Thursday, August 02, 2007

School reunions bring past, present together |

Talk of our 30th high school class reunion got some ink in the Penn Hill Progress. Check it out. Mentions of TalkShoe and our trip to New Zealand as well.
School reunions bring past, present together | On the other hand, use of modern technology is saving the Penn Hills Class of 1977, according to organizer Gina (Costa) Calabro.

Putting together a reunion for the large class of 1,250 has gotten easier in the Internet age. She has built a database over the years from people registered on class and by Googleling specific names. More than 400 people were found from such sites and are now kept informed using e-mail.

From her home in Connecticut, she's able to plan the Nov. 23 PH reunion with fellow classmates located throughout the country.

On their Penn Hills reunion message board, she posts upcoming planning events that are held as a conference on Everyone is encouraged to log on. The conference is so inclusive that one of the committee members was recently able to keep involved while traveling in New Zealand.
Plans for the party are moving along well. Gina has been wonderful.

Another on the committee suggested the use of a people finder site. It is working. Hundreds of names and contact info is now being discovered and put into the database.

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Anonymous said...

Gina posted:

Geez-- just read the article too-- too bad she took what I said out of context. I said that with a 30th reunion people no longer care about appearances -- we've all gotten older and that at past reunions that wasn't always the case. I made a joke about how at the 10 year we had classmates come back that had lost huge amounts of weight and were not recognizable. I also said that even though what we all look like now does not matter that I was even dieting. :-)

I hope the way she wrote it won't offend anyone...

oh well. I agree that this will promote interest. We now have confirmed 718 names and invitations have been sent. Interesting one of the names that we hadn't confirmed sent me a check yesterday.

I am going to try top get the 124 names we have yet to check done before Saturday and I am bringing my laptop with all the info.

Looking forward to seeing you all.