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Fwd: Calling All Pittsburgh Nonprofits! 2024 Community Partnership Awards Apply Today!

Dear Pittsburgh Friends,

           Does your nonprofit have a program, built through partnerships, that drives positive change?

If so, then we encourage you to apply for the 2024 Mutual of America Foundation Community Partnership Award Competition.

Applications are due July 1, 2024.

The Community Partnership Award Competition is how Mutual of America supports organizations making positive contributions to communities across America through meaningful partnerships. Since 1996, Mutual of America has honored over 250 outstanding partnerships fostered by nonprofits that all demonstrated incredible and innovative contributions to their communities.

The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum has worked with the Mutual of America Foundation to evaluate applicants for this achievement award. An independent committee selects six winning organizations. The Thomas J. Moran Award is given to the national award-winning program and includes $100,000 and a documentary about the program. Four organizations are named Honorable Mention recipients for their program, and each receives $50,000.

We would also like to take this opportunity to offer our heartiest congratulations to Auberle, who was recognized as one of the four Honorable Mentioned $50,000 award recipients. Auberle's recognition is for their Employment Institute partnership with Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC which placed and supported more than 90 clients into career positions in the hospital in the last two years, changing the trajectory of both UPMC Magee's workforce and the lives of the individuals in the program. Learn more about the partnership here:

In honor of Frances Hesselbein's lifetime of dedicated community-based work and longstanding involvement with the Community Partnership Award competition, Mutual of America recently established the Frances R. Hesselbein Award. The award gives $75,000 to a partnership that is addressing social challenges in more than one community or that demonstrates the potential to be replicated in other communities.

Visit the official YouTube channel for the Mutual of America Foundation Community Partnership Award to watch videos of each of the national award-winning programs.

If you have questions about the 2024 Community Partnership Award competition, please email

If you know of organizations that would benefit from this opportunity, we encourage you to share this announcement with them!

Thank you for your time,

The Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership
and Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Fwd: Countdown to Kids of STEEL Fest | New Partnership, Record Breaker Donation, & Fresh Training Plan Inside!

Get ready for the ultimate Kids of STEEL Fest experience! Discover the latest news on our new partnership, a record-breaking donation, and a game-changing training plan. Don't miss out – read on!


Calling all families! MOVE with us at the 2024 Kids of STEEL Fest on April 6, 2024 at the P3R Track & Field, located at the RMU Island Sports Complex (7600 Grand Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15225). From 9:00-11:00 AM, free-flowing games and activities centered around movement will be available with each activity being an opportunity for participating children to complete their scorecard and earn prizes at the on-site Kids of STEEL store. 

Participate in the FREE family-friendly activities led by partners such as Chick-fil-A, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Riverhounds, Pittsburgh Passion, PFFL, Roaring Lion Martial Arts, YMCA, Clemente Museum and the Kids of STEEL staff. Take pictures with your favorite mascots, snap selfies and pose at the P3R backdrop for a great family photo. Enjoy tasty treats and vendor giveaways from some of your favorite brands such as Eat n' Park, Turner's Tea, Kona Ice, Caliente Pizza and more! Don't miss your opportunity to get the whole family moving in a fun way!

All individuals planning to participate in the event must register and complete a waiver. To save time and reduce lines, pre-registration is encouraged, but on-site registration will also be available. 

Be sure to follow us on social media @KidsofSTEELpgh to stay up to date on who you can expect to see at the event.



Butler High School senior Drew Griffith, etched his name in local and national sports legend - when he broke the U.S. High School 2 mile indoor record at the New Balance Nationals Indoor; clocking in at a stunning 8 minutes and 34.91 seconds. 

His accolades are widely recognized as he was named the Gatorade Pennsylvania Boys Cross Country Player of the Year. With this award, Drew was able to donate $1000 to a non-profit of his choice. Griffith chose to direct his donation to P3R's Kids of STEEL program, reflecting his commitment to supporting youth development initiatives in his community. 

We are honored to be Drew's selection. 

Gatorade Player of the Year Community Grant Background

Gatorade has a longstanding history of serving athlete communities and is continuing to do more to create positive change. In the last decade, youth participation in sports has been on a double-digit decline, largely due to a lack of resources and limited access to athletic programs. To help reverse this trend, Gatorade has launched Gatorade Player of the Year Community Grant, an initiative that empowers athletes to give back to other athletes so they can realize their potential through sports.

