Monday, October 30, 2017

Fwd: Lessons we should learn and grow from

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Attached are two rather insightful articles.  The first, contrasting Canadians and Americans, is quite interesting particularly given the oft demonstrated ignorance of many Americans about history, American government, the world and world events, etc., is quite interesting to me having just returned from a visit to Canada.  The difference is night and day.  The second discusses why there is a high likelihood of a Republican victory in the next presidential election that has nothing to do with the gerrymandering of districts – though that is also a major problem.



Fwd: Neoliberalism explained

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This article is for those of you who are interested in economics as a force and neoliberalism as an ideology; or, as some would say, 'a religion'.  It is well researched and (relatively) brief.



Fwd: Pitch Decks From Top Startups 🤑

Creating a pitch deck is not an easy task. If you've never done it before it can be incredibly daunting, and good examples are hard to come by. While most decks start as private documents and remain confidential, some do end up on the internet, and can be learned from. Startup Pitch Decks is a col

Creating a pitch deck is not an easy task. If you've never done it before it can be incredibly daunting, and good examples are hard to come by. While most decks start as private documents and remain confidential, some do end up on the internet, and can be learned from.

Startup Pitch Decks is a collection of real fundraising decks from top startups, like Airbnb, Tinder, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Another excellent resource is Pitch Decks From Top Startups. Check them out to see how some of the most iconic tech companies presented themselves in the early days, and how their story has changed over time.

Related: Draftsend unveiled a new tool this week that rethinks what's possible with presentations. Greylock's Josh Elman says: "This is a really cool product for sharing decks. I love seeing decks this way."

🚀 Launch of the Week

After 3 years in stealth, Coda launched their "Excel killer" to the world. The company just raised $60M (!!!) from top investors like Greylock and Khosla Ventures, with Reid Hoffman joining the Board. Coda is hiring.

🏆 Top Products of the Week

• Uber launched a credit card 💳
• Moon created the world's first levitating camera 🌖
• Amazon wants to let strangers into your home 👀
• Slack now lets your team take over your screen 🖥
• Stripe Atlas Guide was the most popular launch of the week 🌐

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🔥 Hot Startups (that are hiring)

Flexport raised $110M earlier this month to bring freight logistics to the Internet age. Browse through 50+ open positions.

Opendoor is now buying and selling more than $100M of homes per month. The company is growing fast and hiring engineers in SF.

Color is transforming how genetic testing is done. The company raised an $80M Series C back in August and are hiring in engineering & design.

Where is the best place to start your career? 🤔

We asked Hunter Walk, a seed VC at Homebrew and early YouTube employee, what advice he had for new grads starting out. He said: Midstage Startups Are Your Best First Job in Tech.

Here's why:
1. Your work will matter – the company is post product market fit.
2. Growth creates opportunity to lead as new people are joining.
3. The early team + founders will be your tribe for years.
4. Your options are much more likely to be worth something.
5. The reputation effect of being pre IPO/acquisition is real.

Check out the 17 Midstage Startups to Join for New Grads. 🎓

Interested in Machine Learning? Work at One of These 13 Companies.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fwd: This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul - October 27, 2017

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Subject: This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul - October 27, 


Dear Friend,

You would think a $20 trillion national debt would be enough to give politicians pause, but Congress keeps trying to spend your money like it really does grow on trees!

This week, I spoke out in the Senate against this unsustainable status quo and called for government to use taxpayer funds responsibly.  

I also had opportunities to make the case for being bold on tax reform and to stand up for the Fourth Amendment!

You can read about my work on these issues and more in my latest update below.

Dr. Rand Paul: Both Parties are Guilty of Spending Taxpayer Money "Like There's No Tomorrow"

In a speech on the U.S. Senate floor on Tuesday, I condemned the bipartisan consensus to "fund everything" regardless of available funds or existing restraints, which has led to runaway, reckless spending and a $20 trillion debt that greatly threatens our national security. 

(Dr. Paul Speaks on the Senate Floor - Oct. 24, 2017)

I stood ready to offer an amendment, which the Senate blocked from consideration, that would have offset $36.5 billion in emergency relief by rescinding the same amount in funds government-wide that have not yet been spent, giving government the flexibility to pay for needed relief by cutting waste and properly prioritizing the American people's money.
"[Y]ou'll find often that it's easy to be compassionate with someone else's money," I said during my speech.  "But it's not only that.  It's not only compassion with someone else's money.  It's compassion with money that doesn't even exist, money that's borrowed."
In addition, I raised a point of order that would have required the budget spending caps to apply to the $36.5 billion spending bill, which forced the Senate to vote to ignore them.  Eighteen other senators joined me in voting to stick to the caps.
You can watch my speech HERE.

Dr. Rand Paul and Bipartisan Coalition Introduce Legislation to Protect Civil Liberties

Congress must not continue to allow our constitutional standard of "innocent until proven guilty" to be twisted into "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."  

