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Candidate History

Public Elections with Mark Rauterkus

Pittsburgh voters have seen Mark Rauterkus, candidate, six times.
* 2001, mayor
* 2005, state senate
* 2006, city council
* 2006, state senate withdrawal
* 2007, city controller and city council

First race, spring 2001, Republican primary, candidate for mayor, City of Pittsburgh
* Announced in August, 2000, party would not be D.
* Invited to R's County Committee in September 2000.
* Moved to R party registration later.
* Recruited opposition candidates for a contested primary.
* Consulted with high school student, Josh Pollock, D, who then became a candidate for mayor on January 1, 2001.
* County Executive, Jim Roddey, R, city resident, declined to sign nomination petition.
* Leader by a significant margin throughout a five-day WTAE TV poll, topping Murphy (incumbent mayor), O'Connor (city council president) and Carmine (R opponent). WTAE's news director removed the poll and never reported upon it.
* web page had highest single-day unique-page-views exceed 10,000.
* In May, 2001, primary for mayor, Tom Murphy, D, (incumbent) beat Bob O'Connor, D, by 699 votes. A 270 vote arithmetic and tabulation error unfolded on election night in a race of 32k vs. 31k.
* In the R primary, Carmine had 2,227 votes. Rauterkus had 1,950 votes with 98% counted. With 100% of the vote counted, the Rauterkus total became 1,597.
* Became the webmaster for
* After the tragic events of 9-11-01, candidate Carmine turned his campaign to silence.
* Tom Murphy won the 2001 general election with 74%. That win would be his last campaign.
* In 2003, the mayor closed every city recreation center and swim pool in the city.
* In 2004, “Save Our Summer” efforts got some city pools to re-open.

* In 2001, the total percent of Non D and Non R voters in the city election was 2.6 percent. In 2005 the total percent of Non D and Non R voters was 5.7 percent.

Second race, May 17, 2005, special election (on the same day as the D and R primary) for PA senate, district 42, to fill the seat held formerly by Jack Wagner, D.
* Results: Mark Rauterkus got 2,542 votes, 7 percent, in a 3 way race that included Wayne Fontana, D, recently of county council, and Michael Diven, a D turned R, then in the PA house and formerly of city council.

Third race, March 14, 2006, special election for Pittsburgh city council, district 3, to fill a seat held by Gene Ricciardi, D.
* Shaped many of the issues on the campaign trails including talk of the RFP for the city owned ice rink in a city park.
* Working with a majority of the candidates in the crowded field, helped to sway the outcome away from one and toward the eventual winner, Jeff Koch, D.
* Results: Mark Rauterkus, Libertarian, 61 votes of 3,349, finished 7th out of 9. The R party candidate had 185 votes.

Fourth race, jumping off of the ballot for PA senate in August 2006.
* Helped lead a regional PA Clean Sweep ticket in the wake of citizen outrage concerning an illegal pay raise by members of the PA house and senate.
* As an Independent candidate, attempted to get onto the 2006 ballot for the general election for PA Senate, district 42, along with a candidate for Governor.
* In August, pulled self off of the ballot, (slated for November 7, 2006) by choice, before a Harrisburg judge after putting into the public record evidence of ethical wrongdoing by incumbent, PA senator, Wayne Fontana, D.
* This saga would grow into the Harrisburg scandal, Bonusgate. Elected officials used public resources against citizens for political gain.

Fifth and sixth races, general election, November 6, 2007: candidate for both city controller and city council, district 3.
* Results: Mark Rauterkus, Libertarian, got 6,476 votes, more than 10 percent against Michael Lamb, D, 89.5 percent and 55,930 votes. For city council, Rauterkus, Libertarian, got 690 votes, 13 percent. Bruce Kraus, D., got 4,530, 86 percent.
* Same day vote totals among various races: Mark Rauterkus = 7,169 votes. Meanwhile, Darlene Harris won re-election with less than 5,000 votes, and Rev. Burges won an election with 5,435 votes.

Future political ambitions
The goal is to be a member of the Peduto Administration and be devoted and loyal to those efforts. Once hired, sights on any other races for public office would vanish, and they have greatly diminished in the past decade.

