Sunday, June 30, 2013

Swim & Water Polo Camp Squad Name Choices

Our Swim & Water Polo Camp with Summer Dreamers and PPS is going to start. One of the first tasks is to get into 'squads.' Then each squad gets to pick its own squad name. This year, squad names are from the list of national parks, plus a few extra parks beyond the United States.

The campers vote. Use elimination voting at the outset.

If your top pick is already selected from another camp site, you'll have to go to the 2nd choice. So, pick early to get what you wish.

American Samoa
Big Bend
Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Bryce Canyon
Capitol Reef
Carlsbad Caverns
Channel Islands
Crater Lake
Cuyahoga Valley
Death Valley
Dry Tortugas
Gates of the Arctic
Glacier Bay
Grand Canyon
Grand Teton
Great Basin
Great Sand Dunes
Great Smoky Mountains
Guadalupe Mountains
Hawaii Volcanoes
Hot Springs
Isle Royale
Joshua Tree
Kenai Fjords
Kings Canyon
Kobuk Valley
Lake Clark
Lassen Volcanic
Mammoth Cave
Mount Rainier
North Cascades
Petrified Forest
Rocky Mountain
Theodore Roosevelt
Virgin Islands
Wind Cave
Wrangell - St. Elias

International parks okay to pick:

Kakadu, in Northern Australia. Largest National Park in Australia (also known as AUS) and a World Heritage Site. Billabong

Fiordland, home to Millford's Tramp, in New Zealand (also known as NZL) .

Kruger National Park in South Africa (also known as RSA) .

Banff in Canada north of Calgary.

Galapagos Archipelago

See the one page ballot that can be used with the campers.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

In education: It is one thing to cut budgets. It is another to cut opportunities.

The good news about this 2014 PA budget that is nearing passage is that the cutting of funding for education and education-related items has stopped. Lawmakers are getting the message that Pennsylvania voters are very dissatisfied with the way state lawmakers have treated education funding in recent years. But actions by the Governor and state legislators to date do not begin to restore the massive cuts made during the past several years, and the subsequent harm to learning opportunities for students of all ages in the Commonwealth.
School cuts are a top concern for Pennsylvania voters, especially women voters. The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center (PBPC) and Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) released on June 24 the results of a poll of Pennsylvania voters conducted mid-June. Of those polled, 28 percent ranked education funding for public schools as their top priority for the Governor and Legislature to take action on. Economic development and jobs ranked second with 27 percent, and other issues such as healthcare, taxes, and roads and bridges were identified as priorities by 15 percent or less of voters. There are more voters who favor restoring funding to public education than voters who favor maintaining no tax increase. Fifty-five percent of voters would support a proposal that would include a small sales tax increase of .25 percent and delay a planned corporate tax cut; voters are more supportive of increasing their own taxes to restore public school funding when corporations share in the investment.
To see the PBPC and PCCY's joint press release, click here.
What worries me is that we can still swim, even with the tiny bit of funding that remains, or without funding in some areas, but we are not allowed to swim because administrators don't get it done.

In Pittsburgh it is way too hard to get the signed pool permit for a facility that is already built, already functional, already staffed, already filled with water, already with its pumps running and filtration in progress. The costs are next to nothing. The upside is amazing.

We need to do more with less. When we do, we want everyone locally to be pulling for the kids. We want wellness to win. We want action for the sake of our kids. We want them to have fun and thrive on learning. We want hands on activities. In the summer, we want to go swimming as the weather permits. Red tape that gets in the way of those that want to dream big needs to be evaluated.

