Monday, November 16, 1970

Went to the Pitt football game with Uncle Jerry

Army came to town, and it is coming up on a 50-year memory. I got to go to this game with my late uncle, Jerry McElligott, He'd serve in Viet Nam. His son does play-by-play with the broadcasting team of the NHL's Columbus Bluejackets now.

Game was full of rain. We even went to the field to watch some plays to the end of the game. Man, those players were HUGE -- as I was 9 years old.

That was a 26-0 loss in a 1-9 season. Sandwiched between a 56-7 loss at Notre Dame and a season-ending 65-9 loss to Penn State. Only win that year was Week 3, 14-3 over William & Mary. Just looking at all scores, that was a bad team.

I remember a loss for Pitt, not the score. Thanks for the history lesson. I guess that is why we got the good seats too.

The Super Soph's. The year the Panther begins to growl. Didn't happen. That group as seniors roared out to a 5-1 start only to fall and finish 5-5. The season was highlighted by this.