Tuesday, February 08, 2005

PG Letter to Editor

Having written thousands of letters to the editor, here is the latest. It was sent to the PG with a date, 2-3-05.

Mr. Rom Waselski, Editorial-Page Editor, c/o Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
34 Blvd of Allies, Pittsburgh, Pa, 15222

Dear Sir:

RE: News-Item "Squabbling City Fiscal Board Meet" P.G. Thurs, 2-3-05.

I was always told that this was a government "Of The People -- By and For The People." Yet, when there are contractual meetings with certain groups of government employee's, the meeting is a closde door rivate affair.

When the over-sized, over-paid group of governmental representatives want a raise, that is done at two or three 'oclock in the mornig ar attached as a rider to a bill that gives a paper clip to every tax-payer.

When the people voted "No" to New (playgrounds) stadiums for over-paid sports jocks, the Power's that be thumbed their noses to the people and built them anyway.

When a problem cannot be resolved by the people who are paid to resolve them, the matter is taken to some judge and he becomes the "law-maker."

Apparently I've been living in a "dream-world" my whole life and they call this a "Democracy." You go figure!

Thank you for your -- I am, Chuck Nogal, 1302 E. Carson St. 15203

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