Most of all, I knew it. I told folks months ago and weeks ago that their system had some flaws. This is why we built

Are you ready for the 100th annual Tour de France? See a Slightly Different Style of Tour Preview

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From: Chris Carmichael <>
Date: Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 4:35 AM
Subject: Weekend Reading, Tour de France Edition: A Slightly Different Style of Tour Preview

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Click here
As the Centennial Tour de France gets underway this week, I'm happy to say that I'll be contributing weekly articles to To give you a sense for what you can expect, I'm not going to be regurgitating news and stage results. There are plenty of places to get that. What's more interesting to me these days is providing insights into how or why those results turned out the way they did. Sometimes it'll be about tactics and strategy, other times about nutrition or hydration, and certainly I'll be relating what you're seeing to training and recovery. Whenever possible, I'll also try to relate what's going on at the Tour to usable and actionable ways you can improve your performance. Because one of the most powerful aspects of the Tour de France is its ability to inspire us to get out there and stomp on the pedals!

To kick off things off, Zapata Espinoza sent me a few questions. So let's get to it:

RBA: If there are upwards of 600 World Tour team riders and 198 in the Tour, why is it that each year the discussion on potential winners always comes down to just 5-6 guys? What is it that makes so few guys potential contenders?

Let's back up and first realize why there are 600 World Tour team riders. There's a huge variety of races in pro cycling, and a range of roles that riders play on those teams. It's only through building the best team that you give a Grand Tour contender the support necessary to actually win one. But getting back to your original question, the reason the discussion on potential winners always comes down to a handful of guys is because the combination of skill, intelligence, leadership, and versatility required to win the Tour de France is pretty rare. Making it onto a World Tour team doesn't mean you have all of those qualities, nor does making it onto your team's Tour de France squad.

Notice I didn't mention power output, drag coefficient, or power-to-weight ratio. A huge engine and a slippery aero position are certainly necessary, but based on physical characteristics there are more athletes who would qualify as Tour contenders than there are athletes who actually have a realistic chance of wearing the yellow jersey in Paris. The 5-6 guys who earn that "contender" role do so by proving the ability to win big races, over and over again. It's a progression that starts with short stage races featuring both climbs and time trials. Some athletes can win those but falter when facing the duration or pressure of longer and higher-pressure races. The great ones have the physical tools to win the Tour, the intelligence and champion's instinct to know when to take the race into their own hands and go for the kill, and the resilience to shoulder the pressure of leading a team and enduring the attention of fans and the media. And there aren't very many of those guys.

>> Tour Coverage: The news you want, great features, my old teammate Bob Roll, and me!

>> Power to the People: You want coaching and a power meter but can't buy both. Problem solved! Sign up for 12 months of coaching and I'll send you the power meter.

>> Hincapie Gran Fondo Recon Camp: Sept 26-29. Be one of the first to stay at Hotel Domestique and ride the beautiful and challenging climbs around Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

>> La Ruta de los Conquistadores: Oct 23-26 in Costa Rica. Experience this epic mountain bike stage with the professional support of CTS. Packages from $3500.

>> USA Pro Challenge Race Experience: If you're not going to the TDF, come and ride the USAPCC with me!

RBA: What sort of calories do the riders burn in a day on the bike and can they get them all back with their small portions of food? By race end have they been running a deficit in caloric intake?

In short, on the bike Tour riders virtually always burn more calories per hour than they ingest (and so do most amateur riders). During the stage riders typically burn between 4000-6000 calories. At some points in the stage riders are working harder than at others, meaning there are hours where their caloric burn might be 750 and other hours where they burn well over 1000 calories. And keep in mind that the stage is usually only 4-7 hours of the day, and that they still have their normal metabolism to account for during the rest of the day. To put the numbers in perspective, a moderately fit amateur cyclist riding at an endurance pace will typically burn about 500-600 calories per hour, and a hard interval workout will get that cyclist to 750-800 calories in one hour. But a Tour rider might burn 750-800 calories per hour for another three hours, with a 1000+ calorie hour thrown in there somewhere.

RBA: How would you describe your first TdF - as much as you knew about, did any of it still come as a shock?

We might have thought we knew about the Tour, but we didn't. The intensity and the attention and the energy at the Tour de France were what shocked us. We'd been in a lot of big races in Europe prior to the Tour, and people kept saying, "The Tour is different." They were right. It's the sport's biggest stage and the spotlight is never brighter than it is at the Tour de France.

