Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fwd: fake news and the resurgence of McCarthyism

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From: "John Hemington"

On November 24th The Washington Post published a scurrilous article attempting to blacklist over 200 alternative media sites across the political spectrum as being "Russian controlled" or "useful idiots" for Russia in publishing "fake news" that is pro-Russian and anti-American.  Further stating that these sites were largely responsible for the election of Donald Trump as president and should be investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by the Justice Department as foreign agents.  It would be one thing if any evidence supporting these claims was presented – none was.  Not only was no evidence presented but of the two so-called sources for this blacklisting one was a long-time hard-right cold war neoconservative think tank and the other was entirely anonymous as to who it was or what methods were used to make the determination.  That these essentially useless sources were used as the basis for an article to attack alternative media outlets is the worst possible sort of journalism – that it was done by The Washington Post is unforgiveable.

Interestingly enough an analysis of the media outlets listed by the anonymous "evaluator" seems to indicate that these outlets were chosen solely on the basis that they criticised Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media and elitist institutions or that revealed information that the elites hoped to keep secret.  The "Russians did it gambit" appears to be a ploy reprising the McCarthy "Red scare" blacklisting in the 1950s.  One of the screeds presented by the anonymous urged people to only use certain establishment news sources stating:

"We call on the American public to:  Obtain news from actual reporters, who report to an editor and are professionally accountable for mistakes.  We suggest NPR, the BBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, BuzzfeedVICE, etc, and especially your local papers and local TV news channels.  Support them by subscribing, if you can!"

This is a very dangerous precedent for one of the nation's papers of record to promulgate the rantings of an unknown anonymous source attempting to discredit over 200 perfectly valid alternative news sources by asserting that they are pro-Russian and anti-American.  I find it particularly distressing because a number of the listed sources are ones I personally know to be of excellent quality in their reporting, the only apparent connection being a willingness to level criticism at Hillary Clinton and the New Democrat establishment (as well as the Republican establishment).  None of them, as far as I can tell are in any way shape or form pro-Russian or anti-American.  They are, on the other hand, proponents of getting out news which is generally shielded from the public by the mainstream media sources listed in the paragraph above.

Attached are six articles from a variety of sources, including those on the "list", discussing this attack on journalistic integrity and freedom of the press.  I urge you to take the time to read at least some of these to get a full understanding of just how threatening this is – particularly with the advent of a President Trump on the horizon.  The very last thing we should want are constraints on a free press whether that comes from the mainstream media or from the government.  And keep in mind, some of the media outlets on the "list" were progressive, some were conservative and some were libertarian.  This is an equal opportunity assault on dissent in America.



Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Orlando showdown with a judge and an old man with his one-page handouts

Julian, who was just in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago, is getting set for a Florida trip and visit to the area around the courthouse in Orlando. When most of us travel to Orlando, we know when we are going to check in and check out. An extended stay, "on the house," is generally not a bargain we are excited about. Here is his email. Time will tell as to who blinks. Could be Judge, Law Enforcement Officers, Governor, Homeland Security, -- or -- Liberty.

Our country’s moment of decision has occurred. I will be distributing one-page flyers regarding the Bill of Rights requirements for criminal trials. This will occur from 11:30 am-1;30 PM, or until arrested on December 5, 2016 at the Orange County courthouse on 425 Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL. The information on the flyers will be about “Nullification by Jury” and “Duty of a Witness.”

On 3 separate previous occasions, Mark Schmidter, I, and a 3rd person whose name I have lost, have been arrested by courthouse guards for doing this distribution. The content of the material was not at issue. The previous Chief Judge had established free-speech zones where distribution of these flyers was permitted. However it just happened that the free-speech zones were in locations that had no pedestrian traffic. Mark served 144 days in jail and I served 2 weeks in jail. I have written to the Department of Homeland Security and to the Florida governor for protection. Copies of my letters were sent to the Clerk of Court. A similar letter had been sent by me to the Florida militia.

I received no reply from any of the “so-called” freedom protection organizations. I did receive a written reply from the Chief Judge of the Orlando Court informing me that if I appeared I would be arrested. The information that I distribute is a one-page flyer passed out by one person on the public sidewalk connecting a parking lot to the courthouse. There is no hindrance of public traffic. Others are passing newspapers, business cards, and court documents at the same location. None of the others are even approached by court guards.

I have requested all Tyranny Fighters and others to appear at that courthouse with weapons to protect me from arrest in order to save our country. It is your option to appear or not to appear. If you do not appear now, you will appear within 2 years at the gas chambers. The future of our country is yours to decide. The choice is yours, but it must be made before next Monday.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Case study on Bill Strickland

Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership case study on Exemplary Leadership Award winner Bill Strickland, Manchester Bidwell Corporation. This case study focuses on the replication strategy that is responsible for the many new centers opening up around the United States and abroad. 