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I said, "Be nice." They kept ranting

Some guys on my Facebook wall went sideways with a conversation about putting more conversations from citizens onto TV. How ironic.
AJ posted: @ Mr. Hurst...Send me a friend request and we will talk more! Everything is not meant for everyone....So I must season my words a certain way in forums like this. So it doesn't compromise the movement in any way, shape, fashion, or form! Please feel free to contact me and let's build! Peace
4 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

Dan Sullivan: Some people attack others but lack the fortitude to propose anything. They also tend to be clueless about the people they are attacking, whether it be council members or other activists. Certainly there are some things I say privately, but if I couldn't articulate a basic proposal in public, it implies that I either don't have one or don't have the courage of my convictions.
45 minutes ago · Like

A.j. Richardson: @Dan... If you have such issues with A.J. Richardson and wants to throw cheats shots across the computer at me......Why dont you be MAN and let's meet face to face and discuss it!!! I'm always willing to meet face to face with...ANYBODY! That's if you man enough little buddy!
a few seconds ago via mobile · Edited · Like

Dan Sullivan: Sure, but, in meantime, get over yourself! Your very first post was nothing but cheap shots at city council members, so don't think it was anyone other than yourself who brought down the level of conversation.
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A.j. Richardson: @Dan....First stop being a pathetic little man who views the city through the backside of city council! I've been fighting wars in various communites for over 15 years...going head on with different drug lords in different states for a drug free America. You know nothing about A.J. Richardson!!! Two things its always been about with me and one of those are "The People". You are not built and Never will be built the way i am for you to challenge me!!!!

Now you can talk as you wish on the blog with comments.

The above was nuked from a thread on my wall.

Fwd: NEWS ALERT: County Councilman Matt Drozd will call upon Council to subpoena the records of Visit Pittsburgh to make them accountable for the expenditure of hard-earned tax dollars

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Matthew Drozd" <>
Date: Nov 19, 2013 3:19 PM
Subject: NEWS ALERT: County Councilman Matt Drozd will call upon Council to subpoena the records of Visit Pittsburgh to make them accountable for the expenditure of hard-earned tax dollars
To: <>














Appointment Review

Budget & Finance

Economic Dev.& Housing


Public Safety



Office of the County Council

119 Courthouse 436 Grant Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone (412) 350-6525 Home Phone (412) 364-1600



    MEDIA ADVISORY, November 19, 2013

County Councilman Matt Drozd will ask his fellow council members to subpoena the records of Visit Pittsburgh.  Numerous times County Councilman Drozd has sent formal written inquiries to Visit Pittsburgh asking them to send their records to County Council.  The news media has also made inquiries as to their expenditures of tax dollars.  To date, they have never fully complied with his or the news media’s request.   When doing so, the Councilman notes that Visit Pittsburgh currently receives 40% of the 5% of the revenue generated by the Hotel-Motel tax which has amounted to more than $8,000,000 in the previous year and a large sum of the tax payer’s money is being spent on salaries for Viisit Pittsburgh employees which vastly exceed the median income level of this region.  Visit Pittsburgh employs approx. 8 employees making over $100,000 annually and according to its website, Visit Pittsburgh received over $7 million in 2011 from hotel tax revenues of which approx. $4 million was spent on salaries and bonuses, amounting to about half of the tax revenues they received.  In addition to very high salary and benefit packages in relation to expenditures, Visit Pittsburgh retained two directors for over 6 months with a salary package of approx. $400,000 and $370,000 was spent on office space.   When asking County Council to subpoena the records of Visit Pittsburgh, County Councilman is quoted as saying that “any agency whether they be for non-profit or governmental in nature must be accountable to the taxpayers when spending their hard-earned tax dollars.  All who receive tax dollars must provide an accounting for these hard-earned tax dollars and must open their books to the public as well.   Visit Pittsburgh is no exception to this rule and they must be made to comply”


When:  Tonight at Legislative session of County Council, November 19th at 5:00 PM

Where:  Gold room of the Courthouse



                                                                             # # # #











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Fwd: Important WPAHS/HIGHMARK meeting-- Please FORWARD out to your peers

