive down to advance a weighted puck). 

Then a few things happened.  First, when I lamented my unresolved yearning for a water sport game to my coworker, he told me a little story.  While vacationing in Washington on the lake shore one day, he came across some folks passing a yellow foam disc across the water.  Those folks were very friendly and included my coworker in passing this disc among them.  When the folks left, they said my coworker could hold on to the disc.  Well, as you know, this yellow foam disc was a SKWIM disc.  When my coworker told me about this, I looked SKWIM up on the internet and was immediately captivated.  I so wanted to try SKWIM out.  Problem was I needed a pool. 

As it turns out, at this same time, our community pool was due to be reopened after five or so years of being closed due to budget issues.  This pool would be perfect for SKWIM.  It was just long enough and one could touch bottom the whole span so people with multiple swimming backgrounds could participate.  I approached my city about the prospect of having SKWIM being played.  I was soon put in contact with Lynda, who you now know.  Together, the two of us brainstormed a way to make it work.  We were able to squeeze in two sessions a week for a total of nine sessions.  Everybody who played had a great time. SKWIM is just what I was looking for.  It's a great non contact team game to play in the water.  The spacing of the game is perfect and the way passes are made by gliding the disc across the water is amazing. 

I don't know if you know much about our town, Paso Robles, but it can get really hot here in the summer.  So having SKWIM during the summer was a fantastic experience.  I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to play again this summer.

Bret Halebsky

Hi Bret:


  1. Thanks for being a SKWIM pioneer!
  2. How did you find out about SKWIM?
  3. When did you first start to play some SKWIM?
  4. What is your watersports background?
  5. A Capo Beach guy?  Surfer? Salt Creek 😊
  6. How did you get folks to first try it?




We are writing the original SKWIM Story Book.

  • Dedication/Purpose/Mission
  • My family SKWIM story
  • A game for the whole family
  • Ways to play
  • Safe Play / International Rules
  • SKWIM Gear and care
  • Play SKWIM / Learn to Swim
  • Fin Swimming Saves More Lives
  • SKWIM Certification
  • C.A.R.E. Campaign
  • Water Stories

In this "Water Stories" section we will publish multiple short stories; 250-500 words only, stories about safety, heroic rescues, enrichment, fulfilment, enlightenment, discovery, exploration, about the water.  Bret:  Can you share a story with us that we can publish – one of your most memorable times in the water!?


All the best,




Coach Kevin I. McCarthy

SKWIM® Global Development

CC:  1 - 425-802-2167  (USA)

Address: 1125 205th Avenue NE

Sammamish WA  98074-6654 USA

Transform your pool, your community, and public safety with SKWIM® game play!     



   -     RESPONSE            -             ENDURANCE             -            DISTANCE    -

International SKWIM® Certification

Water Safety, Spirit and Sportsmanship through SKWIM® Game Play



SKWIM® USA is a 501c3 non-profit





Mark Rauterkus
PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim & Water Polo Camp Executive Coach
Varsity Boys Swim Coach, Pittsburgh Obama Academy
Recent Head Water Polo Coach, Carnegie Mellon University Women's Club Team
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team

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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Fwd: This really upset me

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I'm a pretty positive person but I felt I had to write this email.
You probably know that within the last few days we've launched the School of Thought Clinics that Matt Kredich hosts annually at the University of Tennessee.
It's exciting that we can help provide access to the School of Thought Clinics because I really admire what Matt does in continually bringing in outside experts to learn and better himself and his program.
Honestly the response to it has been awesome with tons of coaches taking advantage of this great resource that is now available online.
But one coach felt the need to email us and complain.
What was he complaining about?
Not the videos or not getting his login info or anything like that.
He was complaining that he disagreed with some of Jan Olbrecht's training conclusions, and therefore we shouldn't be providing this resource…..because he disagrees with it…..
He also went on to say just because someone like Maglischo has a "PhD" behind his name that it doesn't mean anything about whether the information was good or not.
And this is where my frustration shifts to confusion and borderline sadness for this coach.
First, I wasn't saying that PhD's mean you know everything when I mentioned Maglischo was in attendance at the clinic but rather pointing out that the best coaches know a lot but STILL want to keep learning. Maglischo himself in the podcast I did with him a while back said he made some big mistakes in this thinking and recommendations.
But guess what? He's still learning and trying to get better!

He could have just written the first book (Swimming Fast) and been done. But no, he's improved his thinking to then write Swimming Faster, and then Swimming Fastest and now even his latest release.

If you don't know this by now let me be perfectly clear about our position at RITTER and what not only myself but the rest of our team's goal is:

We provide opportunities to learn to be a better coach or swimmer, not "right way" methods.

