Thursday, September 27, 2018

412-Blast Email: Great time for a community cleansing. Schedule enclosed for your consideration.

Some are saying that today is "historic" in regard to the Supreme Court nomination drama unfolding in Washington D.C.

I think it is time to take a deep breath, jump in a swim pool, practice and model "playing well with others," and of course, wrap up by taking a good scrub, shower and cleansing. Let's prepare to live a another day.

I'm on a mission to promote "playing well with others," and can you your help, as soon as tonight and tomorrow and throughout the days to come.


The focus of my swim coaching for the past decade has been in the city of Pittsburgh, Now, it is growing to a much wider reach. I'm still at some city school pools, but we're offering aquatic experiences at South Park, Mt. Lebanon, Chartiers Valley and Moon.


Tonight, Thursday, the adult water polo players,, are going to help out with a game night with the new squad of scholastic players we call Pittsburgh Combined, at South Park High School.


Tomorrow, Friday, from 7:15 to 9 pm, kids and adults (mentors, guardians, parents, coaches) are invited to our first SKWIM and water polo practice at the new, indoor, high school swim pool at Mt. Lebanon. Rookies welcome. Fun aquatic game play with a disk. Learn and perfect appropriate counter-attacks, offense and defense.

MeetUp page:

Gratis try-outs too.


Then on Tuesday, from 7:30 to 9 pm we go to another venue for the first time, Chariters Valley's high school pools. There we've got two pools and can play water polo in the deep tank and younger kids can work on teamwork, sportsmanship, fitness and swimming with the SKWIM disk and mentor leaders in the other pool.

MeetUp page:


Sign up. SKWIM up. Scrub up and by all means -- live another day in healthy ways in our robust communities.


Thanks for the consideration. Hope to see you, squeaky clean, out and about in the community soon.

Call if you have any questions or want to be removed from this list. Feel free to pass along the invite to others as well.


Mark Rauterkus

Executive Director of SKWIM USA, a 501(c)(3)

The Pittsburgh Project - swim coach and head lifeguard

Middle School Swim Coach at The Ellis School

Former Varsity Boys Swim Coach, Pittsburgh Obama Academy

Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team,

412 298 3432 = cell

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fwd: New York Times as Judge and Jury

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From: John H

This attachment contains two articles from Consortium News of genuine interest.  Both pieces deal with the same subject.  The New York Times as the putative 'paper of record' in the United States adopting as fact Democratic Party establishment memes about supposed conspiracies by Russia and others to interfere with U.S. elections in the absence of any convincing evidence to support them beyond indictments of people who will never be charged and tried and therefore no evidence will have to ever be provided.  These so-called facts are based solely on assertions made by establishment leaders and the Times would like to convince the American public such assertions by themselves establish facts.  This is propaganda at its worst.  The second article, The Battle for Our Minds, goes even further with the Times story as a jumping off point to other Russian-based stories which are also offered as facts without evidence.  It is a major problem when the 'paper of record' as well as other establishment media outlets become little more than a propaganda organ for U.S. corporate, military, intelligence and political interests.  It is particularly distressing to see that private corporate social networking organizations are now taking it upon themselves to censor information they deem unsuitable by using secret algorithms.  For instance, this month's Harper's Magazine reported that in July Facebook censored 5 paragraphs from The Declaration of Independence as hate speech!  Small [d] democratic institutions require a free and unfettered press and media to survive and ours no longer meets that test.  This should be a major are of concern for all American citizens.


As an aside, I would like to survey those of you who receive these e-mails as to whether you would like me to continue sending them to you at the same rate or would prefer that I send them with less frequency; or, for some of you, not at all.  I understand that these days many folks are inundated with material of all kinds and that there is only so much time in the day to pour through what is of offer.  Please let me know what you would prefer.  Thanks.




Article, The New York Times as Judge and Jury - a PDF

For the record -- Obama varsity records

Girls 200 free relay, 2013
Nicole, 27.20
Hannah, 28.15
Wendy, 28.24
Sarah, 25.80
Total = 1:49.39

Boys 200 free relay, 2013

Tommy, 23.77
Yoka, 22.94
Ben, 23.10
Erik, 22.83
Total = 1:32.64 = 8th in WPIAL

Boys 400 free relay

Tommy, 52.66
Yoka, 50.12
Ben, 52.89
Erik, 50.40
Total = 3:26.07 = 8th place in WPIAL

Obama swim times will never be the same.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Fwd: Don't worry, they said, we're just going to shun and ruin you

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From: Tom Woods

Now this is a story -- yet you'll scarcely hear it anywhere else.

NYU's Michael Rectenwald spent his life as a leftist -- a self-described Marxist, in fact.

But when on Twitter he began to turn against some of the recent excess, particularly on college campuses, the response was swift and merciless.

He says he is completely isolated on campus now. Out of one hundred colleagues, perhaps two will say hello to him. People will not even get in the elevator with him.