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From: <>
Date: Nov 19, 2013 4:22 PM
Subject: Important WPAHS/HIGHMARK meeting-- Please FORWARD out to your peers
To: <>

Senator Ferlo to Host Highmark & West Penn Hospital Town Hall Meeting

Download official flyer here:

Please join Senator Jim Ferlo, Senator Jay Costa, and Senator Wayne Fontana for a Town Hall meeting regarding the future of West Penn Hospital on November 21st from 6:oo to 8:00 at Teamsters Temple in Lawrenceville. Officials from both Highmark and West Penn Hospital will be in attendance to engage the community in meaningful dialogue on this very important local issue.

Panelists will discuss their progress in promoting health, sustaining vital medical services, and ensuring the success of West Penn Hospital. The changing health care industry in our region, and the evolving implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, brings new challenges as well as opportunities.

Let's continue to work together in partnership with our local hospital and explore opportunities to enhance their services to reflect the needs of our families and loved ones.


WHO: Senator Jim Ferlo, Senator Jay Costa, Senator Wayne Fontana, Highmark Officials, and Medical Staff of West Penn Hospital
WHAT: Town Hall Forum
WHERE: Teamsters Temple, 4701 Butler Street Lawrenceville
WHEN: Thursday, November 21st, 6:00 to 8:00 PM

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cool Libertarian video with tune

Video from New York.

Fwd: HS Boy's Clinic with Dejan Udovicic

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Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Subject: HS Boy's Clinic with Dejan Udovicic

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Dear Grant,

Please join Dejan Udovicic and host Greenwich Aquatics for high school boy's athlete clinic. There is no cost to participate in this clinic.

Registration is mandatory - click here to register

Tuesday, November 19
5:00 pm – Introductions by Chris Ramsey, USAWP CEO
5:15 pm – Key note address - Dejan, USAWP MNT Head Coach*
6:00 pm - Water instruction**

 *Key note address is open to parents and athletes of all a ges and gender.

**Open to high school male athletes only
Contact Us:
Phone - 714-500-5445

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2124 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA  92648

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Mark Rauterkus    
PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim and Water Polo Camp Head Coach
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team
412 298 3432 = cell

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Fwd: WOW--NLA event--Presenters--Superintendent Lane and Executive Director Dowd

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From: <>
Date: Nov 7, 2013 10:12 AM
Subject: WOW--NLA event--Presenters--Superintendent Lane and Executive Director Dowd
To: <>

Update-- Presenters are going to be Superintendent Linda Lane and Executive Director Patrick Dowd (Allies for Children)   
PLEASE RSVP TODAY---Please call (717)902-9652 or email
An invitation to the 2nd Annual Awards Luncheon.

2nd Annual Awards Luncheon Details:


Our Awards Luncheon celebrates those whose work with the Neighborhood Learning Alliance has contributed to the success of our mission and the launch of an exciting program: Everybody Graduates. This new campaign is designed to help increase graduation rates among Pittsburgh's low-income students by providing academic support through a range of programming. 


Friday, November 15th, 2013 from 11:30am - 1:30pm


Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center
100 Lytton Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


25 Dollars payable to:

                 Neighborhood Learning Alliance
                 5429 Penn Avenue
                 Pittsburgh, PA 15206

How to RSVP:

Please call (717)902-9652 or email

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Fwd: Pittsburgh Regional Conference Update

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From: Zachary Slayback
Date: Thursday, November 7, 2013
Subject: Pittsburgh Regional Conference Update
To: Zachary Slayback <>


Thanks again for registering for the 2013 Students For Liberty Pittsburgh Regional Conference at Duquesne University. As we get closer to the conference, I would like to share some more info with you, as well as reiterate the info in the last email.

When: The conference will start at 9 AM on Saturday, with registration being open from 9 AM - 9:45 AM. You are encouraged to arrive at 9 so that we can begin promptly at 9:45 with opening remarks and our first speaker. During this 45 minute window, we will be serving a breakfast, along with coffee which will be set up for use throughout the day. You can also meet with a number partner organizations during this time.

