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Fwd: The Eagle talks about swimmer, Daniel Goldstein, and the musical

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The Eagle

One young man's passion spurs 'Ultimate Frisbee Team' at Obama

Posted: 26 Apr 2013 07:23 AM PDT

Here at Obama Academy, we have many seniors, but one senior stands out from the rest and his name is Dan Goldstein.

Dan has a story that is not like no other. While a freshman during the 2009-10 school year, Dan founded the Obama Academy Ultimate Frisbee Team. He acts as Manager and Treasurer even today,  as well. He gave me various details about the sport. "It's a team sport, 7 on 7 on a 110 yard field." He also mentioned that the game is played to 15 points, and once the player who has the Frisbee catches it, they cannot move, only pass. Oh, and one other amazing fact:"There are no refs" Dan added.

In Ultimate, there are two different leagues that school teams play in. There is Division 1, and Division 2. The league is governed by Pittsburgh High School Ultimate League (PSUL). There are 40 different teams that play in the league, both boys and girls. "We practice at CMU Campus on Saturdays". Dan said. They have no home field, but the team has played at Mellon Park, and Frick Park. Dan played for Allderdice during the winter league.

When asked about which player will become Captain after he graduates,  Dan mentioned a freshman call Sea-Bass. "I didn't expect that from a freshman, he's a great player/handler." Dan himself is a handler, a player that throws the disk to other players mostly. Dan also seems impressed with Mikah Bynum.

And Dan knows the sport of Ultimate. He'd like for it to become an olympic sport and can ramble off universities that have great programs as well as the names of great players. "Brodi Smith is my favorite player, he plays for Florida." Perhaps this all started at an early age for Dan, as his mom played it as a child.

Dan plans on attending University of Colorado for Ultimate. "They are ranked 9th in the country. " Ultimate is the perfect sport for the Olympics". Dan concluded

Cast opens up about 'Once On This Island'

Posted: 26 Apr 2013 07:12 AM PDT

The biggest musical of the year–Once On This Island–has opened, and the cast has been looking forward to a great run here at the Obama Auditorium. The cast recently stopped by to talk about the practices and the musical itself.

Keyanna Taylor Thomas plays T Moon, Daniel Wimer is Daniel, appropriately enough, Azurai Phillips plays Mama Ya Really, Imani Chisolm plays Asaka, Jasmine Adams plays Little T moon and Shae Wofford has the role of Ugua. Each have enjoyed the months of practice and each agrees that the incredible commitment has been worth it. Naturally, each is glad that the actual performances have begun.

Daniel Wimer has had an extremely hectic schedule in particular. A standout baseball player, he has been getting the best of both worlds as he juggles baseball and musical practices. He has called the rigorous daily schedule as "very tough and difficult." This is Dan's senior year and as such, "I wanted to give it a try. I am a good singer and figured why not." Dan will be going to Temple next year.

Imani Chisholm, a freshman, can relate to that feeling. She gave up track to be in the musical. "I did Alice in Wonderland in 7th grade and then saw last year's musical and that was it for me. I wanted to be a part of it."

Keyanna Taylor Thomas on the other hand has long been a star performer for Obama's Drama Department. She has won acclaim from classmates, fans and the press and in many ways, this performance is bittersweet. "It's my last musical. It's a little emotional for me to think about moving on next year and leaving this behind." On a good note, she will be attending Edinboro in the fall with cast mate Jasmine Adams.

Like Keyanna, Jasmine has always been involved with the musical. "I've done this my entire high school career," she says. Oddly enough, Keyanna does not wish to proceed in a Theater Arts program.

All of the cast members talked about the long hours and practice needed to put on a musical. All credited Ms.NcKrell as being the driving force–and inspiration–to achieve greatness. "She pushes us to be better, " Keyanna says.

And even so, the work is worth it. "I definitely think it's worthwhile," Keyanna says. "I do think about what I am missing, but I enjoy this. All of my friends are in the musical." Keyanna plays a character that is somewhat new to her this year. "For years, I've played the sexy character, so it's hard to play the someone with an innocent mindset this year, " she says. "But I like it."

