Monday, December 09, 1991

Plum Hosts Central / Oakland Catholic in a swim meet on a Monday

Mark Rauterkus
Sports Support Syndicate, Inc.
108 South 12th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Head Swim Coach for Plum High School Boys & Girls Teams

December 9, 1991
Sports Department

Dear Friends in the Media,

Here are the results of a swim meet held at Plum High School pool on this date. This might make for good copy in an article as the team, before the meet, at the urging of their new, first year coach, voted to discipline themselves by swimming all the races in the meet as exhibition. The athletes competed in the water but did not score points, which is feasible in the swimming meet.

The team took this punishment upon themselves by a team vote moments before the meet began as they all did not show up for a weekend practice. The only points scored in the meet for the Plum H.S. team are a result of the diving.

This was not a sectional meet. Both teams have a record of 0-2, as both the boys and girls teams lost on Friday at Penn Hills in the season opener.

Mark Rauterkus, the team's new head coach said, "I'm proud of the swimmers for taking responsibility for their actions and putting a loss in the record books in a meet we easily should have won. However, I am a bit disappointed that the team is lacking in the determination and commitment to show up for scheduled practices, even if the practices are held on the weekend. However, I am sure that we will have a great season working together.î
Sincerely Yours,
Mark Rauterkus, President
Head Coach ,Plum High School Swimming The results are to follow:

Girls Meet
Plum High School = 13
Oakland Catholic High School = 137

Medley Relay
Plum 2:07.85 (E. VanTassel, Durray, E. VanTassel, B. Potchatko)
Oakland 2:08.54 (Duncan, Murello, Shepherd, Mansen)

200 Free
Plum 2:02.75 K. Painter *
Plum 2:04.88 OíNeil *
Oakland 2:13.11 Tassone

200 IM
Plum 2:15.8 K. VanTassel *
Plum 2:21.4 Beatty *
Oakland 2:25.81 Duncan

50 Free
Plum 28.59 Walsh
Oakland 29.35 Seethaler 
Oakland 30.20 Poland

Plum 131.4 S. McMullen
Plum 124.35 Farrel
Plum 116.44 Williams

100 Fly
Plum 1:03.89 OíNeil *
Plum 1:04.21 Painter *
Oakland 1:10.48 Pillan

100 Free
Plum 56.60 E. VanTassel *
Plum 58.30 Beatty
Oakland 1:10.05 Kuhn

500 Free
Oakland 6:00.33 Hollan
Oakland 6:23.84 More
Oakland 6:44.28 Tassone

200 Free Relay
Plum 1:50.73 (Painter, Beatty, Potchatko, Hook)
Plum 1:52.06 (K. VanTassel, Duray, Miller, E. VanTassel)
Oakland 1:59.08 (Seethaeer, Pillar, Fragvogel, Ascamo)
Plum 2:17.27 (Burkhart, Walsh, Woods, Weaver)

100 Back
Plum 1:03.47 K. VanTassel
Plum 1:14.46 N. Hook
Oakland 1:15.91 Poland

100 Breast
Oakland 1:15.81 Duncan
Plum 1:17.59 Cerchiaro
Oakland 1:21.23 Hanson

400 Free Relay
Plum 4:07.33 (OíNeil, Beatty, Painter, Potchatko)
Oakland 4:18.42 (Tassone, Freytag, Kunn, Mconolly)
Oakland 4:42.58 (Hollan, Pillar, More, Shepherd)

Boys Meet 
Plum High School = 6
Central Catholic = 131

Medley Relay
Plum 1:53.6 (Wozniak, Wallace, OíNeil, Rumbaugh)
Central 1:56.00 (Heantger, Mihole, Balsley, Fryrag)
Plum 2:06.68 (Hedeen, Miller, Halloren, Heintzinge)

200 Free
Plum 1:52.01 Rumbaugh*
Central 2:20.18 Kasper
Plum 2:23.38 Messina

200 IM
Plum 2:06.65 OíNeil*
Plum 2:26.25 Hedeen
Central 2:28.36 Henninge

50 Free
Central 24.12 Scamardi
Plum 26.41 Wozniak
Plum 26.95 Heintzinger

Plum A. Izzo

100 Fly
Plum 53.30 Rumbaugh*
Central 1:00.10 Balsley
Central 1:12.32 Grogan

100 Free
Plum 53.71 OíNeil
Plum 1:02.00 Heintzinger
Plum 1:06.26 Miller

500 Free
Plum 6:06.16 Wallace
Plum 6:35.01 Halloran
Central 6;48.86 Kasper

200 Free Relay
Plum 1:49.35 (Heintzinger, Messina, Halloran, Hedeen)
Central 1:52.00 (Tishworth, Biricocchi, Cassey, Erytas)
Central 1:58.26 (Brinzar, Grime, Viccaro, Resan)

100 Back
Plum 1:03.46 Wozniak
Plum 1:08.61 Hedeen
Central 1:15.65 Scollion

100 Breast
Plum 1:14.40 Wallace
Central 1:18.39 Mihok
Plum 1:18.70 Miller

400 Free Relay
Plum 3:48.44 (OíNeil, Wallace, Wozniak, Rumbaugh)
Central 4:18.19 (Henniger, Kasper, Frytag, Scamardi)
Central 4:29.63 (Marks, Carson, Viccaro, Reagan)