Sunday, February 16, 2020

Fwd: Strategic Plan Released

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Strategic Plan 2020-2022

When the Queen's Gambit Chess Institute was founded, our first major goal was to implement chess programming and opportunities in every district of Pittsburgh. After years of working in the community and establishing strong partnerships, our mission and vision has grown. We envision a future where strategy and critical thinking are at the forefront of every initiative, project and development in Western Pennsylvania and beyond.

This strategic plan serves as a framework for the future of Queen's Gambit over the next two years. Our goal, as originally intended by our 2017 Business Plan, is to establish The Queen's Gambit as a social enterprize and continue to build on the successes of the nonprofit Chess Institute. The plan includes our five key focus areas ranging from securing a better financial model to growing and strengthening fundamental partnerships.

Chess is a team sport. It takes a diverse community of individuals to turn this vision to life. 2019 was a year to reflect on our accomplishments and think critically about the future ahead. As 2020 approaches, we need your feedback and support.

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