What we will not do is be the "gatekeepers" in deciding what is the "right way" to do something or the "wrong way" to do something. I'm certainly not smart enough to keep up with everything.

I am, I think skilled at finding those that are doing things differently and spotting great practitioners, who themselves are trying to continually get better.

A small example of this was a blog that Abbie our Technique Coach wrote about the multiple ways to pull in freestyle. Not the singular "right way" but the options to choose from depending on the circumstances.

Why do we take this approach?

Because the sport of swimming proves over and over again that there are so many ways to achieve success.

It's not about finding the singular "right way" and then everything magically falls into place.

What is necessary is knowing the principles of exercise science, stroke technique, nutrition and recovery. Then blend it altogether and be continually open to learning new things. There's continual evolution in our sport and so the "best" ways to train always shift over time.

As a coach if you ever feel you've "arrived" and figured it completely out, well that's either the moment you get left behind and/or it's when you start sending emails like the one I got yesterday.

If you listen to any handful of podcasts and especially in the Coaches Corner you'll hear really successful coaches continually say that they are still trying to figure it out. And whenever they feel certain there's usually a twist coming up soon.

A great example of this is currently featured in the Coaches Corner – Gregg Parini of Denison University. Gregg has been there a long time and been producing great results for a long time. But in multiple instances of the talks we done so far, it's always come up that complacency leads to lower performance, as a coach or a swimmer.

Gregg is always trying to figure out a better way and not comfortable with just copying what worked last season because they "figured it out."

Now please understand me too. I'm not saying that just because you get access to something like the School of Thought that you are required to believe everything and implement everything.

Absolutely not!

I think most of you don't make that mistake but if everyone knew that, well then I wouldn't get emails like I did yesterday.

It's always better to listen to other experts and get ideas and then decide how it fits into your program. That's the mindset we operate with here and the one I think is best for all coaches.

Learn. Test. Adapt. Repeat. That's basically the process of becoming a better coach. But if you stop learning or even being open to it then that you get stuck and stagnant.

So that brings us to the opportunity that you have now. With over 40+ hours of video lectures and discussion in the School of Thought Clinics there's a ton of opportunity for you to learn something here that you can apply to how you run your program.

And…… we just announced some awesome NEW Free Bonuses when you purchase any School of Thought Clinic.


Dave Salo - Case Study: Follow along as Coach Salo talks you through 4 full weeks of workouts for his pro team, college athletes and even campers at his swim camp. Get access to PDF copies of the workouts as well as audio of Coach Salo's discussion about the training.

Bob Bowman Presentation from the 1st Global Swimming Summit. Coach Bowman talks about the greatest impacts on his as developing coach as well as training philosophies and much more.
**Bonuses will only be available for a limited time and will expire at midnight tonight so don't delay in getting access to the School of Thought Clinic.

Keep learning – ALWAYS and enjoy!


PS - Remember the Bonuses listed above will be yours for FREE with the purchase of any School of Thought Clinic. These Bonuses will expire tonight at midnight so don't miss out.

Getting more people eligible to coach in Pittsburgh Public Schools requires a change in the city's charter

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Fwd: Summer Polo

Hey!  We've been sharing a lot of information about polo practices and such on our Facebook Group (Waterpolo PGH Masters), but I wanted to make sure that any of you that aren't on Facebook or haven't yet joined the group knew about summer practices.

We will be playing on Tuesdays again this summer at Ammon pool (2217 Bedford Ave, Pittsburgh), from 6-7:45, weather permitting, as the pool is outdoors.  We'll start next Tuesday, 6/13. We can go for drinks after as well, if people are interested. 

Also, we'll be practicing tomorrow night, 6/8, from 6:30 - 8:30 at Obama High school. 

Hope to see you all at the pool soon!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Fwd: The Programmer’s Oath

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From: freeCodeCamp <>
Date: Monday, June 5, 2017
Subject: The Programmer's Oath


The Programmer's Oath

A few months ago, we published Bill Sourour's article "The code I'm still ashamed of." The article sparked a discussion about ethics throughout the global developer community.

Managers often put developers in an awkward position by asking them to write ethically ambiguous code. And recently a number of companies have used code to break the law.

It's clear that— just like doctors, lawyers, and business people — developers need to study ethics and apply these principles in their day-to-day work.

Some universities are introducing developer ethics courses, but this alone isn't enough. There are 20 million professional developers out there, and millions of working adults who are transitioning into the software development field. Most of them don't have time to go back to school to take an ethics class. How can we introduce ethical concepts in a way that's practical enough for these busy developers?

