Tuesday, August 05, 1997

Software Bundle with Apple for Educators

We were within smelling range of getting into a software bundle with Apple Comptuer and K12 products. Laura Rosenzweig was the Education Slns Product Manager at Apple. A couple of the reviewers went bonkers on the FootNotes product, but many of them didn't understand what it was all about.

At the time, Pierian Spring had Digital Chisel 3 -- and they were looking to give a hard road as to getting into any bundle.

That company isn't to be found by 2005. Don't know what happened there.

Monday, February 17, 1997

Notes with bundle partner meeting(s)

I was putting together the bundles of internet software applications. One asset I was able to provide to the other publishers in the bundle alliance was with their documentation and the management of their published books and even byteserved versions of documents.

I had been a beta tester for Adobe Acrobat 3.0 and was good at 'distilling' the documents with hyperlinks and making them so they could be served on the web, a page at a time and with quicker downloading.

agenda notes:

bundles (resale agreements and next phases of products)

digital duplication rights and policies for CD-ROM delivery

joint marketing of products. Do you want to extend your product line and better interact with others in the bundle?

co-location of documents. Edits of documents. Un-official sites for power-users (SIGs).

outsourced services based on utilities of software bundle. Ping sites for a fee with PageSentry, for example.

A UK book author is doing project on agents and avitars and we'd like to get a chapter in there about your software.

Non-exclusive speakers booking service.

Cross platform development issues.

Saturday, February 01, 1997

Market Week speaker

I was a speaker at a college class and marketing club meeting in Athens, Ohio, at OU.

I also got to explore the National Business Incubation Assocation, http://www.nbia.org, and talk with the Asst. Director of On-line Services Clearninghouse for Strategic Alliances, Gregory Kaple.