Monday, August 19, 1985

Triathlon and Biathlon press release

NEWS RELEASE PEORIA PARK DISTRICT 2218 N. Prospect Rd. 688-3667 682-1200 Peoria, Minois 61603-2193 Release date: August 19, 1985 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Mark Rauterkus, Manager Central Park Pool 685-6207 TRIATHLON AND BIATHLON TO BE HELD SEPTEMBER 14 If you are an endurance athlete, the Prairie Triathlon and Age Group Biathlon needs your support. Registration is starting slowly, so there are still plenty of openings for the race of swimming, biking and running scheduled for September 14, 1985, at Lake Camelot, Illinois. Race organizers for the Triathlon and Biathlon were hoping for 100 contestants in each race. Applications are available from any race sponsor including the Peoria Park District, Vitesse Cycle Shop, and Methodist Sports and Wellness Center. The entry fee is $20.00 for the Triathlon and $10.00 for the Biathlon. Entry deadline is September 1, 1985. The distances for the Triathlon are 1/2 mile swim, 20 miles bike, and 5 miles run. The Biathlon includes only two events the swimming and running. This race is geared more toward the younger competitors and those without the bike equipment or training. The biathlon is a 1,000 yard (1k) swim and a 5,000 yard (5k) run. Ladies and men, boys and girls are all eligible to compete. However, all competitors must be of excellent physical conditioning and be on a training program specifically for swimming, biking and running. This is the second Triathlon in the area. Last year a trial Triathlon was held on the same course with 25 competitors. The winning team was 1:52.00. The Triathlons are the fastest growing sport in the 1980's. Many of those who have graduated from the running boom of the past decade are turning to the Triathlon as a new and more exciting challenge as it incorporates three skills and more diversity to training. The race director is Mark Rauterkus, swim coach and pool manager for the Peoria Park District. He said, "We need the athletes to come out and participate, even if it is your first Triathlon. We have an excellent course and are looking forward to a successful event." The Lake Camelot Community is a beautiful setting for the Triathlon and Biathlon. The facilities include two man-made lakes, a large club house, shower facilities at the swimming pool bath house and a sandy beach. The neighborhood setting will allow residents to offer drinks and encouragement from their front yards to the runners. Then the nearby country roads will provide a safe and straight course for 20 miles of bicycling. For more information: Ron Johnson at Vitesse Cycle Shop, 682-8777 Mark Rauterkus at Central Pool, 685-6207 Rob Bourdeaux of Methodist Hospital, 672-5904

Friday, August 16, 1985

Press Release for Meet the Coach Night

NEWS RELEASE PEORIA PARK DISTRICT 2218 N. Prospect Rd. 688-3667 682-1200 Peoria, Illinois 61603-2193 August 16, 1985 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Mark Rauterkus, Swim Coach Central Park Pool 685-6207 "MEET THE COACH NIGHT" FOR PEORIA AREA WATER WIZARDS SWIM TEAM The third annual "Meet the Coach Night" will be held for all interested in joining the Peoria Area Water Wizards at 7:00 pom. on Sunday, August 25 at April's in the Ramada Hotel. This event is being held with the support of the Ramada Hotel as part of the Take pride in Peoria activities. The party is for il swimmers and their parents throughout the area. The social event will honor the recent resurgence in the Olympic sport of swimming in Peoria. The Ramada Hotel has donated the use of "April's" and the adjoining conference room to the swim organizers. All who attend will be the guests of the Ramada Hotel. and the P.A.W.W. Swim Team; there is no admission charge. The Water Wizards swim team is sponsored by the Peoria Park District and competes in the United States Swimming events throughout Illinois and the nation. The team was named "Illinois' Most Spirited Team" at the Junior Olympics in April of this year. The team has moved up to the top five in the state and has established four state swimming records this past summer season. Mark Rauterkus is starting his third year as head coach of the team and has been named Lincolnland Coach of the Year the past two seasons. Coach Rauterkus moved to Peoria after graduate school at Baylor University, and for six years has coached swim clubs and college teams in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The P.A.W.W. assistant coaches will also be present. Mike Herrin of Tremont, is a physical education teacher, triathlete and head coach for the community summer swim team. Pete Nauman of Metamora, is a former high school state qualifier and à Bradley University swimmer. Kathy Freyman, originally a swim coach in Oklahoma, is now working with Easter Seals. For more information, contact Laura Forstall, Coordinator of Aquatics, at Central Park Pool, 685-6207.