Shae Wofford concurs. " It's a lot of work, and we're never confident of a song or dance until the performance itself," he says. Shae has been involved in musicals since he was in 7th grade. He'll be joining the Theater Arts program at Point Park next year.

"Once On This Island" concerns a small island girl who gets lost in a flood. She is a girl who is free at heart and looking for her purpose…and eventually finds it.

it's not your everyday musical, something that wasn't lost on Azurai. "When we got the musical, we were like 'What is this', but after I read the script I really liked it and thought it would be a good show."

The musical will run this weekend –Tonight (Friday), and Saturday at 8. It will return next Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8, as well.

Students can buy tickets in Ms.McKrell's room (237) and the public can buy at the door, as well. The cost is $8




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Get better grades in college. Go figure and lift.

Must read.

Fwd: [New post] Why We Need Arts Education In the Digital Age

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Subject: [New post] Why We Need Arts Education In the Digital Age

Sarah Jackson posted: "Back when he was a professor at MIT Media Lab in the late '90s, John Maeda said he often got flack for telling budding artists and designers they should learn to write their own computer programs. "Why should artists learn to code when there are tools lik"

New post on Hive Learning Network Pittsburgh

Why We Need Arts Education In the Digital Age

by Sarah Jackson

Back when he was a professor at MIT Media Lab in the late '90s, John Maeda said he often got flack for telling budding artists and designers they should learn to write their own computer programs. "Why should artists learn to code when there are tools like Photoshop?" they asked.

Writing in the Seattle Times, Maeda, now president of the Rhode Island School of Design, says he doesn't want the students of the future to have to rely blindly on software created by someone else. He argues we should treat the computer as a new kind of artistic material and learning to code as a key literacy.

I remain convinced that artists and designers will be the innovators of this century, and that the problem-solving, the fearlessness and the critical thinking and making skills that I see every day are what is needed to keep our country competitive.

Maeda was the keynote speaker last week at the Arts Education Partnership National Forum in Washington, where several members of the Hive Learning Networks were in attendance.

We came to the forum to share our experiences of how kids today are learning with art and technology, and how parents, educators, and advocates can to work together to support that learning through mentoring and collaboration.

But we also came to listen. The Arts Education Partnership has been one of the most important national groups speaking up about why arts education is crucial for today's students, even and especially in light of new technologies.

The twice-yearly forum brings leaders together to talk about arts education and to advance best practices.  In addition to Maeda there were folks talking about how schools across the country are nurturing creativity through new models and public-private partnerships that ensure equity and access for all students.

About forty people attended a session on developing place-based networks to enhance collaboration between artists, educators, and others.The session included a panel discussion with representatives of the Hive Learning Networks in New York City and Pittsburgh. Chris Lawrence, Senior Director of the Mozilla Mentor Community and director of Hive New York, commented on the contributions arts educators have already made to the debate.

"Arts educators have been at the forefront of rethinking qualifications through things like portfolios," said Lawrence, "And that's strongly related to the work we and others are doing to develop Open Badges as an alternative way of recognizing achievement."

We also learned about work going on in Portland, OR, where voters passed a local public fund to make targeted investments in K-12 arts education and community arts organizations. The $35 tax is placing teachers in every local elementary school and funding city arts programs.

We heard about the recent partnership between Performing Arts Workshop and Global Writes, for example, to integrate technology and the performing arts to promote literacy and collaboration.

And we learned that the AEP has just released – the nation's first online clearinghouse of research and policy information focused entirely on the educational outcomes associated with arts learning.

The conference emphasized a point that should be obvious to everyone but sadly isn't: arts education is essential. Research shows that arts education is good at building the kinds of skills kids are going to need in future workplaces like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, communication, and collaboration. It also helps build the skills they'll need as citizens in our increasingly global world like empathy and cross-cultural understanding.

