Monday, February 17, 1997

Notes with bundle partner meeting(s)

I was putting together the bundles of internet software applications. One asset I was able to provide to the other publishers in the bundle alliance was with their documentation and the management of their published books and even byteserved versions of documents.

I had been a beta tester for Adobe Acrobat 3.0 and was good at 'distilling' the documents with hyperlinks and making them so they could be served on the web, a page at a time and with quicker downloading.

agenda notes:

bundles (resale agreements and next phases of products)

digital duplication rights and policies for CD-ROM delivery

joint marketing of products. Do you want to extend your product line and better interact with others in the bundle?

co-location of documents. Edits of documents. Un-official sites for power-users (SIGs).

outsourced services based on utilities of software bundle. Ping sites for a fee with PageSentry, for example.

A UK book author is doing project on agents and avitars and we'd like to get a chapter in there about your software.

Non-exclusive speakers booking service.

Cross platform development issues.

Apple Computer Demonstrates First DVD-Enabled Macintosh at Milia 97

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Apple Computer Demonstrates First DVD-Enabled Macintosh at Milia 97

Company makes commitment to DVD, among the first computer makers to
standardize on DVD-ROM; announces intent to establish DVD Web site

Milia 97, Cannes France - February 12, 1997 - Apple Computer, Inc.
(Cupertino, CA) today publicly demonstrated the first DVD-ROM Macintosh(R)
prototype and announced support for the DVD-ROM format throughout most of
the Apple Macintosh product line.  DVD is a new industry standard for
consumer electronics and computers that delivers vastly superior audio and
video compared with current CD-ROM technology.

As part of a MILIA presentation, Apple also noted that the first
DVD-enabled Macintosh system could appear as soon as late 1997, with
several new PowerBook(R) and desktop models expected to be shipping with
DVD-ROM by early 1998.

"Just as Apple was the first computer vendor to standardize on CD-ROM ten
years ago, we now expect to take a leadership position with Macintosh and
DVD-ROM," said Carlos Montalvo, vice president of Apple's Interactive Media
Group.  "Integrating DVD-ROM with our leading multimedia and upcoming
processor technologies is a top priority for Apple Computer.  These include
QTML (QuickTime(R) Media Layer) for integrated A/V, 3D and VR technologies,
500 MhZ + PowerPC chips from Exponential for blazing speed, plus
cutting-edge multimedia processing power from the Philips TriMedia(TM)

The Apple DVD-ROM prototype, a modified Performa(R) 5400, culminates
several years of Apple research and development on DVD technology, in
collaboration with leading Japanese and European consumer electronics

DVD-ROMs - which look identical to CD-ROM discs - can hold up to 18 GB of
multimedia data, including any mixture of CD-quality sound, AC-3 surround
sound information, MPEG-2 video and computer binary data.  The current CD
format holds only 680 MB of content, with no built-in provisions for
surround-sound or MPEG-2.

At Milia, several leading DVD developers and pre-mastering software
vendors, including Sonic Solutions (Novato, CA), Sumeria (San Francisco,
CA), Short Cinema Journal (Venice, CA), Wired, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) and
Daikin (Novato, CA) pledged their support for Macintosh as the ideal
pre-mastering and content delivery platform for rich multimedia DVD titles.

Lastly, Apple announced its plan to create a DVD Web site in the near
future.  The Apple DVD Web site will serve as a clearing-house for
interested consumers and developers on the latest DVD information, as well
as providing links to third-parties with DVD solutions for the Macintosh.

"As the leading multimedia computer platform, Apple plans to take an
aggressive role in promoting the latest technologies to keep our customers
on the leading-edge of content development," said John Cook, DVD program
office director with Apple Computer, Inc.  "DVD-ROM is the next step in
bridging the gap between big-screen entertainment and the desktop -- Apple
fully intends to have the best possible solution for this technology.  We
are collaborating with the leading vendors in both software and hardware to
integrate best-of-breed multimedia technology on the Macintosh and DVD-ROM
is clearly the future for content delivery on our platform."

Apple Computer, Inc., a recognized pioneer and innovator in the information
industry, creates powerful solutions based on easy-to-use personal
computers, servers, peripherals, software and personal digital assistants.
Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) develops,
manufactures, licenses and markets products, technologies and services for
the business, education, consumer, scientific and engineering, and
government markets in over 140 countries.

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Saturday, February 01, 1997

Market Week speaker

I was a speaker at a college class and marketing club meeting in Athens, Ohio, at OU.

I also got to explore the National Business Incubation Assocation,, and talk with the Asst. Director of On-line Services Clearninghouse for Strategic Alliances, Gregory Kaple.

Disney and online sports

News from Feb 1997:

Internet Site Founders Give Back to Their University

* Yahoo! internet service founders, David Filo and Jerry Yang, have funded a new chair at Stanford University and are the youngest persons ever to have done so.

  • they quit their PhD studies at Stanford to turn their Yahoo! Internet search site into one of the Web's most successful companies.
  • donated $2 million to Stanford.

Sports Sites Go for Big Bucks

* Walt Disney Co. is reportedly in talks to buy a major stake in Starwave, the Web site company owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

  • Starwave operates sports and entertainment websites and operates, with Disney, the ESPNet-SportsZone site.