Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rauterkus Salutes Watt's Resignation from County Council and Asks Others to Do The Same

Mark Rauterkus, candidate for Pittsburgh City Council, district 3, salutes today's resignation decision of County Council Member, Eileen Watt. Rauterkus said, "Council Member Watt's decision to remove herself from Council as she becomes a candidate reverses a trend among past politicians who have been at odds with the county charter and their status as a candidate. Watt's loyalty to the people of Allegheny County as well as the County's Charter will not be forgotten. The timing matches the expected duty associated with being a Council Member and honorable representative."

"Other members of County Council seeking other elected offices should resign at once, like Watt has done," said Rauterkus.

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Eileen Rocks!