In Pittsburgh, we've just joined New York and Chicago as the third Hive Learning Network. These networks reimagine how learning is organized and supported across youth-serving organizations.  The networks aim to create learning opportunities that connect all the spaces where learning takes place in kids' lives­—at home, with peers, and at school. We see nurturing creativity and learning in the arts as a key part of this work, supporting our students' creative selves both in school and out.

Photo/ Steven Depolo

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Mark Rauterkus    
PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim and Water Polo Camp Head Coach
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team
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Fwd: A Message from the Race Director

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A Message from the Race Director

On behalf of the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon staff and board of directors, we express our deepest sympathies to those affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon on Monday. We commend the efforts of race organizers, first responders, runners, volunteers and those who came to the aid of those affected. 


First and foremost, the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon takes security very seriously and works closely with the city of Pittsburgh year-round to help ensure the safety of our participants, volunteers, staff and spectators.


We are amazed at the outpouring of support from runners who want to come together in honor of Boston as they run the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon on May 5. We encourage everyone to cheer, volunteer and run on race weekend, come honor and show your support for Boston, and see what Pittsburgh has to offer.



Patrice Matamoros, Race Director

DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon

Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon, Inc. | 810 River Avenue | Suite 120 | Pittsburgh | PA | 15212

Mark Rauterkus    
PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim and Water Polo Camp Head Coach
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Necessary or not?

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  City Council District 6 - DISTRICT 6 NEWS  
Valet Parking Licensing Program to be Managed by Department of Public Works
Sent 04/16/2013 @ 12:38 pm

During today's City Council regular meeting, Councilman Lavelle introduced an ordinance regulating valet parking in Pittsburgh. The proposed bill would shift management responsibilities of the City's licensing program for valet parking from the Police Department to the Department of Public Works, would institute penalties for violations, and would require operators to display proper signage for valet drop-off and pick-up points. 

The ordinance is modeled after similar measures taken in Chicago, IL and Charlotte, NC, and includes clauses pulled from Pittsburgh's police variance regulations. Councilman Lavelle's decision to sponsor the bill resulted from complaints of improper management of valet services in Market Square. Various reports of improper utilization of public street parking spaces in Market Square, Graeme St, Forbes Ave and Fourth Ave prompted the Councilman to respond with the proposed bill. 

Among the provisions in the ordinance, the proposed valet parking regulations include:

  • Requirement that every valet parking service obtain a license from the Department of Public Works.
  • Requirement that valet operators display City approved and issued "No Parking" signs at the parking space or spaces utilized for drop-off and pick-up of valet parking.
  • Requirement that the valet operator provides legal off street parking spaces of at least 15% of the occupancy of the business they work for.
  • Implementation of penalties for violations that are the responsibility of the valet operator.
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Fwd: Most Important Mayoral Election In Recent Years-PCRG Candidates Night

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Date: Apr 10, 2013 5:53 PM
Subject: Most Important Mayoral Election In Recent Years-PCRG Candidates Night
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Find out the candidates' views on issues vital to our neighborhoods and community development Thursday, April 11, 6-8PM, at the Union Project - 801 N. Negley Ave. 

Hors d'ouevres and beverages will be provided. 

For more information and to RSVP, please email

For the first time in over a decade, Pittsburgh's wide-open mayoral primary puts us at a crossroads at a critical point in our rebirth.  But what are our candidates' positions on issues most relevant to neighborhoods – the lifeblood of our city?  How will they support, equitably and transparently, the revitalization and stabilization of our neighborhoods and invest in them?  Please join us on April 11 to find out.


Candidates will be asked a series of questions regarding:

-          Equitable disposition of city funds and resources;

-          Their view on land use, development, and integration of neighborhood plans into PLANPGH;

-          How they would support and enable transit, bike, and pedestrian enabling and affordable community development;

-          Transparency and equity in community development processes and resource allocation;

-          Public safety

-          City process modernization and streamlining, and;

-          Leadership and capacity within agencies and authorities and what restructuring they see as necessary to build prosperity.


