Wednesday, July 29, 1992

Swim coach points to pool as facility needing more use

Article published July 29, 1992 in The Advance Leader

By Kevin DiColo, staff writer

Plum has an under-utilized, potential moneymaking hole in the ground, according to Plum High School's swim coach.

but to use the facility to its fullest potential, he first has to win the favor of Plum School Board and the administration.

Mark Rauterkus, Plum's swim coach for one year, proposed a regional Plum Aquatics program that would bring approximately $13,760 in revenue to the district, acording to preliminary revenue breakdown figures.

The program is designed to provide instruction to all levels and age groups of swimmers and to promote the sport of swimming in the western Pennsylvania area.

"This is a sink or swim idea," said Rauterkus.

"in my mind, the best classroom ever designed is the swimming pool."

He urged the board at a work study session last Thursday night to make a quick decision so as to capitalize on the popularity of swimming in light of the summer Olympics.

Rauterkus did not get his wish, though. The board referred his proposal to Frank Jones, solicitor, who is presently on vacation until mid-August.

The indoor high school swimming pool was open to the community just two hours every weeknight from the beginning of June to July 30.

Rauterkus poposed to utilize the facility during after-school hours, excluding special school events.

He said he has received concunity and regional support for the program.

Rauterkus' plan is to establish a nonprofit coporation, which will implement programs, schedule special events and manage the money.

Programs include swim teams for various age groups, adult fitness, Triathlon training, pregnancy and newborn swims.

Participants would pay a yearly fee for the programs. Of the revenue Plum Aquatics would draw, 10 percent would go to the district, while the rest would defray operating costs.

The board looked at the proposal with guarded optimism.

"No one is pouring cold water over your idea," said Jeannette Spofford, pardoning the pun. "We are expressing our concerns."

Some concerns include a potential lack of interest in competitive swimming in this area, the idea that Plum's pool would not be exclusively for Plum residents, and the establishment of a nonprofit organization to spearhead the program.

As to the question of competing against East Suburban YMCA pool, Plum Aqua dn the Boyce Park wave pook, Rauterkus said Plum Aquatics is a means to train lifeguards and instructors for area public pools.

"Pools need lifeguards with good instruction. They can only train people three months out of the year," said Rauterkus.

"There is a need for some dymanic leadership programs."

PHOTO: Gabriel Chan, 6, floats head and shoulders above the rest of the Plum High School indoor pool. The pool is open weeknights from 7 to 9 for recreational swimming. (photo note, the kid is in water wings)

Saturday, July 11, 1992

10K in Verona, Mellow Yellow, 43:20 time.

Ran a 10k in Oakmont / Verona on July 11, 1992.
mile 1 = 5:57
2 mile = 13:58
3 mile = 22.
4 mile = 31.low
Hills in mile 4, 5, 6. 

Total time, 43:20. 
95th overall.
Winning time, 32:14.
Finished behind 3 women runners.

Friday, March 06, 1992

Attention Clinic Directors and Participants

From, publisher

Dear Coaches,

The brand new book, Volleyball Notes, is hot off the press. However, as of today, this new book is so new, that the ink is still drying and the books could not be shipped in time to make it to the clinic this weekend.

The clinic director has a copy of the book's cover, and you will be getting your own copy of this book in the mail within the next week or two.

The book features new materials from Coach Doug Beal on underhand and overhand passing, from Bill Neville on tournaments, and a host of other chapters on volleyball coaching.

We hope you enjoy the clinic and your copy of the book upon its arrival. Sorry for the delay, and I wish we could have put these books into your hands today.

Tuesday, March 03, 1992

Tuesday, January 28, 1992

Plum High School - some time from the girls varsity dual meets

Medley Relay, 1:55.4

200 free, Karen V = 2:00.4, Karin P = 2:00.3, Katie 2:01.5, Susan 2:02.0

50 = Erika = 26.2

100 free, 55.5 = Karen V

100 fly, 1:03.1 = Katie

500, 5:28, 5:30, 5:38

IM, 2:15, 2:17

Breast, 1:11., 1:17

Back, 1:01.3, 1:08

- - -
This was a note sent to a friend. I was the first year as the head boys and girls coach.