Thursday, September 21, 1989

to Magazine publishers


This proposal contains numerous sections, details and reasoning in an attempt to accomplish a wide range of objectives. This document serves as a sales pitch that establishes a need for our services, as well as a business plan. We expect an individual account to generate revenues anywhere within the range of $14,000 to $200,000 in the first year. With those amounts of money, one expects thorough planning and documentation.

Another factor that extends the length, depth and scope of this proposal is our creative flexibility and desire to customize solutions with the various magazine publishers. It is easy to be rigid, but we prefer to keep "Support" at the center of our name.

The give-and-take process takes added energy. We are committed to hard work. But not at the expense of productivity.

Efficiency is necessary as our company faces tremendous growth this fall. Interacting with your publication is an important step for our future. We are running ahead with proposals headed to: New Orleans SportsLife, Windy City Sports, Armature Athlete, Competitor, The Master Skier, a swim coaches Newsletter, and Triathlon Today.

As we reach this period of expansion, we've studied our past, the concerns of our associates and customer reaction. With the evaluation, we have generated a new strategic philosophy.

We decided to offer your company a choice between two types of payment structures. Our traditional outline and reasoning is enclosed, along with a new type of agreement reasoning. This binder contains two different approaches to fiscal management.

Our present agreement policy is in section IV. Summary: All expenses are paid before the magazine publisher and Sports Support Syndicate split the remaining profits 50/50.

Our newly designed policy is in section VI. Summary: Magazine publishers get between 10 to 25 percent of the gross revenues right off the top. Then the Sports Support Syndicate pays all operational expenses and generates profits for itself with the remainder of the funds.

The newly designed policy is streamlined in operation and in negotiations. We will not have to wade through accounting ledgers and expose the magazine publishers to the normal delays with the sales and expense cycles. This option is preferable, if you agree.

Let's first clarify the question, "How to handle business activity?" Then we can get involved in the question of, "How to split profits?"

Section III asks you a series of questions that will establish an understanding for our course of action and respective job descriptions in this endeavor.

Section IV is the Proposal Outline and Reasoning.

Section V presents a sample contract.

Section VI is a question and answer section -- The TEST!

Section VII are few example ads.

Friday, February 17, 1989

Volleyball Monthly efforts

logo for Volleyball Support Syndicate

Example full page magazine ad for right side for selling books and VHS video tapes. 

Tuesday, February 14, 1989

From CP

My address, then living in a house with Pete Leighton, 2920 Cedar Ave, Long Beach, 90806.