Tuesday, July 23, 1996

Market Research Software for World Wide Web to be part of New High-Performance Software Bundles

News release from Yearick-Millea, 700 River Ave #216, Pittsburgh Contact was Mark Rauterkus for SSS. 
CHICAGO, July 23, 1996 -- The Planet Group, an Internet Service Provider (ISP), announced today that its Virtual-Poll softwrae will be included in a World Wide Web software package called Village Compass Bundle. Virtual-Poll is an optimized Web Server that manages the creation and analysis of market research data at a fraction of the cost of phone surveys, focus groups or mailing. The software enable users to collect real-time market data information on the Internet and receive immediate results. It automatically produces, manages and administers the entire market research process. Surveys, tests, evaluations, quizzes and polling of all types can be customized to the end-user's specifications. Village Compass Bundle is a package of high-performance, service-software-tool sets that help businesses develop or expand sites on the World Wide Web. Virtual-Poll software will be included on Village with as many as 21 other software programs, which exhibit superior product harmony. "Village Compass Bundles enter the marketplace offering a turn-key solution with some of the most advanced software available on the market today," Mark Rauterkus, organizer of the Village Compass Bundle, said. "Virtual-Poll adds one more highly cost-effective solution to an already strong package of software." The bundled package of Village software creates dramatic savings for end-users -- as much as 65 percent off retail prices. The initial package, in addition to Virtual-Poll, contains a variety of highly-sophisticated softare functions strategic to building a web site, such as cataloging, information handling, communication, graphic production, and site management and maintenance. Village has numerous bundled software packages, with prices starting at $1,475. Most of the software titles run on Macintosh computers, but some titles are for Windows NT. A free working copy of Virtual-Poll can be downloaded from the Web by visiting, http://pg.net, or call Plante's customer service. More information on the Village Compass Bundle can be found at http://village.compass.bundle.com/ or by sending email to bundle@. Village Compass Bundle is a worldwide coalition of software developers in six countries who produce products for Web site development. Village was organized by Pittsburgh software and book publisher, Mark Rauterkus.

Cover Letter

Executive Summary
Some of the original goals for the Village Compass Bundle have been reached.	
The sales of the VCB has been below expectations - due to a number of reasons.	
We have plenty to do - and progress is occuring.	
Sales for the Village Compass Bundle are poor and well below expectations.	
Some of my original goals for the VCB have been reached.
Successful happenings:	
Right from the outset of this bundle process, I thought that it was important for the first release of any bundle to be a high-performance, cutting-edge, money saving, better than Apple Computer’s Internet Server Solution - eye-popping bundle. Well, IMHO, I feel that the VCB is a great solution, and it is better than Apple’s. 	
The VCB is huge in terms of product titles and capabilites. It was too big for us to master in a couple of months given our starting point. 	
Here we are in September, and I have played with each product but I’ve not been able to master them. 	
The desire to team with smaller to mid-sized developers with hot technology applications from all-across the USA and world has been met.	
Getting a “turn-key” solution to the marketplace was also a priority.	
Fact: The Trade Press does NOT cover bundle news. Bundle news is considered a non-news event. New products are news. Bundles are not newsworthy.	
Trade Products Among Bundle Players	
Long Shot Ideas	
Java Use and the Java Venture Capital Fund	
Use server-side Java and take InfoDepot documents onto the WWW.	
Use server-side Interaction and client side Java for CHAT faces from DB	
Presentation Program for the WWW 	
Original Goals	
Thirty-Six Web Developers Join iCat

Monday 96.09.23 - (E.COMMERCE TODAY) - Seattle, WA USA - iCat Corp.
announced that 36 Web development companies have joined the iCat Commerce
Partner (iCP) program.

These firms are now using their Web development expertise to customize and
extend the iCat Electronic Commerce Suite, offering their business customers
the most complete and flexible electronic commerce solution for selling
products and services via the Internet and CD-ROM.

The following list of iCat Commerce Partners can assist those merchants and
businesses that need help in developing commerce-enabled Web sites:

Compudoc of Warren, NJ (www.compudocinc.com) 
Oculus Interactive of New York, NY (www.ocu.com) 
Vision Graphics of Ludlow, MA (www.visiongroup.com) 
Didax LLC of Chantilly, VA (www.didax.com) 
Image Soft, Inc. of Halifax, 
PA Shablow/Beaumont of Birmingham, AL (www.sbmc.com)
Web Adept of Daytona, FL (www.webadept.com)
Free Range Media of Seattle, WA (www.freerange.com) 
01 Publishing of Seattle, WA (www.01pub.com) 
DigiCOLOR of Seattle, WA (www.digicolor.com) 
Printing Control of Seattle, WA (www.printingcontrol.com) 
AcmeNET of Woodinville, WA (www.acmenet.com)
ComVista of Bellevue, WA (www.comvista.com) 
Quebecor Interactive of Bellevue, WA (www.qinteractive.com) 
Ogle Publishing of Lake Oswego, OR (www.oglepub.com) 
The Catalog Site of Santa Monica, CA (www.catalogsite.com) 
Hybrid Media of Palo Alto, CA (www.hybridmedia.com)
Computer Network Specialists of Irvine, CA (www.netspec.com) 
Entrusted Design of San Jose, CA 
Internet Commerce Company of Exeter, CA (www.icomco.com) 
Intermedia Synergy of Aliso Viejo, CA (www.intermediasynergy.com) 
On-Line Foods of Oakland, CA (www.onlygourmet.com) 
Insentiv Media of Oakland, CA (www.insentiv.com)
Network Architects of San Ramon, CA (www.archnet.com) 
Interactive Cafe of Vancouver BC (www.icafe.com) 
COSMO21 of Burnaby BC (www.cosmo21.com)
Characters of Houston, TX (www.characters.com) 
POS one of Houston, TX 
TruNet / Truco Enterprises, Inc. of Dallas, TX (www.truco2@airmail.net) 
Tesseract Systems Group, Inc. of San Antonio, TX (www.liquidwebs.com) 
Data Pub Group of Chicago, IL (www.datapub.com)
Mmedia.com Industries of Manhattan, KS (www.mmedia.com) 
The Virtual Flyshop of Ft. Collins, CO (www.flyshop.com) 
Custom Tech Systems, Inc./Cosmo21 of Milwaukee, WI (www.customtech.com)
Netalliance, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN (www.netalliance.net) 
Pathlight Data Systems of Rocky River, OH

iCat is at http://www.icat.com