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Fw: Instructions to Jurors

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Subject: Instructions to Jurors


If called to jury duty accept eagerly.  This is your chance to save the country.  During jury selection, you will have to answer the following questions?
  1. Will you uphold the U. S. and state constitutions? Certainly.
  2. Will you uphold the law as the judge gives it to you? Certainly.
  3. Are you related to or know anyone in the trial? No
  4. Have you read about or heard about this case? No
  5. Do you have any opinions about the laws involved? No
  6. Can you judge this case impartially? Yes
  7. Any other questions: give the answer the judge and lawyers want.  Remember they want the stupidest, unknowing, and most pliable jurors that they can find.  Your answers should be yes or no.  Do not qualify your answers.
In any trial involving consensual acts by mentally-competent adults, you vote not guilty.  This is upholding the Ninth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution and probably some clause in your state constitution.

In any trial in which the judge does not provide copies of the U. S. and state constitutions and a printed version of the laws in question to each juror, he has not given you the law. This constitutes reasonable doubt.  In criminal cases, which require guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, you must vote not guilty (even for the most grisly crime you can imagine).

The law that the judge gives from the bench is meaningless.  I have been involved in about 50 civil and criminal cases as either a plaintiff or a defendant.  The judges have no idea at all of what the law is.  They just make it up.  They love to quote other judges, who also do not have any idea of what the law is.  Many U. S. Supreme Court decisions are 5–4.  This means that at least 4, and probably all 9, Supreme Court judges do not know the law.  Judges, lawyers, and even Supreme Court Justices (more lawyers) all make mistakes.  You can see this when you look back at some of their wrong opinions in cases of slavery, right to free speech, and other issues.

Do not pay any attention to what the judge tells you from the bench. Read the law yourself, check if it is constitutional and appropriate, and then make a decision. Consult your own conscience, and your own sense of justice.  You are there as a juror to make sure justice is served.

The jury is the person's last defense against a tyrannical government.  Remember the duty of the jury is not to uphold the law, but to see that justice is done.  That is jury nullification, a well-established pillar of free societies.  It is the method by which we obtained freedom of religion and freedom of the press, among other freedoms. (See:

It only takes one juror to hang a jury.  If you are that juror, you will take a lot of grief from the other jurors.  Do not give in to the pressure from other jurors.  You may never have another chance to save the country. You may be saving the life, family, and livelihood–as well as the reputation–of the person on trial.

There is no hope of recovering our country through any of the formal branches of government.  They are too corrupt.  However we can restore our country through the jury; one juror at a time.  You can be that juror.  This will be a difficult and slow process.  Success requires determination, persistence, and patience.  You should also expect abuse and agony.

The day is short.  The task is difficult.  The jurors are sluggish.  If not you—then who?  If not now—then when?

Freedom is not given to you.  It must be reclaimed in every generation.

Warning: You should know that The Federal Protective Service, and possibly the FBI, is intercepting my e-mails. Another violation of our civil liberties. Be prudent if you write to me.  

Mike Benoit has written a book entitled "Sham and Shame of the Federal Income Tax."    You can purchase it directly from him for five dollars. His E-mail address is in the header of this E-mail.

I will be distributing FIJA literature at the U. S. District Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, Manhattan, NY on Tuesday, May 25, from 11:45 am until 1:15 pm (or I am arrested).  Please join me if your can.


   Yours in freedom—Julian

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