Where: We will be in Mellon Hall at 1001 Bluff St at Duquesne University. I've attached a photograph of the building to make recognition easier. We will be spending the entire day in this building, and it is also where our meals will be served. You can find a Google map of Duquesne University as well as directions via Google Maps, here.

Parking: Parking will be available in the Locust and Forbes garages on campus at $6.00 for the day. Simply tell the attendant that you are there for the Students For Liberty Conference.

I've attached a map of the Duquesne University campus with both the garages and Mellon Hall labeled. 

Meals: Breakfast will be available during registration. Lunch will be served at 1 PM, and dinner will be served at 5:45 PM.

Social: After the conference ends, we will be hosting a social at TGI Fridays (1027 Fifth Avenue). All are encouraged to attend. It is within walking distance of the conference location.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email or call me.

And remember, it's not too late to bring a friend or two! Register them here!

Sincerely & For Liberty,

Zachary Slayback

North American Executive Board

Mark Rauterkus    
PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim and Water Polo Camp Head Coach
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team
412 298 3432 = cell

Re: Mark, unlimited safe water webinar tonight at 7pm...

On Nov 7, 2013 4:26 PM, "Gary Franchi" <> wrote:

Hey Mark,    Tonight(Thurs.) at 7pm Ron Mathis is presenting a free webinar on  how to properly purify water in the event of a water crisis or  collapse!    In this exclusive presentation, you'll learn about:  -Waterborne Diseases & Illnesses  -Supplemental On/Off Grid Water Resources  -Why Water is Important & How to Protect Your Family  -How to Build Your Survival Water Plan    Without clean drinkable water, you will die in as little as 3 days!    Ron has over 20 years experience in the water industry and has  traveled to over 70 countries helping people make clean ans SAFE  water.    This is such an important presentation that you can't afford to  miss it. The webinar starts at 7pm your local time tonight!    Be sure to bookmark this link and set a reminder. I'll try to make  the replay available to you tomorrow(Fri.) after the event, just in  case you can't make it tonight.    See ya at 7pm!  Gary    P.S. This webinar presentation will only be available until this  Saturday at midnight, so be sure not to miss it...               

Fwd: November 13 - EPLC "Focus on Education" on Special Education

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Ron Cowell" <>
Date: Nov 7, 2013 10:19 AM
Subject: November 13 - EPLC "Focus on Education" on Special Education
To: <>

EPLC Masthead
Special Education: Student Rights and Services - 
EPLC "Focus on Education" TV Program on PCN


Next Wednesday, November 13, tune in to the next episode of EPLC's "Focus on Education" series, which will discuss Special Education: Student Rights and Services and air at 9:00 p.m. on PCN televisionThe panel will include:  

  • Ron Cowell, President, The Education Policy and Leadership Center;   
  • Maureen Cronin, Executive Director, The Arc of Pennsylvania;
  • Kay Lipsitz, Director, Parent Education Network; and
  • Linda O. Rhen, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Special Education, Behavioral Sciences, and Education at Penn State Harrisburg and Former Director of Special Education, Pennsylvania Department of Education 

EPLC and Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) have partnered for a monthly program focusing on education issues in Pennsylvania. 
Past episodes have covered school safety issues, student testing, the work of school boards, how public education is funded in Pennsylvania, school dropout crisis, parents as education advocates, and arts education.
The episode next Wednesday, November 13 will be broadcast on PCN at 9:00 p.m., and "Focus on Education".  Tapings of previous episodes are available on the PCN web site.


To learn more, visit PCN's "Focus on Education" web page.


This email was sent to by |  
The Education Policy and Leadership Center | 800 N. 3rd St. | Suite 408 | Harrisburg | PA | 17102

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Red Cross Lifeguard Certificate / Certification for Mark Rauterkus

Thank you for attending the American Red Cross Lifeguarding course on 10/27/13.

Please click on the link below to verify your information and access your digital certificate.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

This is why we need more than 2 candidates in our local elections

I'm going to repost a blog comment from Bram's blog. Bram didn't pen the original posting nor this remark.

The insights come from an independent candidate in the race, James Wudarczyk. He lances some of the high flying claims from the D endorsed candidate, Deb Gross.