The American people deserve better from their own government than to have their Internet activity swept up in warrantless, unlimited searches that ignore the Fourth Amendment. 

So on Tuesday, Senator Ron Wyden and I, along with a bipartisan coalition of 12 of our fellow senators, introduced the USA RIGHTS Act, which reforms a sweeping, secretive government spying program to protect the constitutional rights of Americans, while giving intelligence agencies authority to target foreign terrorists, criminals, and other overseas intelligence targets.  A bipartisan group also introduced companion legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The bill reforms Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to end warrantless backdoor searches of Americans' calls, emails, texts, and other communications that are routinely swept up under a program designed to spy on foreign targets.  The sweeping authority has been clouded in secrecy, in part because the government refuses to answer essential questions about how it impacts Americans, including who can be targeted and how many American communications the government collects. 

Our bill institutes major reforms that prove we can still protect our country while respecting our Constitution and upholding fundamental civil liberties.   

You can learn more about the USA RIGHTS Act HERE, and you can read the entire bill HERE

Dr. Rand Paul Applauds President Trump's Choice to Head the Office of Surface Mining

Yesterday, President Trump announced that he has nominated Kentuckian Steve Gardner to be the next Director of the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE).  Mr. Gardner currently serves as president and CEO of ECSI, LLC, which is headquartered in Lexington.

Having Steve Gardner lead the Office of Surface Mining will be a welcome relief to Kentucky and the nation.  The last administration's OSM ignored science and economics when it worked to put an end to Kentucky coal mining with an overreaching rule on waterways near coal mines. 

With Mr. Gardner's background in mining, I am confident this administration's OSM will ease up eight years of executive overreach and finally allow Kentucky coal to compete again in our nation's all-of-the-above energy policy.

Dr. Rand Paul: "Let's Pass Big and Bold Tax Cuts Now!"

In my latest op-ed for The Hill on Thursday, I reiterated my support for the "biggest, boldest tax cut that Congress can pass" to give taxpayers back more of their own money and create greater opportunity for American businesses to thrive here at home. 

I also discussed my efforts to ensure the plan does not raise taxes on the middle class.

"I have been and will continue to be a loud voice for across-the-board tax cuts for everyone –- rich, poor, and middle class," I stated.

When it comes to our job creators, I later noted that we "want a giant 'OPEN FOR BUSINESS' sign on American soil," and I believe we can institute reforms to make this happen!

You can read the rest of the op-ed HERE.

Dr. Rand Paul Meets with Hotel Owners from Across Kentucky

On Wednesday, I met with Kentuckians representing the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) to discuss topics including drive-by lawsuits and reforming our labor and tax laws.

(Dr. Paul Visits with Kentuckians from the Asian American Hotel Owners Association - Oct. 25, 2017)

Media Wrap-Up

On Wednesday, I joined Fox News' Fox & Friends to talk about tax reform and other pressing issues.  I also spoke on the radio this week with Leland Conway and Tom Roten, and I held a conference call with national reporters regarding the USA RIGHTS Act and Section 702 reform.

Have an Issue or Concern?

If you are a Kentucky resident and need assistance with a federal agency, please feel free to contact my Bowling Green office at 270-782-8303.  One of my staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

Stay in Touch with Dr. Paul on Social Media

You can stay up to date on my latest news and activities by visiting my Senate website,, or my official Facebook and Twitter pages.  You can watch my Senate floor speeches and press interviews at my YouTube channel HERE.

Warm Regards,

Bowling Green
1029 State Street
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Phone: 270-782-8303
Washington, DC
167 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510
Phone: 202-224-4343

Friday, October 27, 2017

Fred Rodgers event

Fwd: Summit Against Racism- Call for workshops NOW OPEN!

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The Summit Against Racism, a multicultural initiative of the Black and White Reunion, is accepting workshop proposals for this year's Summit, January 20, 2018The theme of this year's conference, chosen by volunteer organizers, is The Struggle Continues: Healing Trauma, Building Community, Inspiring Action. We need ideas and action to make Pittsburgh a better place for all! Please consider lending your gifts to creating a more just world.

Workshop sessions are 1.5 hours long. For more details and to complete an application, click here.

Deadline to apply is November 15!


20th Annual Summit Against Racism January 20, 2018
A Multicultural Initiative of the Black & White Reunion
Twitter: @justicepgh
Phone: 412-444-8436

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fwd: It's Back...

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Back for Another Year!

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LiveCode Global is a must have for any serious or semi serious LiveCoder, with ongoing content, team updates, training and ideas from the best and brightest in the LiveCode Community.

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Fwd: 2017 Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen Bicycle Ride

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Date: Oct 26, 2017 9:45 AM
Subject: 2017 Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen Bicycle Ride
To: <>

Dear riders and friends of Danny Chew:

You are invited to participate in the 35th annual Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen Bicycle Ride, to be held on Saturday, November 25th. Proceeds will benefit Danny as he continues to recover from the catastrophic spinal cord injury he experienced last year. In spite of the demands of his rehabilitation, Danny has returned to a leadership role in this event.