RBA: How do you rate the Americans?

There are some very talented young American riders at the Tour this year. Tejay Van Garderen is obviously a huge talent and he's been making good and consistent progress in terms of the races he's won and leadership roles he's taken. Andrew Talansky is another young guy with a lot of talent and some impressive results going into the Tour. Brent Bookwalter showed great form at US National Championships not long ago and he's proven the ability to be a key player for his teammates as well as in time trials. And it's great to see Ted King riding his first Tour de France for Cannondale. Of the Americans, I'd say Van Garderen will likely be the top GC finisher. Talansky might do reasonably well in the GC, but it's also a big learning experience for him and there's no reason to put any pressure on him for a big result. Bookwalter could make a difference in the race, in that his performance could impact the GC standings for Cadel Evans or Van Garderen. Everyone on a team contributes, but it's important to have guys who can make a big impact, too. Tom Danielson and Christian Vande Velde are also in the race for Garmin and they've both finished top 10 at the Tour before. Garmin's always been a team that seizes opportunities, so I think Danielson and Vande Velde will be active players in the hunt for stage wins and throw their support to the team's best GC hope.

RBA: Who do you see atop the podium in Paris and why?

It seems most people have Chris Froome picked as the most likely winner, and his recent performances certainly seem to back that up, but I don't think he's unbeatable. I think the race for yellow is pretty open. Both Cadel Evans and Alberto Contador have won before; they know how to get the job done. Evans won by being methodical and taking small bits of time whenever possible. Contador won with bigger, riskier moves in the mountains. Neither have looked as dominating as Froome this year, but you can't underestimate the danger they pose. Ryder Hesjdahl won the Giro last year, and we didn't see his best at the Giro this year because he got sick. He's another guy that is willing to take big risks if it means an opportunity to win. Joaquim Rodriguez is maybe the biggest wildcard. This is his first year targeting the Tour de France, he's finished third at the Vuelta and finished second at the Giro. And he loves to attack. I think it's going to be a difficult race for Froome and Sky to control, and I think the other teams have to leverage that as much as possible in order to beat him.

Have a Great Weekend!
Chris Carmichael
CEO/Head Coach
Carmichael Training Systems

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Carmichael Training Systems | 600 South 21st Street | Suite 100 | Colorado Springs | CO | 80904

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fwd: [wplug] Soggy Saturday fun

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From: "Dave Sevick" <>
Date: Jun 28, 2013 7:08 PM
Subject: [wplug] Soggy Saturday fun
To: "General user list" <>

Dear computer folks,

Pittsburgh weather forecast:  rain all weekend.

Why not join us at ITT Tech in Tarentum to work on over 100 Intel computers.  We start at 8AM - finish at 4PM.  All work will be indoors with air conditioning.

We will be :

Adding RAM
Adding Hard Drives
Imaging software using Clonezilla in a PXE Server environment
Entering data into a database.
Cleaning and packing the computers for humanitarian outreach somewhere in Pittsburgh or around the world.

Donuts, coffee, and water, iced tea in the morning.  Lunch served to all volunteers.

Plenty of work for everyone !

Click here for more info:



Dave  Sevick
Executive Director
Computer Reach
Humanitarian Computer Outreach
Mobile:  724-779-0099

wplug mailing list

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 is updated

Code named, Guard_Input, this service helps Lifeguards, swim coaches, camp coordinators and others involved with the Swim & Water Polo activities to communicate about health insights of students in our programs.

This process puts information to the coaches within the programs and not in a file box deep within the school's office behind the nurse's desk.

This is not a secure process, but rather a practical one. Communicate only the information that you feel is important to the coaches and lifeguards, not pharmacy specifics, please.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Fwd: Re: [DW] Live Stream Monday - MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference - June 24-25 - #opengov News Challenge Winners Announcement

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From: "Steven Clift" <>
Date: Jun 24, 2013 7:53 AM
Subject: Re: [DW] Live Stream Monday - MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference - June 24-25 - #opengov News Challenge Winners Announcement
To: <>

Starts at 9am Eastern today!