Photo by Nate Kuntz of 
PA MileSplit
Join Drew in Donating to Kids of STEEL


We are happy to announce our recent partnership with U. S. Steel - us "steels" have to stick together!  One of the fun new announcements with this partnership is the "U. S. Steel Site of the Week!' Every Friday from March 22nd to May 3rd we will announce a new "U. S. Steel Site of the Week". To be eligible for this designation, email Kids of STEEL a group picture of your site. Winners will be recognized on social media as well as on the start-line video screens during the Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh Kids Marathon (oops...may have let the cat out of the bag there)! So send in those pics! 

Enter Now!


The Kids of STEEL program is excited to announce a new 6-Week training plan, designed to be a fun and engaging game of exercise. Use this tool to keep moving, or to prepare for the 2024 Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh Kids Marathon!   The training regimen begins the week of March 25th, so let's get moving! 

Begin Training


🌸Spring officially kicked off on March 19th, and some of us probably have been hibernating a bit too much during those chilly winter months. Feeling the urge to get back in action? Hooray! Hold on just a moment! Before you "Spring" back into action, don't forget the importance of stretching.  Thankfully, Kids of STEEL has you covered with the perfect quick and effective stretching routine. 
Watch Now!
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810 River Avenue, Suite 120, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Fwd: Build A High Speed Pull With Fins

The more propulsion swimmers can create, the more speed they'll be able to create.

And in backstroke, butterfly, and freestyle, most of that propulsion is coming from the upper body.

It's 'only' about 50% in breaststroke, and that's if the swimmer has a good kick.

So if swimmers want to go fast, they need to have an effective pull.

Using resistance can be a really powerful tool for helping swimmers create more propulsion with each stroke.

Same with stroke counts.

However, creating more propulsion per stroke is only half the solution.

Swimmers need to be able to create a lot of propulsion with each stroke FAST.

And that is a different challenge.

My favorite solution?


Check out the video for why it matters and how to put it into practice.

video preview

Keep it simple...


P.S. If your swimmers aren't swimming fast enough, sometimes they just need to swim faster.

In that case, fins will get the job done.



Friday, March 15, 2024

Fwd: Claude 3 is here

Introducing the next generation of Claude

Claude 3 is here

Read our blog post

We're excited to introduce Claude 3, our next generation of vision-enabled AI models - now available on

Claude 3 Opus is our most intelligent offering, as well as the most capable model in the world on a wide range of benchmarks. It sets a new market standard, offering top-level performance on highly complex tasks, and showing us the frontier of generative AI's possibilities. 

Claude 3 Sonnet strikes the ideal balance between intelligence and speed—particularly for high-volume tasks. For the vast majority of workloads, Sonnet is 2x faster than Claude 2 and Claude 2.1 with higher levels of intelligence.

Claude 3 Haiku is the fastest and most affordable model in its intelligence class. Haiku is a versatile solution for a wide range of enterprise applications.

What's new?

The Claude 3 models excel at nuanced content creation, analysis and forecasting, accurate summarization, coding, and scientific queries.

They also introduce new and improved capabilities across the following areas:

The models have sophisticated vision capabilities. They can understand a wide range of visuals, including photos, screenshots, charts, graphs, and technical diagrams.

Claude 3 is more proficient in complex code generation, debugging, and code Q&A - enabling users to ask questions about a codebase, or receive explanations about a piece of code.

Claude 3 offers enhanced fluency in non-English languages like Spanish, Japanese and French, enabling use cases like translation services and international customer support.

Try Claude 3

Claude Pro subscribers now have access to Opus and Haiku, in addition to Sonnet, which powers the free experience on

We've published a new
prompt library with best practice examples across a breadth of personal and business tasks, and you can watch demo videos on our YouTube channel.

If you're interested in building applications with Claude 3, you can also
access the models through our API, which is now generally available.

We can't wait to hear what you think!

The Anthropic team

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Fwd: Check out the six challenges 💪 along the Oxford Athletic Club 4-Mile Fitness Challenge course HERE...

Are YOU up for the challenge?!
Challenge Announcement!

