Sunday, February 19, 2023

Fwd: 🚫🦩 No Flamingo: Locked out of the Super Bowl

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From: Derek Jory <>
Date: Sun, Feb 19, 2023 at 11:16 AM
Subject: 🚫🦩 No Flamingo: Locked out of the Super Bowl
To: <>

Last Sunday I was fortunate enough to cover the Super Bowl, but I was thiiiiis close to becoming a cautionary tale.
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I had the privilege and fortune of capturing and creating content for NFL Canada at Super Bowl LVII last Sunday. It was a bucket list dream to someday cover the Super Bowl and the experience was better than I ever could have imagined.


And yet, I was thiiiiiis close to becoming a cautionary tale.


I arrived in Phoenix Thursday and immediately picked up my credentials for the week. I asked if the piece of plastic handed to me with my grinning mug on it was all I needed for the week, and they said yes. Beautiful, let's cover some football.


Friday, all good. Saturday, all good. Sunday, oh no.


When I arrived at State Farm Stadium Sunday morning on the first media bus, I smiled and skipped my way to the media entrance. Made small talk as I went through security and felt a wave of pride come over me as I went to scan my credential into the building. They're on the stoplight system: green scan means go, red can means stop.


I heard a loud noise as if I had answered wrong on Jeopardy as the screen went red. I was led to the head credential honcho who was quick to inform me I did not have the correct credential. I needed a Game Day credential. 


Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no.


As I guided myself through some Wim Hof breathing to keep from crying, I focused on the fact that I had three hours until kick off and I wasn't going down without a fight.


I checked my email and there it was: precise instructions on when, where and how to pick up my Game Day credential, which was to be done by 5 pm the day before. "There is no credential pick up at the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday."


Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.


An hour of panicked phone calls, frantic emails and unhinged text messages later and I was in an Uber headed 20 minutes east to a place where the pass should be, and thank Vince Lombardi it was.


A quick ride back to the stadium and the moment of truth was upon me - would the pass scan green? As I approached the scanner, every security guard and employee who knew my sob story gathered around. The joyous cheers that rang out when the machine made a happy DING! sound and went green rivalled those of Kansas City Chiefs fans that night. 


I was in and I was reminded of an important lesson: proper preparation prevents poor performance. In the spirit of that, below are four pieces of content from The Coaches Site to ensure you're as prepared as possible with your team. 


As always, thanks for reading!


Derek Jory

Director of Content

7 Tips to Prepare for Success in the Big Game


Don't prepare to go out and beat up your opponent. Go out and stay in the present moment and have an I.P.R. when something bad happens.

3 Steps to Mentally Prepare your Team, with Dr. Preston


Do you have any athletes who get derailed by adversity? Athletes are human and a lot of them get into their own heads, as we all do.

Coach Agent Gil Scott on How to Prepare for Your Next Job


There's no instruction manual when it comes to finding your next coaching job or how to prepare for an interview, but it's a skill that all coaches need.

How do you Prepare your Team For Practice?


It's important that you come to the rink with a plan and process for getting players on the same page as you and your staff.

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Friday, February 17, 2023

Fwd: FW: Nikki Haley's discriminatory comment

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From: Matt Drozd <>
Date: Fri, Feb 17, 2023 at 9:53 AM
Subject: FW: Nikki Haley's discriminatory comment
To: <>

Discriminatory comment by Nikki Haley

I was appalled by Nikki Haley's comment whereby she "called for competency tests for politicians over 75 during campaign launch".  I am not saying this as a fan of current or past Presidents or in their defense.  Rather, I am one of those senior citizens that pays my taxes religiously and like many veterans,  sacrificed my life to protect others.  I think Nikki Haley and those who want to deter seniors from holding office because of their age are being discriminatory.  If Ms. Haley would check her stats, she would discover that the average age of our Congress who has created the mess we are in today is 59, far under the age of 75. In sharp contrast, the most respected and influential leaders of all time were over age 75, such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, and Gandhi.  I would ask Ms. Haley what she may enact if elected President, euthanasia of people over age 75?


(Attached is a letter that validates my credibility}

Matt Drozd, Lt Colonel USAF (ret)

Medical Readiness Logistics






Mark Rauterkus
412-298-3432 = cell,

Boys Varsity Swim Coach at Pittsburgh Obama Academy
Executive Head Coach for BGC's Swim & Water Polo Camp with PPS Summer Dreamers
Women's Water Polo Coach for Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Fwd: Update recommended: Connect SendOwl and Stripe with latest extension

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From: SendOwl <>
Date: Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 2:09 PM
Subject: Update recommended: Connect SendOwl and Stripe with latest extension
To: International Swim Coaches Assocation <>

An update is recommended to take full advantage of your SendOwl and Stripe integration͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌   ͏ ‌  

Hi International,

As a merchant that connected Stripe to SendOwl, we're excited to announce that you can now upgrade your experience to SendOwl's new app for Stripe. Please note: while using our new Stripe App is not required today, it is a great option if you are looking to use SendOwl directly from your Stripe dashboard. 

