Monday, April 30, 1990

Adventures Unlimited

Back in the day, a partnership with Adventures Unlimited and SSS had us doing sales and programs that were far ahead of what Amazon was doing.

Adventures Unlimited was a sports and travel bookstore in Long Beach. We placed a Macintosh computer on the sales counter there and had sales calls, mail-order letters, inventory, and other functions go straight there.

Friday, February 17, 1989

Volleyball Monthly efforts

logo for Volleyball Support Syndicate

Example full page magazine ad for right side for selling books and VHS video tapes. 

Tuesday, February 14, 1989

From CP

My address, then living in a house with Pete Leighton, 2920 Cedar Ave, Long Beach, 90806.

Monday, November 10, 1986

Kara B's letter to her former coach

 One of the best letters I ever got from one of the best swimmers I ever coached. It meant plenty to me then -- and it still does 30+ years later.
Front page:
Back page:

Notes from 2018:

The PAWW team was my "Dream Team." I had three great years in Peoria. Departing was hard. I went from $16,000 a year to a job that paid $22,000 for only nine months. 
I was the first full-time coach at New Trier Swim Club, NTSC. I stepped into a weird situation there and had one or more people on the seven person coaching staff who was a complete snake. 
As I was departing PAWW, I went far out of my way to recruit applications for my eventual successor. I put calls to Washington and strongly encouraged Mike Smithers to interview and take the position. Some months later he took the job and arrived in Peoria and developed his style and the team in ways that were different than what I was doing.

Reunion photo

Coach D. Amerman, Mark Rauterkus, Mike Herrin, Kara B, Erik Rauterkus
on the pool deck at Central Park Pool in Peoria, Illinois.

Tuesday, April 09, 1985

Junior Olympic Short Course - EAST - Swimming Campionships, Syracuse, New York

Went to the McDonald's / USS National J.O.'s Swimming Championships, east, short corse, in Syracuse, New York, from April 9 to 13, 1985.

PAWW swam a girls 400-free relay in the meet.

Meet was hosted by the Syracuse Chargers in a high school swim pool.

Went there via Peoples Airways from Peoria to NJ to Syracuse.

Wednesday, February 01, 1984

Spring, professional football -- Pittsburgh Maulers

The Pittsburgh Maulers were a one hit wonder in the USFL only playing for the inaugural '84 season. The team had a number of well known players including first pick and Heisman running back Mike Rozier. Their home opener saw a sold-out crowd at Three Rivers Stadium, and although the team was competitive in on-field play, they only managed to win 3 games throughout the season. The following year when the league decided to switch to a fall schedule, league management knew that they would not be able to compete for fans with the Steelers and did not return for the '85 season.

Tuesday, June 01, 1982

Monday, March 15, 1982

Friday, January 15, 1982

Letter on OU Bobcat letterhead from Mark Rauterkus to Swimming World

Bob Ingram, Editor
Swimming World and Junior Swimmer
PO Box 45497
Los Angeles, California 90045

Dear Mr. Ingram,

Run. "No thanks coach. I like the water. It protects me when I trip."

A socialized water wizard thrives chlorinate stench, broad shoulders and the arrival of the latest time standard. These youngsters seem to be bred for water with gills, fins and bleach-blond hair. And, gold-medal-swimming attitudes make swimmers believe that the best and only way to supplement a swim program is with more swimming -- not running.

Beginning an enthusiastic running program takes trickery, security, challenges and a multi-million-dollar contingency contract. 

Coaches fail to realize this and do not prepare for the dry-land sessions. Many coaches have started their teams with running but have quit because it does not come naturally. Vital originality and spunk is needed to keep a fish out of the water. 

In an article on my program, I can explain a three season plan. It has the coach's reasoning, methods and results. Swimmers response and black-and-white photos are possible. The well incorporated scheme gets the most out of a running swim team.

I have coached with the Ohio University men, Athens Swim Club Otters, Bernal's Gator Swim Club, Greater Pittsburgh Swim Club and some summer clubs. 

Does this idea interest you? I will be looking for your reaction. 


Mark Rauterkus
345 West State
Athens, Ohio 45701
614- (athletics)
614- (pool)

Monday, January 11, 1982

Looking at UNC for grad school -- letters 1 and 2

From December 1981.

Then the second is from January, 1982.

I'd go to Baylor University instead.

UNC had some nice majors to consider.