The agenda:

Here is their meaty framing text - what do you think???

(I plan to tweet from the audience @democracy that we need to focus on
raising new and less represented voices as a civic tech movement. New
insiders can't just be new squeaky wheels with more in common with existing
insiders than our diverse community reality today. The Pew study suggest we
have a looong way to go )

Civic engagement is changing shape.

When paths to change run through YouTube and Facebook as well as through
state legislatures and Congress, outsiders find themselves insiders, and
vice versa.

Over the past few years the ways weve traditionally engaged in government
 following the news, attending community meetings, writing to legislators,
voting for political candidates  are being complemented by a new set of
tactics and practices such as online petitions, viral videos, civic
crowdfunding, and collective brainstorming.

If traditional forms of engagement focused on helping citizens understand
their (often narrow) role in governance, the new civics promises an active
role in raising attention, building communities, and proposing solutions.

This year's Civic Media Conference, featuring Open Government Foundation
co-founder Rep. Darrell Issa and more than 250 others will explore civic
participation through the lens of Insiders and Outsiders.

We're seeing governments and institutions open themselves to inputs from
people who see themselves as outside of political processes. And we're
watching individuals and activists increasingly use "insider" tactics to
build constituencies and wield influence.

What will civic participation look like when we're all insiders of some
communities and outsiders of others?

How do we work to address social problems and make governments more
responsive offline and online, from both inside and out?

Whether the promise of this new civics is real or mostly imagined, it's
sparking a debate about what public participation could be: rich and
engaging, creative and participatory, civil and constructive, and open to

We look forward to hearing your voice in that debate.

> FYI, they have a full-up affiliated pre-hackathon:
> And if you want to join me AND you are in Boston on Sunday, I have a
> conference room at the MIT Media Lab to chat with folks about
> inclusive civic tech, neighbors online, etc. from 2-4 pm:
> ... From Knight ...
> Join us virtually next week for the livestream of the 2013 MIT-Knight
> Civic Media Conference. Themed Insiders and Outsiders, the gathering
> will explore the changing nature of civic participation through the
> work of advocates both inside and outside government institutions.
> There, at 10:45 a.m. ET Monday morning, Knight Foundation will
> announce the winners of the Knight News Challenge: Open Gov, who will
> receive funding for their ideas to improve the way citizens and
> governments interact.
> The livestream, taking place Monday and Tuesday, will be available at
>, where you can also find a full schedule.
> Follow along on Twitter too via @knightfdn, #newschallenge and
> Steven Clift -
>   Executive Director -
>   Twitter:
>   Tel/Text: +1.612.234.7072

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Fwd: [ACA Google Group] 10mTT results

Fast cycling for a 10 mile time trial at the oval tonight.

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From: <>
Date: Jun 21, 2013 8:44 PM
Subject: [ACA Google Group] 10mTT results
To: "Allegheny Cycling Association" <>

RESULTS OF 10 MILE TT, June 21, 2013. Nice weather, fast times, everything
went smoothly. Andrew Seitz set a new 10m record, at 20.21, smashing the
old record of 20.46 by Joe Valese. Thanks to Stephanie Swan for
registering and officiating.

1. 20.21 Andrew Seitz (new record, 29.48 mph)
2. 21.22 John Heffner
3. 21.47 Stephen Marlette
4. 21.53* Dan Wilson (pro-rated; rode extra lap)
5. 21.54 Skip Rogers (1st 50+)
6. 22.15 Birk McGilvrey
7. 22.22 Jimmy Feudale (2nd 50+)
8. 22.25 Chris McElhinney (3rd 50+)
9. 22.35 Mark Briercheck
10. 22.45 Al Meder (4th 50+)
11. 22.46 Clifton Kimbrough (5th 50+)
12. 22.50 Paul Lieber (6th 50+)
13. 23.11 Mark Bedel (7th 50+)
14. 23.28 Jakob Yundt
15. 23.39 Bill Kanarek (8th 50+)
16. 24.06 Greg Ellis (9th 50+)
17. 24.25 Marko Milojevic
18. 24.55 Chris Mayhew
19. 24.59 Ray Sielski (10th 50+)
20. 25.06 Paul Upson (11th 50+)
21. 25.13 Ester Erbe (1st woman)
22. 25.43 Alan Lucas
23. 26.10 Michael Wagner

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Turkey update

i won't / can' t write long.