Fwd: NZ Coach update, November 2016

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Subject: NZ Coach update, November 2016
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The latest NZ Coach information from Sport New Zealand.
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"By others faults the wise correct their own" - Proverb
In 2007 former NBA basketballer Bob Bigelow came to New Zealand and presented at the Sport NZ (then SPARC) Connecting Coaches Conference in Wellington. Bigelow had recently published a book called Just let the kids play. Bigelow had written the book because he believed that too often adults were ruining sport for kids. Of course, Bigelow had many stories from his United States context to support his view - we all laughed at his 'World Series for Under 6s' stories, partly because it seemed (and is) ridiculous. And partly, I suspect, because we believed 'only in America'. Now, while we here in 'little 'ol NZ' have not exactly copied the excesses of the US sporting culture, we have seen a trend toward the commercialising and professionalising of youth sport. With this trend has come earlier specialisation and a greater focus on winning earlier in children's sporting lives. Bob Bigelow's 'big idea' was to create new approaches to play that better serve the physical and emotional needs of young athletes, and by doing so give more kids the desire to participate in sport for life. Almost 10 years on from Bigelow's visit, his hope is echoed in the 'physical literacy' approach. Understandably, some of you right now will be asking yourself, 'What's the physical literacy approach?' In the first story this month, Karen Laurie, Sport NZ's Early Years and Primary School Consultant, discusses physical literacy and where fundamental movement skills (FMS) fit in to the physical literacy approach. Karen also highlights one way coaches might make sense of physical literacy when coaching kids.

Brett Reid, Community Coaching Consultant, Sport NZ

Bringing Physical Literacy to Life through Foundation Coaching
By Karen Laurie, Sport NZ
Okay, let's get the 'dry' bit out of the way first … a person's physical literacy is their motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding of physical activity.
Physical literacy is not a static state but can be best considered a person's lifelong journey based on their choices about being physically active.
Physical literacy cannot be 'taught' as such. It will be the outcome of the many physical activity experiences a participant has including physical education (PE), play, sport and recreation. The more these experiences reflect 'quality' or 'value' the more positive their impact on a person's physical literacy.
As I travel around the country discussing 'physical literacy', a question I often get from coaches is: 'Okay, I kinda get what physical literacy is, but where does that leave 'fundamental movement skills' (FMS) when coaching children?'
Achieving proficiency in FMS is one attribute that contributes to the emergence of physical literacy in young children. However, physical literacy requires the development of more than motor skills, and much more than achieving proficiency in FMS.
In recognising the multifaceted nature of physical literacy it becomes important to consider that while FMS contributes to physical competence, a person's knowledge and understanding of how they move and explore the world also needs to be developed.
From this perspective it is perhaps more significant to focus on how these skills are developed and in what context. In short, an environment based on play, creativity and exploring movement is the best way for children to build their movement vocabulary and FMS.
But it's fair to say that in recent years some children's sport and physical activity programmes have overemphasised the physical and technical skills. Or as one person put it: "Have we got so busy teaching kids how to jump that we've forgotten to just let them jump for joy?"
At a recent physical literacy workshop at Sport NZ the attendees (from sports and Regional Sports Trusts) began looking at how coaches, parents and teachers can integrate the physical literacy approach into children's programmes.
A couple of strong ideas came through:
·        Start with the idea of developing 'confidence and competence' rather than developing 'the basic skills'. This places the child's needs at the centre of the session rather than the content or sport curriculum. It also recognises the interplay of children's social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual skills.
·        Focus on creating an experience that makes the kids want to come back and participate again.
One model Sport NZ is exploring as a way to assist foundation coaches support and motivate kids to keep participating looks like this:

Leave Me: Please leave me to play, have fun and work it out for myself.
Watch Me: As my parent/caregiver/teacher/foundation coach please just watch me, and let me know if you think I need physical, social, cognitive or emotional support.
Help Me: Help me if I need it, and when I'm ready. Please use questions and challenges that let me understand the help you are giving.
Let Me: Let me access lots of different opportunities and experiences, and let me participate fully.
Kids tell us they love sport and being active "because it's fun!"
As coaches, parents and teachers, thinking about a physical literacy approach rather than the 'fundamentals' in these early years can be a great first step to getting kids to come back again for another session or game.
If you're interested in this area or want to be part of the discussions – please contact Karen Laurie at Sport NZ:
For more information on physical literacy go to:

AIS to become centre of excellence and world leader in leadership and coaching
The Australian Institute of Sport wants to carve out a niche as a centre of excellence and world leader in leadership and coaching. (Sydney Morning Herald)
I Want You To Make Mistakes
For more than 40 years, one of the first things I say to new teams and summer camp players is just that; "I want to see mistakes out here on the court." (USA Volleyball)
Top Tip #8 The questions to ask [audio]
Exposed: The secrets to developing confident young players
In order to succeed you need a plan, a commitment to carry it out and consistency. (Sporting Kid Live)
Chinese Coaches Take Lessons in Hardwood Diplomacy in America
SALT LAKE CITY — About 15 coaches filed onto the mezzanine-like balcony overlooking a basketball practice court. They wore warm-up apparel and sneakers. As the Utes men's team began its practice, some took notes in small Moleskine notebooks; others consulted printouts of set plays. (
Australian coach Darren Lehmann must reinvent himself, says Pat Howard
Pat Howard has indicated that selectors Mark Waugh and Trevor Hohns could follow the panel's chairman Rod Marsh out the door, while calling on head coach Darren Lehmann to reinvent himself after a tumultuous start to the home summer. (

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Health Tip: Why Arthritis and Fatigue Often Go Together

One reason: pain can make quality sleep elusive

(HealthDay News) -- Fatigue is a popular complaint among people with arthritis, and it can make daily tasks even more challenging.

The Arthritis Foundation explains why arthritis and fatigue often go together:

  • Pain can make it difficult to get enough quality sleep.
  • People with depression, which is more common among people with arthritis, are more likely to be tired.
  • Some arthritis medications can cause fatigue as a side effect.
  • Inflammation flares can lead to fatigue.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Fwd: Black Friday $39.99 Gold Pass at Sandcastle

Hard to beat these prices.

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Fwd: How I stayed sane at Harvard -- lessons for us all

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Subject: How I stayed sane at Harvard -- lessons for us all
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November 25, 2016
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I went to one of the most prestigious universities in the world -- and as you probably know, it was full of crazy people.

Now it's true: there are truly great professors there, and many of the students are seriously top notch. Some of the most meaningful friendships of my life date back to those years (1990-1994).

But come on: one of my history professors required us to get our books at Revolution Books.

This wasn't the Ron Paul Revolution, I can tell you that.

The great mass murderers of the 20th century were all over the walls of that store.

We really had it all when I was at Harvard: the "patriarchy" stuff, the fake rape statistics, the victim groups, all of it.

Although I had plenty of non-libertarian friends, I stayed sane by writing for a right-of-center student publication and seeking out people who didn't think I was crazy.

So I don't want to hear about how pointless it is to "preach to the choir." I was a member of that choir, doggone it, and if I hadn't been preached to, it would have been a heck of a lot harder to endure an environment like that.

And even -- or perhaps especially -- at Harvard, I had to learn a lot of history on my own. The nice thing about being a dissident was that none of the books I wanted to read were ever checked out. They were always right there, collecting dust on the shelves.

I know a lot of you figured out only much later that you'd been victims of educational malpractice. I myself happened to figure it out as it was happening, so I began doing a lot of reading on my own.

What the colleges (and high schools, for that matter) get away with today drives me up a wall.

But I no longer curse the darkness.

I've lit a pretty big candle. It's my Liberty Classroom.

It's for victims of educational malpractice everywhere.

I've teamed up with scholars I trust to teach US history, economics, European history, political thought, logic, and more, the way these subjects ought to be taught.

Not making the most of your commute? Now you will.

Want to know what you can do for the movement?

This. Improve yourself first. Learn everything you can.

Plus, if you're like I used to be, it drives you crazy that you can't always hold your own against people who despise our ideas.

You know you should be winning -- and really decisively at that -- but you can't always find the right argument or you don't know all the facts or the history.

And let's face it: it's hard to argue for our position. It runs counter to everything people learned in school, and it defies what to most people seems like common sense: why, if we want something, let's just have the government do it!

We'll help.

Thousands of liberty lovers are already there.

Today is our biggest sale of the year. Get grabbing before this clock runs out.

Be a part of it:

Tom Woods

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Julian P Heicklen gave me a new position

Hi Mark:

.... You have just been appointed publicity editor for Tyranny Fighters.
The pay is zero, but the reward is great.

It is people like you who may save our country.

Yours in freedom and justice —Julian

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fwd: lppgh: Digest Number 2579

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1 Message

Digest #2579


Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:54 am (PST) . Posted by:


Research on Vote Fraud is Still Needed

With the exception of Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, and New Mexico all of the states that supposedly went for Clinton are in TWO time zones:
Eastern Standard Time and Pacific Standard Time.

It looks as though Clinton was most likely to be called the winner in the states that either had the first polls to open, or the states that had the last polls to close.

