Monday, June 28, 2021

Fwd: Summer Opportunities

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From: Amie White


Hi Mark,


Happy Monday! :)


Our partners through the Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative still have open slots in their summer programs or have other summer opportunities you can join.  Click on the links below for more details:

Our TeenBloc Youth Organizing Academy will run from August 9th-13th and will be open to rising 8th-12th graders.  For more information and to sign your child up, please contact Christa Drew at


Don't forget to sign up for our Parenting Pause workshop happening this Wednesday (6/30) from 12:30-1:00pm.  To register and receive the Zoom link, please click here.  


Need help or have questions about opportunities shared in this email?  Call our Family Hotline!  For Spanish, call (412)335-7446, and for English and all other languages dial (412)256-8536.


Enjoy the start to your summer! 

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Amie White

Chief Operating Officer

Friday, June 25, 2021

Fwd: Alumni Spotlight Eddie

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From: The First Tee of Pittsburgh

Building Game Changers

As an only child of Chinese immigrants, Eddie Zhang journeyed with his parents to America at the young age of 4 in 2001. Today, that little boy serves the United States of America as a Lieutenant Junior Grade/O-2 in the United States Navy.
For Zhang, the growth he experienced over the next two decades was more than what could be measured in inches. As a student in the Franklin Regional School District where he attended Kindergarten through Grade 12, Zhang described his childhood self as immature and overweight. His parents encouraged him to be active, so he tried sports. Baseball and hockey. But couldn't maintain interest. With his parents' help, he found First Tee – Pittsburgh (FTP) about the time he was 8 years old. "I was super, super young and my parents wanted me to get out of the house and find something to do," he said. 
But what he found was so much more.
"First Tee taught me many life skills such as perseverance, discipline, goal setting, and friendly competition," said Zhang. 

The opportunity was much more than learning how to golf. "First Tee not only improved my golf skills, but it helped to build my confidence, resilience and develop myself as a leader," Zhang proclaimed. After graduating from the participant portion of the program, Zhang continued to be a part of FTP as a volunteer serving on the Junior Advisory Board and the Leadership Team. He was so grateful for his experience and wanted to pay it forward.
He attributes his success to many key people who were then, and who some are still, a part of FTP, including coaches Leslie Russell, Marc Field, and Eric Amato, who now serves as the Chapter's President and CEO. "I was kind of a little brat growing up and they helped keep me straight. They were great mentors in my life, and I love letting them know how much they helped me," said Zhang.
Zhang attributes his ability to blossom in high school – the only Chinese American in a mostly Caucasian school – to the skills learned at FTP. Those same skills prepared him for what was to come after graduation when he went on to attend the United States Naval Academy from 2015-2019. Currently, he is attending the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC), located at Naval Support Activity in Panama City, FL.
Upon graduation, Zhang will be fully qualified as a Navy Diving Officer and responsible for a specialized team of Navy underwater technicians. While he has made a 5-year commitment to the military, he is open to extending his duty. "It's an honor to lead men and women in the service. I'm going to keep doing it as long as I like it."
While home over Memorial Day 2021, Zhang was thrilled to see the growth of First Tee – Pittsburgh, including the new Arnold Palmer Learning Center – the only one of its kind in the country. He was also pleasantly surprised by many young Asian kids participating in the programs.  
Zhang considers himself very fortunate to be where he is today. "I am living an unbelievably blessed life and thankful for everyone who helped me along the way.

For more information contact 412-622-0108 or visit

Friday, June 18, 2021

Fwd: 2021 Fleet Feet Liberty Mile, Friday, July 23, 2021

Mark your calendars now to come out to volunteer on Friday, July 23, 2021, for the Fleet Feet Liberty Mile, Pittsburgh's favorite one-mile street race which is taking place downtown.

Volunteer registration will be officially opening, and will remain open through Thursday, July 15th (unless the roles fill earlier). Approximately 150 volunteers are needed for this event, and we are hoping you will consider coming out that evening. While the database will be opening later this week, we are sending you the sign up link early, since you worked our some of our previous events.  

I hope to see you there!
Melissa Cade
Charity and Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, P3R

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Fwd: New Products from The Pi Hut!

New Products!

Have you seen the new products in the store this week? As always, we've been adding all the latest Adafruit, SparkFun, Waveshare and DFRobot goodies.

The Pico Clock is one of this week's favourites - a programmable clock project for your Raspberry Pi Pico!

We've also just listed a new line of UK-manufactured cases and enclosures from CamdenBoss, including the Hex-Box for the Pi4.

There's also a new UPS HAT available for your Pi Zero, with 10% off of with an exclusive email-only discount code!

This Week's New Products

Electronic Clock for Raspberry Pi Pico

Make your own clock with a Pico and MicroPython!
The Electronic Clock for Raspberry Pi Pico is an LED digit electronic clock project designed for the Raspberry Pi Pico!

It includes a high precision RTC, photosensor, buzzer and buttons, and features multiple functions including an accurate clock, temperature display, auto-brightness, alarm and configurable buttons.
Code and development tutorials with C/C++ and MicroPython examples are provided to help you get started and make your very own Pico clock!
Buy a Pico Clock

Hex-Box for Raspberry Pi 4

House your Pi 4 in a modern, functional and flexible enclosure!

Available in black, grey and white, the Hex-Box features seven self-retaining panels, two of which have been customised to accommodate the Raspberry Pi 4 and three vented panels to help maintain airflow.

Remove or modify panels where required and customise your setup. You can even add your own PCB or perfboard to the mounting points found in the lid and base!

Want to mount your Hex-Box? Grab the optional matching circular bracket for wall or panel mounting  - great for hiding your project under the desk (perfect for pi-hole or server builds!).
Buy a Hex-Box

UPS HAT For Pi Zero - 10% OFF with code!

A tidy UPS solution for the Pi Zero with I2C monitoring!

This Uninterruptable Power Supply HAT (UPS HAT) for the Raspberry Pi Zero comes with a 1,000mAh Li-Po battery and incorporates a Li-Po battery switching charger, a voltage boost chip and a voltage/current monitor which allows monitoring the battery operating status via the I2C bus!

We love how this UPS is mounted to the Zero - it uses 'Pogo Pins' to connect from the underside of the Zero, keeping your GPIO free for another HAT or other hardware.

Psst! Use the exclusive email-only discount code UPS10 for 10% off this HAT (expires Sunday!)

Buy a Pi Zero UPS

More New Goodies!

Electronics Kit for Pico
Electronics Kit for Pico
Pico Motor Driver HAT
Pico Motor Driver HAT
Colour Code T-shirt
Colour Code T-shirt
Pico Wireless Pack
Pico Wireless Pack
Dual Channel Pico Relay
Dual Channel Pico Relay
6MP 5-50mm Zoom Lens
6MP 5-50mm Zoom Lens
Maze Pro Pi 4 Case
Maze Pro Pi 4 Case
SPI Camera for Pico
SPI Camera for Pico

There are even more new products in the store, and more coming next week too - keep an eye on our Raspberry PiArduinomicro:bit and Maker new product sections.

To the store!