People have got to read this latest press release from James Wudarczyk about Deb Gross. Love or hate the guy, you have to admit he sure does his homework.

Can the City of Pittsburgh afford Deb Gross? After an extensive review of her failed projects by James Wudarczyk, he strongly believes the answer is NO!

At the Highland Park Community Council forum on October 17, 2013, Wudarczyk revealed startling evidence about the projects that Ms. Gross considers her major accomplishments. In response to his allegations, Ms. Gross repeatedly stuttered in frustration and finger pointed at Mr. Wudarczyk while stammering that he did not understand that there had been a “hiccup” in the budget.

In Wudarczyk’s opinion, projects that succeed in only bleeding the taxpayers of money hardly constitute resourceful leadership. Furthermore, Wudarczyk feels taxpayers money has been thrown into the Allegheny River by projects that Gross believes are misunderstood “hiccups.”

Let’s take a look at these projects.

First, the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance is touted by the Democratic nominee and former executive director, Deb Gross, as a wonderful program and a great achievement. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) records for the ruling year of 2001 showed total revenues of $80,532, while total expenses for the same period were $119,904 (1). The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance merged with another arts group because of financial difficulties. In spite of this evidence, the former executive director never mentions that the project was a financial failure.

Second, the Democratic nominee claims that she knows how to creatively match resources with need. Repeatedly, voters have been told by this candidate that she turned $2 million into $6 million dollars when fundraising for the Community Loan Fund of Southwestern Pennsylvania. When Mr. Wudarczyk initially heard this, he wondered if this candidate held spaghetti dinners, went door-to-door, or had donut sales. An article appearing in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, December 6, 2001, stated that this candidate was an employee at the time of this “fundraising” (2). What the candidate failed to mention was that the money was actually “raised” by the issuing of bonds that paid between 3 and 4.5% (3). It should also be noted that the Community Loan Fund also received $352,186 in direct public support and $370,900 in government grants for a total of $723,086 (4). This is not an example of creative fundraising. This is an example of borrowing money and covering operational expenses via grants from the taxpayers.

The candidate also boasts of a public transportation initiative called the Ultraviolet Loop that ran from 2001 – 2004 (5). Missing from the boast is the fact that this project was funded by a grant. Once the grant expired, so did the program. How can one talk about sustainability if programs are run strictly on grants from the state or federal taxpayers?

Lastly, another of her business claims were related to a company called Percolater. Ask anyone on the street if they ever heard of this company, and they will think you are talking about some kind of coffee pot.

It is apparent here that the voters are paying for programs that they neither need nor wanted. Mr. Wudarczyk believes that it time that we stop funding these types of projects and focus on re-allocating funds to fixing our decaying infrastructure and pothole-ridden streets. Can we afford a progressive Democrat who believes borrowing money is raising funds and a $40,000 loss is a “hiccup” in the budget? Mr. Wudarczyk believes the answer is no and voters have a right to know what the IRS records have to say in regard to these matters.

I remember the Ultra Violet Loop. It was a funky bus thing that cost money and could have been twisted a bit to make it sustainable, perhaps. But, they were not so interested in making changes. I blogged about what I would have done with it back in the day. Made some calls. Oh well. It wasn't anything to hang a hat upon.

But most of all, it is great that there are a few different people in the race. Good research from James too. I imagine it is too close to election day to find a reply. But, the comment box works here too.

Dave Powell, Libertarian, got the endorsement from the Trib in his race for Pittsburgh City Council

Way to go Dave Powell.

Nice to see the Trib jump into the fray and offer endorsements to the challenger candidates.

Dave is a long time political friend of mine. He is well reasoned and principled. He'd offer plenty of different ideas in the discussions.

The nation, at the time of spy issues, NSA troubles, wiki leaks, Homeland Security creep, and more police state actions at every turn, putting a Libertarian on city council would be fantastic.

Samuel Hurst, Republican, also a candidate for city council, has been working his tail off too by going to meetings and staying active on social media. He is worthy of all the protest votes he can muster as well.

Thanks gentlemen for all you have done and are doing for the political landscape of Pittsburgh. My tip: Don't burn out. Keep plugging.