The first polls to open were the Eastern Standard Time States bordering on the Atlantic Ocean, north of North Carolina. All of those states went for Clinton.
The last polls to close were the Pacific Standard Time States bordering on the Pacific Ocean.
All of these states went for Clinton, except for Alaska.

Clinton was on a roll from the North East, and heading west, until vote fraud was proven in Pennsylvania, AND ACTUALLY CAUGHT ON VIDEO. This video has now been removed, supposedly because of a copyright claim.

After the vote fraud was proven in Pennsylvania, by being caught on video, the original voting machine fraud stopped working.

Clinton got no other states, all the way to the west coast; except for Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, and New Mexico.

The possibility that there was an honest election in Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, and New Mexico is still under investigation.

Obama's home state of Illinois might have had a better system of vote fraud than the one that crashed in Pennsylvania, causing a domino effect of vote fraud crashes all the way across the country.

Colorado, and New Mexico may have been impacted by the voting of illegal aliens.

Minnesota may have been impacted by the Jihad vote.

States that voted by mail went for Clinton.

Was there another type of vote fraud installed by the time that the polls in the Pacific Standard Time States closed?

Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections With Vote Counting Machines

Also visit:

This was in the description of the video that has now been removed, supposedly because of a copyright claim.
Voter Fraud Caught on Camera in Pennsylvania (Election 2016)
Donald Trump Election Fraud Hillary Clinton Pennsylvania Video
November 08, 2016 209 Comments

This was in the the description of the video has now been removed, supposedly because of a copyright claim.
Voter Fraud Caught on Camera in Pennsylvania (Election 2016)
PENNSYLVANIA - Voters in Clinton Township are reporting seeing voting machines switch their votes from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton before their very eyes. CBS Pittsburgh spoke to Bobbie Lee Hawranko who said:
"I went back, pressed Trump again. Three times I did this, so then I called one of the women that were working the polls over. And she said you must be doing it wrong. She did it three times and it defaulted to Hillary every time"

Election fraud is a serious crime. It doesn't matter if you are voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, if you witness or suspect election fraud, voter fraud or voter suppression at the polls on Tuesday November 8, 2016 you need to report it immediately.
This guide will show you how.

The video shows Philadelphia voting machine refusing to let man vote for Donald Trump. Video evidence allegedly shows votes automatically being switched from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton.

Sun Tzu wrote, in The Art of War,
that the best time to attack is when the enemy is in retreat.
Do not sleep because there seems to have been a certain level of victory.
We must now rout out every criminal who has participated in, or condoned, vote fraud.
We will not have to build a new prison.
Obama and Clinton have already had FEMA build re-education camps, which we intended for liberty activists.
Hillery can be President of the student body there.
Hillery might even win an election for President of the student body there...
... as long as they were using electronic vote counting machines.

The key to stopping election fraud is that they cannot stop the public outrage.
The power elite are not interested in justice.
The power elite are not interested in what is right or wrong.
The power elite are not even interested in what is legal.
The power elite are only interested in who has the power.
Creating a wave of public outrage will give them a new attitude about who has the power.
Without public outrage you are just seen as a small voice crying in the wilderness.
This new awareness about vote fraud will give them a new attitude about who has the power.
We must intensify this new awareness about vote fraud.
This new awareness about vote fraud will be the wave that you can ride to achieve justice in your own election fraud.

It seems like a big job, but here is something a large number of ordinary people can do:
Get the voter registration list, AND get the list of people WHO ACTUALLY VOTED, and see how many of those names are for real LIVING people, in this country legally, and living at real addresses.
If every precinct will just do there own area, it will not be such a big job.


Thomas Jefferson said:
"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
We add this:
"The battle for liberty is never won, and is never lost.
The battle for liberty always continues.
It is never too late, and it is never soon enough, to defend freedom.
No matter how enslaved we are, we always have hope.
No matter how free we are we are never safe.
Any generation that fails to defend freedom will lose it.
The next generation will have to shed blood to gain it back.
When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point failure to defend liberty makes slavery at certainty." John Perna

WARNING: This message has been intercepted and stored by the National Security Agency as part of its unlawful spying program on all Americans. The National Security Agency is the only part of the government that actually LISTENS to you. Do you wish that the government would read the Constitution? Just email it privately to your friends. What we formerly called "freedom of speech" we now call the "right to remain silent." BUT they will now claim that you DO NOT HAVE the right to remain silent... if THEY are asking the questions.
The Patriot Act is constitutionally illegal, but was signed into law takes away your rights and turns them into privileges, which the government can grant or take away at will. If you remember we were told that this would just be temporary. Now it has been made permanent. But no one protested did they?


Please visit the ultimate resource for defending liberty.


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This is the Most Extensive

Collection of Freedom Videos

Ever Compiled:

John Perna
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JPerna at

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Many rare and out of print books are still available.
Look here:

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