*last night, they emptied gezi park following erdogan's direct orders.

*the attack was brutal as always.
find the statements of claudia roth (german green party), google it, youtube it. she was there with us.

*after emptying the park, police pursued us with gas and water. they confessed that they added tear gas solution to the water they cannoned to us. it burns like hell.

* police shot gas inside the infirmaries. { geneva convention? yeah, baby, our police, our humanist heroes ;-) } they entered into the "german hospital" to arrest the wounded people. they succeeded.

* this morning, police arrested many doctors who worked voluntarily in the infirmaries and hospitals. in tv channels, they referred them as 'marginal resistors wearing white, long shirts'. THEY ARE DOCTORS, it's their uniform all over the world :))

* there are at least 150 confirmed arrests. BUT, we can't find them. you heard right. volunteered lawyers of bar search them to defend, however, all the precincts and police stations reply that they don't have anyone. WHERE ARE THEY???

the dumbness of the majority who sit at home and still believe erdogan, the $#!#$$@* - ness  of turkish media, the lies of governor and parliament and erdogan doesn't drive me crazy anymore. no, sir. i got used to :) even the pepper gas doesn't effect me, we're evolving :))

we're on the streets, still.
we're resisting peacefully, still.
we'll protect the weak, now and forever.

with my warmest regards from istanbul,
ender nafi

one more thing: the chief editor of tv channel Kanal24, Yigit Bulut, claimed that some evil international organizations are trying to kill erdogan using TELEKINESIS :)))) no, it's not a joke. *chief editor, mainstream tv, official statement* erdogan's defenders and voters are these ;-)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fwd: Reminder: Call for entries -- 2 Minute Film Festival

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From: "Carnegie Museum of Art" <>
Date: Jun 16, 2013 8:31 AM
Subject: Reminder: Call for entries -- 2 Minute Film Festival
To: <>

Carnegie Museum of Art
View in Browser.
We're screening YOUR short films at Carnegie Museum of Art!
2 Minute Film Festival

There's still time to submit your 2-minute films!

It's your turn to play the filmmaker! The third installment of the 2-Minute Film Festival is back at Carnegie Museum of Art. This year's theme, "At Play," challenges you to test your boundaries and take imaginative risks with your own two-minute video.

Submit your most creative, most innovative, briefest video engaging in some way with the notion of play. Films selected will be screened in Carnegie Museum of Art's courtyard at Culture Club on Thursday, July 18, at 9 p.m. Each selected entry will be eligible for People's Choice and Juror's Choice prizes. For the first time this year, films chosen for the festival screening will also be made available on the 2MFF website, where visitors will be able to vote for their favorite prior to the event.

The submission deadline is Friday, June 21, 2013.

Please see the entry form to send your video now!

Click here to see the #2MFF Vines!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fwd: ACTION NEEDED: Urge Your Representative to Co-Sponsor Clean Indoor Air Legislation!

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From: "Melissa Brown, American Heart Association" <>
Date: Jun 13, 2013 9:35 AM
Subject: ACTION NEEDED: Urge Your Representative to Co-Sponsor Clean Indoor Air Legislation!
To: <>

Help Us Significantly Strengthen PA's Clean Indoor Air Law!

Dear Mark: 

The current clean indoor air law in PA has dozens of exemptions, which leaves many individuals unprotected from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke! With your help we're working to change that.  If you haven't already, Send a message to your Representative today and ask them to co-sponsor House Bill 1485, which would eliminate exemptions to the law, so that ALL Pennsylvanians are protected from secondhand smoke.