To use our Stripe App, you'll need to update your experience in the App Settings page in your Stripe Dashboard. By completing this instant update, you'll be able to access SendOwl features and functionality directly in your Stripe dashboard, such as:

  • Create new digital products and sell via Stripe checkout or payment links directly in Stripe
  • Manage SendOwl orders directly in your Stripe dashboard (download limits, review order information, etc.)  to avoid going back and forth between the SendOwl and Stripe dashboards

Here are the quick steps to update our new app:

1. Go to the App Settings page in your Stripe Dashboard 
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find SendOwl in the "Connect Extensions" section
3. Click 'Update' and you will be prompted to accept permissions to install the new app
4. Click 'Update' again and the new version of the SendOwl app will open in the right-hand drawer of your dashboard
5. Complete the onboarding process to get started

While this update is recommended now, it will eventually be required as Stripe is transitioning all existing extensions to Stripe Apps. Doing so now will save you a bit of time in the future when it is required. If you have issues completing these steps or need help, please visit the supporting help articles from Stripe and SendOwl. 

–The SendOwl Team

How to update to the SendOwl Stripe App:

1. A user with an existing extension that has a Stripe App available will see an option to update
2. Upon clicking 'Update' the user is prompted to accept permissions and install the app
3. The user can see their new app in the right-hand drawer and open the app to begin any required onboarding
4. A user can navigate to their installed app settings page to re-authenticate, uninstall, or manage app specific settings
SendOwl 2261 Market Street #4910 San Francisco, CA 94114
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Thursday, February 02, 2023

Fwd: Network Update for February 2023

Network Update for February 2023

The latest round of Moonshot Grants has been awarded to fuel further exploration of the frontiers of learning.

Since 2021, Remake Learning has awarded more than $1.5 million to support 25 Moonshot projects. Past grantees have redesigned professional development for teachers, expanded personalized learning in schools by abandoning traditional letter grades, experimented with community-based, multigenerational learning, and more. Now, eight new experiments are launching:

  • City Theatre Company to build a bridge between the theater arts and high-tech careers
  • Assemble to certify new pathways for people of color to become out-of-school educators
  • Baldwin-Whitehall School District to build a drone flight learning ecosystem led by girls
  • West Virginia Public Education Collaborative to make West Virginia a destination for new teachers
  • Duquesne City School District to dedicate teacher time to personalization
  • Intermediate Unit 1 to close the gap between the arts and technology education
  • South Allegheny School District to diversify aviation careers
  • World Affairs Council to empower young people to educate their educators
Congratulations to each and every grantee! Moonshot grants will return again in 2023, so stay tuned for the next opportunity.
Learn more about the latest round of Moonshot Grants

Apply for a Remake Learning Days 2023 Mini-Grant

DEADLINE: Friday, February 10th

Remake Learning Days is offering a limited number of $200 event mini-grants to event hosts across southwestern Pennsylvania. You must first submit your Remake Learning Days event before applying for funding.

Apply for a Mini-Grant

transformED Returns!

Everyone's favorite professional learning hub is back with a full slate of opportunities for teachers and out-of-school educators to hone their craft. transformED @ Allegheny Intermediate Unit is resuming in-person instructional innovation workshops with 8 events scheduled from March through May.

From Micro:Bit and Cybersecurity to Stop-Frame Animation and Arduino, come on out and up your skills in a safe, supportive environment made by and for educators.

See The Full Schedule of Spring PD Sessions

Submit Your Event for Remake Learning Days 2023

DEADLINE: Tuesday, February 28th

Schools, museums, libraries, after-school organizations, child care centers, tech companies and more are invited to submit your in-person and virtual events to be included in marketing, communications and press leading up to the festival in May.

Add Your Event

Seneca Valley Site Visit

Thursday, March 2nd | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

The Personalized Learning Working Group is hosting a site visit to Seneca Valley's Secondary Campus. The Seneca Valley team will be sharing creative ways they are bringing two key elements of the Personalized Learning Framework to life: Relevant Learning Experiences and Empowered Learners.

Register to Attend
Looking for more ways to plug in?
Check out the Remake Learning calendar