Thursday, January 26, 2006

Net Firms Working in China Urged to Respect Free Expression -- GOPUSA

First off, Happy New Year!

Did you know that there are more people in China learning English now than there are people in the world outside of China who speak Engligh?

I know that people in China can't read this blog. I could not even log onto my blog when I was there. Interesting.

Net Firms Working in China Urged to Respect Free Expression -- GOPUSA As another leading Internet company bows to pressure to accept Chinese government restrictions, media freedom campaigners have stepped up calls for Internet firms to respect freedom of expression when working in repressive countries.

Google Inc. confirmed this week that, in order to do business in the world's fastest-growing Internet market, it will accede to China's demands that it censor web search results.

In other news with a personal and China twist, our host , Tao, invited my wife to be on a board.

The only information sources for audiology in China, Chinese audiology (,, Chinese domain name for audiology, will be launched in February, 2006 after nearly one year preparation. This website will provide comprehensive information to the public, professionals and users about all aspects of audiology in China. We believe the launching of the website will facilitate the development of professional audiology in China. On behalf of the working committee of Chinese audiology website, we are honored to invite you to join the advisory board of the website because of your special contribution to the development of audiology in China and of course your expertise in this field. Your role in the board is to provide guidance to the website in its development. We truly hope you can accept this invitation and wish to work with you in this significant project.


Tao is quite a guy. His son was at Columbia. He has a home in China, of course, plus Canada and Carolina. I guess he only goes to places with the letter "C" -- but.

Happy New Year, again! The year of the dog is about to begin.

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