Meanwhile, they've exiled him to the Russian department -- where, he tells me, the folks have also been told he's a bad person who is not to be spoken to.

Now -- nothing in his experience necessarily implies he would therefore abandon leftism. After all, even under the Soviet Union, there were plenty of cases of communists condemned to death by the Party who continued to believe. "The Party is always right," they said.

Rectenwald has rather a more interesting, and unique, story to tell.

Wait until you hear the answer when I ask what he's reading these days.

People are saying it's one of their favorite episodes ever.

Stories like this happen very, very infrequently. Start your week off right by listening -- you'll thank me:

And while you're on that page, join tens of thousands of good folks by clicking one of the subscribe buttons (costs you nothing, of course). I promise I'll deliver you high-quality stuff every day that will both keep you entertainer and make you smarter.

Hard to turn down a deal like that.

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Tom Woods

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Mark Rauterkus
Swimming and Water Polo Coach, Schenley High School, Pittsburgh, PA
412 298 3432 = cell

Fwd: Days Remain: Support the Citizens' Police Review Board Today!

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From: Carol Ballance, PIIN
Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network
Moving People of Faith Into Action

Dear Mark, 

Allegheny County Council's final public hearing to discuss the creation of a countywide civilian police review board is this Wednesday, September 26, and days remain to make your voice heard. 

For far too long, people of color have lived in fear of police officers due to negative, and often violent, interactions with law enforcement. People of color have been persistently subjected to racial profiling, unprovoked physical assault, police brutality, and fatal officer-involved shootings. 

If we are to make continued progress in the area of police-community relations, bold action is necessary. A countywide civilian police review board is a step in the right direction and one that promotes police accountability and transparency. As a people of faith, we must make our voices heard and support this important measure. Join us in taking the following action steps this week: 

1. Attend County Council's final public hearing at 5:30pm on Wednesday, September 26

2. Contact Council Chief of Staff, Ken Varhola, to voice your support by calling 412-350-6490 or emailing

To learn more about PIIN's position on this critical issue, please click here to read our full statement. 


Carol Ballance
Chair, Public Safety Task Force

Connect with Us

Facebook Twitter

Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN)

412-621-9230 |


Mark Rauterkus
Swimming and Water Polo Coach, Schenley High School, Pittsburgh, PA
412 298 3432 = cell

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fwd: Update on Gary's run for senate

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From: Elect Liberty PAC

Help us send Gov. Gary Johnson to Washington

Gary Johnson can Win!
Imagine what the US Senate would be like with Gary Johnson in it. America needs Gary. With only a few weeks left in the race Gary Johnson is ready to capture victory. We just need your help.
Gary Johnson's support is gaining momentum every day. The latest polling has Gary in a strong second place and within striking distance of the incumbent Democrat Martin Heinrich. With a very high name ID, our targeted advertising will ensure that Gary gets the win.  
Our team has been working hard building a ground game organization. In the last few weeks the Elect Liberty PAC has put up over 10,000 yard signs. 


We are ready to go onto television. We have TV ads ready to launch. 

Watch the latest videos...

We just need your help and donation. Please take a moment and donate to the Elect Liberty PAC and help send Gary Johnson to Washington.  

Your donation will be the difference. You Know Gary Johnson, so let's send him to Washington!
Thank you for your support!

Elect Liberty PAC

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Mark Rauterkus
Swimming and Water Polo Coach, Schenley High School, Pittsburgh, PA
412 298 3432 = cell

Monday, September 17, 2018

Fwd: Checkout the Diversity in Aquatics Newsletter- September 2018

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DIA Newsletter September 2018 Issue
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Greetings Aquatic and Community Leaders!   

We invite you to join us this year at our 2019 Diversity in Aquatics Convention, April 12-14, 2019 held at the beautiful Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel.  The Diversity In Aquatics Convention (DIA) is our annual flagship program aimed to bring together one of the most extensive collection of diverse and passionate aquatic experts, professionals, athletes, and enthusiasts in the nation/world. The focus of Diversity In Aquatics is on empowering communities through education and involvement in aquatic physical activities, water safety awareness and drowning prevention efforts in traditionally underrepresented communities and vulnerable populations.  The 2019 Diversity In Aquatics Convention in Miami, Florida provides the opportunity for participants to serve as a think tank on progress in addressing "Drowning" as a "Neglected Public Health Threat" as outlined in the World Health Organization's (2018) Global Report on Drowning. 
This year marks the 11th year of the establishment of Diversity In Aquatics and our 7th Convention where we will continue to build and grow our mission of saving lives. The 2019 DIA Convention theme, "Unite In Action", reflects the challenges in addressing the burden of drowning in traditionally underrepresented communities while developing solutions and action plans to make a difference, focusing on the following areas:

Increasing Knowledge and Awareness  
○ History of aquatics in underrepresented communities
○ Research symposium and presentations on best practices and culturally relevant education