Long-term exposure to second hand smoke, such as that occurring in a home or workplace, is associated with a 25%–30% increased risk for coronary heart disease in adult nonsmokers. A recent study published in the American Heart Association's journal, Circulation, found that smoke free laws were associated with substantially fewer hospitalizations and deaths from heart and respiratory diseases.

Pennsylvania needs a truly comprehensive clean indoor air law -- with no exemptions -- to protect the health of its citizens. Don't delay - send a message to your legislator about this vitally important issue today!

Jennifer Ebersole, PA Government Relations Director
American Heart Association

Melissa Brown, Grassroots Director
American Heart Association

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fwd: NEWS ALERT: County councilman Matt Drozd introduced a motion to reduce the size of the State Legislature (please forward motion herein to others)

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From: "Matthew Drozd" <>
Date: Jun 11, 2013 7:29 AM
Subject: NEWS ALERT: County councilman Matt Drozd introduced a motion to reduce the size of the State Legislature (please forward motion herein to others)
To: <>






June 10, 2013


Matt Drozd



Bill No.  ________________




Expressing the Sense of Council of Allegheny County calling for the General Assembly to amend the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to reduce the size and the compensation of the members of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania.

WHEREAS, during this time of economic crises we have not seen comparable action on behalf of the government of the Commonwealth in regard to its own staff and expenses, in fact we have existed under a bloated system of representation throughout the recession and before; and


      WHEREAS, a recent report from the National Conference of State Legislatures shows that Pennsylvania, while ranking sixth in the nation in population, employs a legislative branch of 253 lawmakers and 2,918 support staff, which significantly far exceeds the amount of law makers and staff in states having much larger populations; and


WHEREAS, the NCSL reports that the nation's third most expensive full-time legislature, New York, has 212 lawmakers, a support staff of 2,676 and a population of 19.4 million. It spent $216 million in 2008-09, more than $100 million less than Pennsylvania; and

WHEREAS, Florida, with the fourth largest population at 18.4 million, has only 160 lawmakers with a support staff of 1,457, spending $175 million in 2008-09; and

WHEREAS, States with populations closer to Pennsylvania, like Ohio at 11.5 million and Illinois at 12.8 million, spent far less. Pennsylvania spent over $300 million compared to Illinois which spent $71 million; Ohio, $48 million. Illinois has 177 lawmakers and 980 staffers. Ohio has 132 legislators and 465 staffers; and


WHEREAS, according to the NCSL, only 10 of the country's 50 legislatures are considered full time and Texas represents the largest of all part-time legislatures with 181 lawmakers and a legislative staff of 2,090 serving a population of 24.3 million, it spent $126 million in 2008-09; and pays its legislators approximately $7200 per year compared to Pennsylvania legislators who receive over $80,000 per year plus a car of their choosing, retirement in approx. 10 years, per diem of approx. $161 per day, a lucrative health care package, and many other benefits.   


WHEREAS, a reduction in the size of the State Legislature has been called for periodically throughout history and most recently in  2005 when the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed pay increases for state lawmakers, judges, and top executive-branch officials in a non-pubilcized vote at 2 am spurring advocacy groups seeking support for a Constitutional Convention or a reduction in the size of the legislature; and


      WHEREAS, reduction in the membership of state legislatures is a growing trend according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, as proposals to reduce the number of legislative seats in at least one chamber have been presented in Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota and Nebraska; and


WHEREAS, further, in 2002 Rhode Island reduced the number of seats in its state legislature by one-quarter;  Illinois reduced its House membership from 177 to 118 in 1980; and due to reapportionments in 1991 and 2001, North Dakota also reduced its number of legislative districts thus reducing overall membership; and