So I reached out to Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin, the legendary programming coach behind the Clean Code book series. In 2015, Uncle Bob published an ethical framework for developers called "The Programmer's Oath."

Uncle Bob volunteered to create a series of short videos for freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel — one for each promise in his Programmer's Oath.

And today, I'm proud to announce that we've published the final video in the series. So now the entire series is available on YouTube — for free, and with no commercials.

You can watch Uncle Bob's The Programmer's Oath series here (it's 12 minutes long in total).

Here are the 9 promises of Uncle Bob's Programmer's Oath, from his original 2015 blog post:

  1. I will not produce harmful code.
  2. The code that I produce will always be my best work. I will not knowingly allow code that is defective either in behavior or structure to accumulate.
  3. I will produce, with each release, a quick, sure, and repeatable proof that every element of the code works as it should.
  4. I will make frequent, small, releases so that I do not impede the progress of others.
  5. I will fearlessly and relentlessly improve my creations at every opportunity. I will never degrade them.
  6. I will do all that I can to keep the productivity of myself, and others, as high as possible. I will do nothing that decreases that productivity.
  7. I will continuously ensure that others can cover for me, and that I can cover for them.
  8. I will produce estimates that are honest both in magnitude and precision. I will not make promises without certainty.
  9. I will never stop learning and improving my craft.

This is just the beginning. As software powers more and more of the world, developer ethics will become increasingly important.

As a small nonprofit that's helping millions of people become developers, freeCodeCamp will continue to publish videos and articles on this important topic.

I want to thank Uncle Bob for creating The Programmer's Oath and setting the bar so high for our profession. And I want to thank prolific YouTube contributor Beau Carnes for editing these videos.

Here are three other links worth your time:

  1. An overview of every Data Visualization course on the internet (14 minute read)
  2. How to stop errors before they ever hit your codebase with Travis CI and ESLint (6 minute read)
  3. How to get the most out of the JavaScript console (8 minute read)

Thought of the day:

"We programmers. We rule the world. We write the rules that make our society work.

"Think about it; and think about it carefully. Nothing happens in our society without software. Nothing.

"It's certainly true that the Earth turns, the Sun rises, the rain falls, and the tides recede and advance without the aid of software. But in our society, virtually nothing happens without the involvement of some kind of computer program.

Without software: Phones don't ring. Cars don't start. Planes don't fly. Bombs don't explode. Ships don't sail. Ovens don't bake. Garage doors don't open. Money doesn't change hands. Electricity doesn't get generated. And we can't find our way to the store. Nothing happens without software. And what is software? Software is a set of rules."

- Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin in "The Obligation of the Programmer"

Image of the day:

Webcomic by CommitStrip

Study group of the day:

freeCodeCamp Tokyo

Happy coding!

– Quincy Larson, teacher at freeCodeCamp

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Fwd: Summer is Almost Here - Try These Easy Cardio Fit Tips For Everyone

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June 2017 Newsletter
We'd like to hear from you! 
We strive to provide teachers and administrators with the best tools to maximize fitness assessment in physical education.
Take our customer satisfaction survey to give us the scoop.

Please tell us about your experience! 
The first day of summer will be here in no time, which means vacation season, an increase in outdoor and water activities, and warm weather. 

June 1st - June 7th is National CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Awareness Week. 

Whether you'll be spending summer on the beach, at your local community pool, exploring the great outdoors, or just relaxing, be prepared for summer safety by learning CPR.

Did you know? Cardiac arrest, which can be triggered by a heart attack, drowning or other underlying conditions, is when the heart suddenly stops beating. CPR can nearly double to triple a person's chance of survival. Nearly 70% of cardiac arrests happen inside the home, which means if you ever have to perform CPR on someone, chances are it will be someone you know.

Are you and your students trained in CPR? The American Heart Association has great resources on CPR, including Hands-Only CPR, which you can learn online in a snap. Don't be caught off guard this summer - be prepared to be a lifesaver.

  • Fact Sheets
  • Downloads
  • CPR week campaign information

In April, we introduced you to circuit training strategies designed to improve FitnessGram® scores. The circuit training session should alternate one minute of cardio exercise with 1 minute of strength exercise. As mentioned previously, the strength training routine should target all major muscle groups. However, creating fun and innovative ways to include cardio can be a challenge. Incorporate fit tip cardio strategies to make your next circuit training workout a fun activity for kids of all ages.

Software Support questions: Contact the FitnessGram® Help Desk at  

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The Cooper Institute, 12330 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230

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Mark Rauterkus
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