Friday, January 11, 1991

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January 11, 1991

Sports Support Syndicate imports home grown talent

The Sports Support Syndicate, an editing, publishing and distributing company for sports oriented books founded by Chairman and President Mark Rauterkus, recently named Chick Agnew to the positions of Vice-President and Secretary. Both Rauterkus and Agnew are natives, and alumni, of Penn Hills.

Rauterkus founded the Sports Support Syndicate in Evanston. IL in 1989, and moved to Pennsylvania in 1990, and is returning to the Pittsburgh area to establish its headquarters on the South Side. His background includes coaching and administering swim teams on both on a collegiate and club level, editorial work for Swimming World Magazine, computer sales, writing and professional photography.

"Although there is a tremendous amount of vanity publications in the overall industry, the Sports Support Syndicate was founded on the belief that there is always a market, and need, for intelligently handled products - specifically for sports. Thus our motto is "Intelligence Products & Progressive Publishing."

Agnew, a published writer in his own right, joins SSS as a career change from the hospitality industry, including a position as Front Office Manager for the opening of the Vista International Hotel in Pittsburgh in 1986. "I'm intrigued by the aspect of joining a growing company in its grass roots stage. I believe that my business background, combined with my writing interests, can help the Sports Support Syndicate in some very significant ways."

The Sports Support Syndicate has published a variety of titles by respected experts in the fields of, Swimming and Aquatics, Conditioning and Volleyball. More titles will be issued in 1991. The distribution side of the company handles a diverse number of titles and subjects.

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