WHEREAS, according to an article by Charles E. Greenawalt II, Ph.D., of The Susquehanna Valley Center, "the large size of the Pennsylvania Legislature and the failure to amend the state Constitution to reduce it has brought forth criticism from organizations such as Common Cause to the League of Women Voters. Critics of the Legislature cite a lack of decorum, frequent periods of confusion during session, the difficulty in organizing majorities to move legislation and the necessity to reconcile various interests as the most common complaints"; and 

WHEREAS,  Mr. Greenawalt further states that "a reduction in size of the General Assembly or the House of Representatives could have beneficial effects for the finances of the commonwealth because the cost of operating the General Assembly has risen to over $300 million from a cost of $148.4 million in 1989-90 and $88.4 million in 1984-85"; and


WHEREAS, the Citizens' Conference on State Legislatures, a private nonpartisan research organization, called attention to the size of Pennsylvania's House, terming it one of the General Assembly's "most pressing problems"; and


Calls for the General Assembly to amend the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to address the size and costs associated with the current Legislature by approving amendment(s) to reduce the number of representatives, the staff allocated to the General Assembly and the compensation granted to the representatives. After such amendments are passed by a majority of the House and Senate, the amendment shall be submitted to the electors of the State and approved by a majority of those voting, and then shall become part of the Pennsylvania Constitution.


IT IS FURTHER MOVED that copies of this Motion be distributed to Allegheny County's delegation to the General Assembly.








In Council ______________________________________________________________,  2013.



                              Read and Approved.





                                          Dr. Charles Martoni

                                          President of Council



Attest:  _______________________________________

Jared E. Barker, Chief Clerk

Allegheny County Council





                                                                             # # # #











Saturday, June 01, 2013

Fwd: [DW] Hack for Change - CFA: Be Part of Something Big – This Weekend

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From: Steven Clift
Date: Friday, May 31, 2013
Subject: [DW] Hack for Change - CFA: Be Part of Something Big – This Weekend


From: IFTTT Action <>
Date: Fri, May 31, 2013 at 1:51 PM
Subject: Blog CFA: Be Part of Something Big  This Weekend

   This weekend more than 6,000 individuals from businesses, nonprofits,
and government agencies, as well as local citizens will come together to
participate in 95 events throughout the United States as part of the
National Day of Civic Hacking (NDoCH). This is the largest convening of
civic hackers to ever assemble.

Code for America is one of the organizing partners of NDoCH and through our
Brigade program is organizing more than 30 of the NDoCH events  all of
which will be attended by the local government staff.

You should join us. Find an event in your area.

*WHO:* Urbanists, Civic Hackers, City and County Officials, Developers,
Designers, and anyone with the passion and motivation to make their
community better

*WHEN:* June 1-2, 2013

*WHAT: *Civic hackers and government collaborate for National Day of Civic

*WHERE: *Events in 95 cities. CfA Brigade events will be held in these 32

   1. Boston, Massachusetts <>
   2. Seattle, Washington <>
   3. Honolulu, Hawaii <>
   4. Macon, Georgia<>
   5. Chicago, Illinois <>
   6. Las Vegas,
   7. New York, New
   8. Oakland, California <>
   9. Asheville, North Carolina <>
   10. Chattanooga,
   11. Lexington,
   12. Norfolk,
   13. Raleigh, North Carolina <>
   14. Sacramento, California <>
   15. San Diego,
   16. Tulsa, Oklahoma<>
   17. Virginia Beach,
   18. Salt Lake City, Utah <>
   19. Miami, Florida <>
   20. Portland, Maine<>
   21. Alexandria,
   22. Orlando, Florida <>
   23. Akron, Ohio <>
   24. Denver, Colorado <>
   25. Detroit,
   26. South Bend, Indiana <>
   27. Savannah,
   28. Augusta,
   29. Washington, District of
   30. Kansas City, Missouri <>
   31. Burlington, Vermont <>
   32. Anchorage, Alaska<>

You can view the full list of events here:

Questions? Comments? Hit us up

via Code for America

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Mark Rauterkus    
PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim and Water Polo Camp Head Coach
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team
412 298 3432 = cell