Here are the six unique challenges that will test the speed, strength, and endurance of those preparing to conquer the Oxford Athletic Club 4-Mile Fitness Challenge.
🔷 OBSTACLE COURSE CHALLENGE - 73 foot long Air Force Inflatable Obstacle Course

🔷 HIIT WORKOUT CHALLENGE - 30 foot Army Low Crawl, 10x Pull-ups or 30-second hold

🔷 TIRE FLIP CHALLENGE - 10 yards down and back course with various weights and sizes

🔷 OXFORD ATHLETIC CLUB FULL BODYWEIGHT CHALLENGE - 15x Burpees, 25x Push-Ups, 50x Jumping Jacks, 25x Air Squats, 60-second Plank Hold

🔷 JUMP ROPE CHALLENGE - 3lbs Weighted Jump Rope, 100 reps

🔷 WEIGHTED LUNGE CHALLENGE - 25 yards down and back course with various weights

Get a two week trial membership at Oxford Athletic Club Wexford when you register!
Conquer the Challenge this May!
412-586-7785 | INFO@P3R.ORG
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Fwd: Sport for Life February Newsletter

2024 Volume: Edition 1

To our Sport for Life champions,

Registration opens TODAY for the Level 1 certifications within Sport for Life's Education Program. Join us in building a community of leaders dedicated to enhancing physical literacy and quality sport. Secure your spot now!

In addition, registrations are still open for the Quebec City Sport for Life Summit—don't miss out on this opportunity. Plus, learn about initiatives like the Next Up basketball program and our recent trip to Bermuda. Let's continue building a world where everyone can thrive through sport and physical activity.

Register for the Quebec City Sport for Life Summit!

Registrations are open for the Quebec City Sport for Life Summit. Visit the Quebec City Summit registration page to secure your spot now! 

About the Quebec City Summit

The Quebec City Summit will be an opportunity to come together in French to discuss welcoming and dynamic environments and to cultivate a sense of belonging towards sport and physical activity development. 

Location and event details

Quebec City

March 20 and 21, 2024

Center de Foires - Expocité

Check out the program here (in French only).

If you have any questions about the Quebec City Summit or need assistance registering, please contact Mariane Parent at

>>Register here for the Quebec Summit

Exciting News! Sport for Life's Education Program featuring certifications has officially launched!

Are you passionate about promoting physical literacy and quality sport in your community? Registration is now open for the following Level 1 certifications:

  • Physical Literacy Leader, and
  • Quality Sport Leader.

Join us in building a community of leaders dedicated to enhancing physical literacy and quality sport. Explore more at Registration opens March 6, 2024.

The French Education Program is coming soon!

>>Learn more about the program

Sport for Life Advances Long-Term Development in Bermuda

Richard Way, CEO of Sport for Life, and Tom Jones, Director of Community and International Engagement, recently visited Bermuda, marking their third trip to the mid-Atlantic island. They aimed to assist the island's National Sport Governing Bodies (NSGBs) in designing and improving participants' Long-Term Development (LTD) pathways. 

By leveraging Sport for Life's global leadership in LTD education, Way and Jones collaborated closely with governing bodies to develop detailed frameworks that support a participant's journey in their respective sports.

>>Read more

Pillars to physical literacy and inclusion: Utilize a holistic design approach for programming

Many programs have implemented physical literacy (PL) but often overlook the experiences of persons with diverse abilities due to societal, cultural, and political influences. This can lead to exclusion and marginalization from physical activities. Researchers at Memorial University have addressed this challenge by developing a PL and inclusion framework. Today, we share one of 10 evidence-based best practices from their work:

Idealization: Utilize a holistic design approach for programming, recognizing that multiple aspects contribute to quality of life.

>>Read more

Enhancing School Basketball Opportunities for Grade 8/9 Students – Next Up Program

As we enter a new year, the sports education and development world continues to evolve. One exciting initiative on the horizon is creating a Grade 8/9 basketball program called Next Up, which is designed to provide opportunities for students who may not make their school's basketball teams.

Spearheaded by Advancement and Community Schools Partnership at Surrey Schools and Drew Mitchell, Sport for Life, this program aims to be a beacon of inclusivity and engagement for young athletes in Surrey, BC. In this article, we'll delve into the concept, structure, staffing, funding, and potential impact of this innovative basketball program.

>>Read more

Socio-Demographic Data Report 2023

In 2022 and 2023, Sport for Life collected socio-demographic data with the aim of creating a detailed portrait of its community, including employees, contractors, and volunteers. This effort provides insight into the geographic distribution, age ranges, languages spoken, and other key demographics, illustrating its commitment to inclusivity.

"We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their colour." - Maya Angelou 

>>Check the data report

Si vous voulez consulter nos infolettres en français, cliquez ici.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada. 

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