Please contact Chris Sandvig at or 412-391-6732 x208 with questions or to RSVP.



Chris Sandvig

Regional Policy Director

The Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group

1901 Centre Ave, Suite 200

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

T: 412-391-6732, x208

C: 412-728-3339




Join us at PCRG's 3rd Annual Community Development Summit – May 21 & 22nd 2013. To learn more about the Summit, including discounts, sponsorship and advertising opportunities, visit



When it is time to blow one's own horn, it is good to have these Baylor Bears on your side.

Number one in the nation!


Lesson #1: Freelancing and the Law

Looks like an interesting event.
Lesson #1: Freelancing and the Law
with Eric Davis of Elliot & Davis, PC
Thursday, April 25th, 6:30 PM—8 PM
Assemble, 5125 Penn Avenue

You’re up and running. Projects are coming in and clients are spreading the word about your good work. There’s not much time for sorting through legal mumbo-jumbo. Does it matter anyway?

Yes. Pittsburgh attorney Eric Davis has worked with start-ups, entrepreneurs, creatives and social businesses for much of his career. He’s seen it all. Let Eric answer your legal questions: incorporation, contracts, and the ins and outs of small-claims court are some of the lions that will be tamed at our first Lesson from the 6% Place on April 25th.

No RSVP is required and seating at Assemble will be first-come, first-served.

Lessons from the 6% Place is a free series that aims to make the business part of running one’s own creative business less scary with spirited workshops led by subject experts with an affinity for the creative community.

Fwd: LiveCode 6.0 Community Edition Is Here

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Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Subject: LiveCode 6.0 Community Edition Is Here

The wait is over. The very first Open Source release of LiveCode is here, ready for you to download and use.
Community Edition is Here

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LiveCode 6.0 is here
Download LiveCode


The wait is over. The very first Open Source release of LiveCode is here, ready for you to download and use.


Everyone in the World can Code

We're proud to be bringing you this game changing complete coding environment. A visual drag and drop interface, English like coding language, instant results from the iterative creative process, more features than you can shake a stick at... and no price tag. What's not to love? And don't forget you can deploy to 6 popular platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and Server.

LiveCode 6.0

This release is also version 6.0 of the established LiveCode development environment. As such, it brings major new features, aimed at improving your workflow, increasing productivity and making your apps run faster and smoother than ever.


The wait is over. The very first Open Source release of LiveCode is here.

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Waterpolo Recap: Three Olympians visited Pittsburgh

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Here Comes the Sun, at 40-MPH, under the incline. Hold onto your handle bars!

Nobody crashes in this video!

Now, let's not have anyone crash this summer.

I'm going to declare 2013 a CRASH FREE BIKE SUMMER.

You in?

Friday, April 05, 2013

Fwd: [wplug-announce] Pittsburgh Geek Bowl + Google Glass

If I was in town, I'd go and meet Justin on this evening of fun.

Mark R.

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Has compiling code on Saturday nights lost its luster? Why not get to know the technology groups in Pittsburgh instead? The Western PA Linux Users group invites you to join us on Saturday, April 20 at our first-ever Pittsburgh Geek Bowl for a night of bowling, beer, and brotherhood!

And if you're not keen on bowling, how about a preview of Google Glass? Yours truly, Justin Smith, was among the 8,000 individuals who received an invitation to Project Glass to shape the future of wearable computing.,21721.html

I'll be talking about my winning proposal: "#ifihadglass I'd become a reporter for a next-generation netcast where I attend technology events, broadcasting what I see and who I interview over Google+ Hangouts, all while a team of remote commentators in the Hangout deliver feedback and analysis."

I want to show everyone what Pittsburgh's technology community has to offer. I can't do it alone, though; I'll need your help. Want to learn more? Want to help out? Come on over! I'll answer any questions about Glass as best I can, but keep in mind that I don't actually have it yet.

