Wednesday, January 07, 1976

My only technical foul. Not even a swimming DQ that I can remember.

I don't remember a DQ in swimming, but, I remember getting technical foul and tossed out of a CYO basketball game when a high school junior.

We were doing a full court press and my teammate was preventing the inbound pass and covering the guy taking the ball out of bounds. Before 5-seconds passed, guy with the ball whipped the ball at my teammate, Kevin M, right in the nuts. Ouch. Vicious. Still cringe worthy 45 years later.

A play or so later, the press was on again, and I matched up with the guy who made that ball-buster-in-bound-pass on the court. We were about the foul line, and I was guarding him, hand-checking, sorta, with one hand. The distinction was that my thumb and pinky finger was at this temples while my hand was held over his face. He wasn't getting open, nor moving much at all, but the ref saw it, and I went to the bench. Only about 4 people in the whole gym saw what I did.