Saturday, April 30, 1988

Sprint Salo Practice Companion - read me file

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SprintSalo Practice Companion

The workouts contained in the book, and on the water-proof practice cards are © 1990 by David C. Salo.

The text files on this computer disk are for use with a Macintosh™ Computer. Start the computer as normal. A system folder is required. Then start your word processing software. Then open the text file from within your normal word processing software. Any word processing software will will with this text document, such as Microsoft Word, MacWrite, Word Perfect, Works, Write Now, etc.

The swim practices text file are too large to work with the Teach Text software.

After you have opened the swim practices, you can change them, build a practice diary, insert your interval times, or do anything you want for you practice organization. Swim Coaches with different ability levels might want to structure practices will more or less rest intervals and shorter or longer yardage depending upon the participants swimming and fitness abilities.

IBM PC & DOS Computer Users
If you do not have a Macintosh computer, and would like to have the workout text file, you can return this disk to the Sports Support Syndicate, and a 5.25" 360 K disk with the workouts will be sent to you at no charge. You must return the original disk. 

The IBM disk will not have the Workout Handler & Master Plan Demo as these programs are restricted to the Macintosh platform at this time.

There are not warranties, implied or stated for these software text files. We have attempted to keep the prices at rock bottom levels and have made the software text files as a bonus with your purchase of the Practice Companion. We will attempt to answer your questions and help you with your problems, but we can not promise any level of support. Thanks for your understanding. 

The Workout Handler and Master Plan Demo
The Workout Handler and Master Plan software is a Macintosh program and can not be operated on a DOS computer. In the next year, developments in the computer industry are expected that will allow this type of software to be operated on an IBM type of machine if it is operating with the OS2 operating system. Please contact the Sports Support Syndicate to learn of the latest developments are release versions and dates.

At the time of this release, the Workout Handler and Master Plan Software is under development. The expected release date is Fall, 1990. The Workout Handler and Master Plan software works with HyperCard, and this program will be updated in the spring or summer of 1990. Our release date for our programs depends upon the HyperCard software.

The Workout Handler and Master plan software programs are written for swimmers and coaches and help plan, organize and evaluate swimming practices.

David C. Salo has evaluated the Workout Handler program, and it is not something that he would use in his practice settings. David does not categorize practices according to Aerobic levels as other coaches are doing. 

The Workout Handler and Master Plan program is not related to the SprintSalo approach. It is another product, written by other authors, and sold by the same company.

The Workout Handler and Master Plan do not instruct the user as to what should be done, and what should not be done. The software is a tool for organization of ideas and practices. The user has to come up with the ideas, create the plans and then the computer software plugs those plans into a schedule and calendar format.

If you would like free Demo copy of the Workout Handler and Master Plan software, please return this original disk to the Sports Support Syndicate after September 1, 1990 and we will send you the demo.

When you send this disk back to the Sports Support Syndicate, make sure that a copy of the files are saved on another disk. Make a back-up copy of the disk, and then send the original as proof of ownership.

The suggested retail price for the Workout Handler and Master Plan software is expected to be $50.00. A deluxe version with full documentation, blank planning sheets, text book, date book past the year 2000 and multiple disk utilities will cost $100.00.