Head over to Eventbrite for more information and to register:

Justin Smith
Vice chair/secretary, WPLUG Board of Directors


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Pittsburgh Candidates Debate

City of Pittsburgh Mayoral Candidates and Pittsburgh School Board District 1































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The Black Political Empowerment Project(B-PEP) | C/O The Hill House Center | 1835 Centre Avenue | Pittsburgh | PA | 15219

Three USA Olympians visiting Pittsburgh and Pitt this weekend for a WATER POLO Clinic.

The public is welcome to come and watch the games. Women's game on Friday night at 7:50 pm. Men's game at 11 am on Saturday. 

Lots and lots of instructional play in various groups will unfold. Plus, over at CMU there is a college waterpolo tournament going on too on Saturday and Sunday. 

Just to be clear, all the spaces at the clinic for players are gone now. Kids had to sign up a few weeks ago and pay a fee. But, the upstairs will be open for those interested in checking it out. 

Schedule at Pitt:

Waterpolo game at Pitt with the University team and Tiger Water Polo at 7:50 pm, game time.

Please plan to arrive to TREES POOL between 11:30-12:15 (lower entrance)  so we can sign you up for the camp and you can meet take an autograph and take a picture with the Olympians. That will also give us enough time to change, meet and dry warm up before we get in the water.
FOR PARKING, check out the link below:
PITT Recreation Release form is attached so everyone should have that filled and signed at the registration. We will have copies available when you arrive.

1:00 - 3:00 pm Session I in water
5:00 - 8:00 pm Session II in water
* Between the two sessions, we will have Hogies (at no additional charge) for all the  participants and will use the downstairs Hall of the Trees Pool for everyone to hang out and meet the Olympians.


8:00 -11:00  am Session III in water so plan to be there between 7:15 - 7:30 am.
11 am - 12 pm Masters Only vs Pitt Men 

Camp work out schedule:
Listed are the stations that everyone is going to go trough. (For example: First 20':  Group I - Center Defence, Group II - Center Holding Position, Group III - Shoot blocking, Group IV - Chalk Talk; Next 20' Group IV - Center Defence  Group I - Center Holding Position, Group II - Shoot Blocking, Group III - Chalk Talk: and so on)
Goalies with Merrill at all times        
Session 1 120' Drill Coach Assistan Coach Assistan Coach
General warm up 20'        
Station 1 20' Center Defence  Jeff Powers Jim Leslie
Station 2 20' Center holding position  Ryan bailey Bryan Hilty
Station 3 20' Shoot blocking  Merrill Moses   Kinzler
Station 4 20' Chalk talk Nikola    
Session II 180'         
Station 1 20' Passing (technique)  Jeff Powers Jim Leslie
Station 2 20' Post Player Shooting  Ryan bailey Bryan Hilty
Station 3 20' Man down blocking / positioning Merrill Moses Gensch Kinzler
Station 4 20' Chalk Talk Nikola    
Station 5 20' Skip shooting / shooting around the block Jeff Powers    
Station 6 20' Man up Nikola    
Station 7 20' Center Shooting/Turns Ryan bailey    
Station 8 20' Chalk talk  Merrill Moses    
Session III 180'        
General warm up 20'        
Station 1 20' Driving Jeff Powers Jim Leslie
Station 2 20' More center offence(how to DOMINATE) Ryan bailey Bryan Hilty
Station 3 20' More zone def, blocking Merrill Moses Gensch Kinzler
Station 4 20' Brake / chalk talk Nikola    
Game 1 20' Game / Man Up (two groups in, two watch)      
Game 2 20' Game / Man Up (two groups in, two watch)      
Game 3 20' Game / Man Up (two groups in, two watch)      
Game 4 20' Game / Man Up (two groups in, two watch)      
* we will count on couple of minutes in each station to have time to rotate.
* Goalies with Merrill at all times
Nikola Malezanov
North Allegheny Water Polo

Like us on facebook!