Here are the relevant links for this year's ride:

Main 2017 event page:
BikeReg registration page:

If you were involved in last year's event then be sure to read the wrap-up and acknowledgements:
The main DD page with a list of 3+-time riders is here:

Please consider joining us this year, and train well if you do.

Jonathan Pratt

2017 Dirty Dozen

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

High school football player in Arizona -- dead.

From CNN:

Other links


Tuesday, November 14, 2017
6:30 p.m.
Letter Carriers Union Hall, 821 California Avenue, 15212
How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Putin, while continuing their policy of permanent war

“A powerful contradiction to the present US narrative of the world… As shown here, fake news is thriving in Washington, DC.” —OLIVER STONE

Dan Kovalik is a union lawyer with the United Steel Workers (USW), and an internationally-recognized Human rights activist and attorney, having travelled more than 30 times to Columbia and Venezuala, as well as to the Congo, Iran and other hotspots around the globe. His firsthand accounts and union perspective are critical contributions to understanding US military activity around the world.

For those involved in important domestic fights, such as healthcare, the environment, labor rights and union drives, immigration, discrimination, upcoming elections, etc., the US military wars and fronts around the world, as well as the yearly increasing already bloated military budget for these adventures, will greatly impact budgets and available funds, domestic programs and every struggle down to the local and community level. We hope you will attend this important presentation and discussion.

Fwd: Preaching to the Choir

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From: John H

I am sending along the attached article by Rebecca Solnit from this month's Harper's Magazine because I believe it makes some extremely important (and generally overlooked or dismissed) points about how those of us seeking constructive change need to focus on moving forward.  I am all for engaging with those with whom we disagree, but we must not forget the importance of being together with and supporting those with whom we agree on most, if not all, things.  This means we cannot just focus in one direction.  We also need to heed Solnit's words in the final paragraph of her article:

"Within most examples of broad consensus lie a host of questions and unresolved differences.  Agreement is only the foundation.  Yet from here we can build strong communities of love, spirited movements of resistance.  'We cannot walk alone,' Dr. King said that day in 1963.  Find people to walk with – and talk with – and we find power as well as pleasure."

I would only add that therein lies the courage and the willingness to fight on by going out into the larger community and living our beliefs with strength and conviction.



I'll be at the Saturday Swim School - but here is another event on the Northside on Saturday

Friday, October 20, 2017

Email blast with lots of invites

Divorce of a sports coop

Posted to Facebook about the looming discussions of sports team in Pittsburgh Public Schools with students from U-Prep, Sci-Tech and Obama. 

This (above) does not need to be the case. It is an option. The students, parents and community can make another, better demand.

Sci-Tech could field its own sports teams too. 

CAPA does have X-Country and Track as a HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS TEAMS. 

Sci-Tech could do the same and pick and choose what sports to support -- and then other sports could be left for students to join with their neighborhood schools.

I think it is POSSIBLE that Sci-Tech could have the #1 boys and girls varsity swim teams in the city -- and a team that could climb in the ranks to the top 10 in the state.

Sci-Tech does have a swim pool. It would need to swim its HOME meets elsewhere, but there are plenty of options. Most of the other schools in the WPIAL would be happy to always host swim meets if against Sci-Tech. Or, some of the meets could be squeezed into other suitable pools within PPS, such as at Obama, Perry, Oliver, PCA, and even Dice. Tri-meets (with 3 teams) are also possible and would be encouraged.

As for other sports, it would be GREAT to have Sci-Tech kids join with other city kids to play WATER POLO with Obama as well. That is a fall sport and it leads into winter swimming.

Furthermore, the Sci-Tech middle school swim team should move its season to the SPRING, and not the winter. In the winter, the Sci-Tech MS kids are in the way of the HS kids. And, in the spring, with swimming, the Sci-Tech kids could compete against the other MS programs around the WPIAL, such as at Montour, WA, Carlynton.

Furthermore, it would not be out of the question to have the Sci-Tech kids KEEP the sports Co-Op with other individual sports teams. For example, Sci-Tech boys and girls could play BASKETBALL with U-Prep. I imagine the U-Prep gym is not suited for varsity games. Go figure. So, the practices and games could be at Sci-Tech, with its better gym. The issue is then where to put the MS hoops teams at Sci-Tech? Perhaps one of the squads should practice before school?

On a sport by sport basis, facility by facility, -- this needs to be examined by an athletic sports reform task force from PPS, in a district-wide effort as was done in the past. We made great strides in some areas with the PPS Sports Reform Task Force in the end of the Roosevelt era. Linda Lane killed it. Now it is time for it to resurface. And, if needed, I'd be happy to serve as the chair, without any consultant fees.