Broadening Prevention Education and Aquatic Programming
○ Expanding water safety education and drowning prevention
Sport specific focused efforts of the Aquatic Councils  

Creating Partnerships and Community Collaborations
○ A national leadership summit with the American Red Cross
○ Think tank with a body of experts providing advice and ideas on aquatics  
We hope you will be a part of our growing number of aquatic ambassadors who are gaining insights into best practices that can increase diverse participation and decrease the drowning
statistics, while working with nationally recognized organizations and governing bodies of aquatic sports under the United States Olympic Committee.  
In addition to our member-centered workshops, research sessions, and implementation of cutting-edge aquatic programs and strategies, Diversity in Aquatics has partnered with the American Red Cross to create a National Diversity Leadership Summit. The summit will bring together diverse organizations as well aquatic professionals focused on working to create solutions towards both the organization's missions of increasing water safety education and safe participation in aquatic physical activities.  

Lastly, don't forget to bring your aquatic gear, as it is a tradition of ours, for attendees to get in the water and experience for themselves new aquatics skills and disciplines (scuba demo, open water swimming, deep water running, triathlon/multi-sport training, rowing, etc.).  

To register for the: Diversity In Aquatics Convention 2019 "Unite in Action" - Miami, FL.  


Click Here For Hotel Registration at a special $169.00/night 
See you in Miami, FL in 2019!
Diversity In Aquatics 
Featured Highlights
  • April 12-14, 2019 7th Diversity In Aquatics Convention
  • Upcoming Aquatic Events
  • The Coaching Corner & Training Tips
  • Water Safety Tips 
  • What's On Our Shelf!
Upcoming Events
  •  SWIM 1922- Hosted By: Iota Epsilon Sigma Alumnae Chapter Northern Virginia


The Coaching Corner

USA Swimming Regional Coach Clinics

USA Swimming
2018 Zone Select Camp Dates & Locations

Bill Requiring Prompt Abuse Reporting Passes

Training Tip
Rowing Training: Check out the Sports Fitness Advisor website. Sports Fitness is providing a guide that is even more detailed, updated and comprehensive - it is a multi-page guide on rowing training that is packed with practical tips and advice. Check out their site today! 


Help Diversity In Aquatics Programs every time you shop on

You will not be charged extra for your purchases.

Water Safety Tips
  1. Adult Supervision – Never turn your back on your child around water. It takes just seconds for him/her to be in serious trouble. Assign a Water Watcher so there are never questions about which adult is responsible for watching the child and be aware of the distractions unique to the winter months: holiday parties, house guests, etc.
  2. Educate Others – When traveling to relatives' and friends' homes they may not understand the importance of keeping gates closed, doors locked, closing toilet seats, emptying buckets, etc. Visiting family, holiday parties and celebrations can lead to breakdowns in routine supervision and effective barriers to the water. If a child is missing, look for him or her in the pool or spa first.
  3. Decoration Hazards – Decorations and lights can pose problems with young children around the house and water. Watch for lights and electrical cords around water, make sure no outside decorations provide a means for a child to climb over a fence or open a locked gate.
  4. Maintain Pools in the Winter
    – Keep pools well maintained with clear water even if it is too cold to swim. If someone falls in, they can be   seen and be helped faster.
    – Pool covers need to be drained of accumulated rain water and free of debris.
    – Ensure any pool and spa you use has compliant drain covers, and ask your pool service provider if you       do not know.
  5. Hot Tubs – Install and use a lockable safety cover on your spa. Supervision must be one adult per child due to the high temperatures and turbulence of the water in a hot tub. When young children are in the hot tub, keep the temperature below 90 degrees Fahrenheit and limit exposure to less than ten minutes.
  6. Fencing – Install a four-foot or taller fence around the pool and spa use self-closing and self-latching gates; ask your neighbors to do the same at their pools.
  7. Survival Swimming Lessons – The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states, "lessons may actually reduce the risk in drowning for children ages 1-4 years old." Infant Swimming Resource goes beyond traditional swimming instruction, by teaching children aquatic survival skills designed to help them survive should they reach the water alone.
What's On Our Shelf
International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education
Special Issue, Diversity In Aquatics

The International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education (IJARE) is dedicated to dancing the knowledge and practices of human aquatics professionals  worldwide.

We encourage you to read the articles published in this recent Special Issue of IJARE, which addresses "Diversity In Aquatics." This Issue features scholarly articles authored by Dr. Angela K. Beale-Tawfeeq, Dr. Steven, N, Waller, Dr. Knolan Rawlins, Ms. Tiffany Quash, and many more! This is valuable information that expand your knowledge about the current issues regarding diversity and its place in the world of aquatics.
(Information above provided by Published
by: The International Journal of Aquatics Research and Education in 2017)
If you would like to have your event, organization, or have any other article additions featured in the
next issue, please send the details to 

Dr. Asherah Allen

Mark Rauterkus
Swimming and Water Polo Coach, Schenley High School, Pittsburgh, PA
412 298 3432 = cell