Monday, February 27, 2012

Fwd: Jury Tampering Trial Discontinued

Great news.


Professor Julian Heicklen, former defendant in USA v. Heicklen, previously under misdemeanor indictment in the Southern District of New York is pleased to apprise the public that Preet Bharara, US Attorney, appears to have in fact abandoned active pursuit of the prosecution, perhaps since discretion may be the better part of valor, and sub silentio, it seems that the US have conceded the first article of amendment to the US Constitution includes the unfettered right to discuss among and with our fellow Americans the meaning of the terms of art in the Constitution such as a criminal trial, a jury, an impartial trial, the jury de medietate linguae, and other important civil rights, without fear of being accused of attempting juror tampering because one attempts to engage their fellow Americans in a thoughtful and impassioned academic discourse on these complex constitutional questions, without segregating and excluding potential jurors from those who may otherwise enjoy the benefit of such a rigorous public policy and legal debate.

As a catalyst for an inclusive, tolerant, liberal America, it is a pleasure to note this important civil rights victory, and express our entire global defense team's proud appreciation for the noble decision of the United States Attorney to in effect nolle prosecui the improvident indictment.

412 298 3432 = cell

Fwd: Invitation: EPLC Education Policy Forum - 3.8.12 - Pittsburgh

You Are Invited to Attend



"Western PA Breakfast Series"

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Continental Breakfast - 8:00 a.m.
Program - 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Holiday Inn Pittsburgh University Center - 100 Lytton Ave., Pittsburgh, PA



Governor Corbett's Proposed Education Budget for 2012-2013

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Governor Corbett delivered his 2012-2013 state budget proposal to the General Assembly on February 7. This policy forum is an early opportunity to get up-to-date information about what is in the proposed education budget, the budget's relative strengths and weaknesses, and key issues.

Ron Cowell of EPLC will provide an overview of the Governor's proposed budget for early education, K-12 and higher education. A representative of the PA Budget and Policy Center will provide an overview of the state's fiscal situation, a reality that shapes the state budget in any year. The overviews will be followed by remarks from a panel representing statewide and regional perspectives concerning state funding for education and education related items. These speakers will discuss the impact of the Governor's proposals and identify the key issues that will likely be considered during this year's budget debate. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While there is no registration fee, seating is limited and an RSVP is required.


 RSVP on-line at


I hope you will be able to join us.
In addition, please feel free to share this information with colleagues who may like to attend.


Thanks to our Sponsors!

The Education Finance Project of EPLC and the PA School Funding Campaign receive generous support from:


William Penn Foundation
Falk Foundation
Fulfilling the Dream Fund
EPLC's Pennsylvania Education Policy Forum also receives support from:
AFT Pennsylvania

 Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties

College of Education - The Pennsylvania State University

Center for Educational Leadership - University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

OnHand Schools

Pennsylvania Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals

Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units

Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools

Pennsylvania Association of Pupil Services Administrators

Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators
Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials

Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Pennsylvania School Boards Association

Pennsylvania State Education Association

The College Board

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Friday, February 24, 2012

ACA State of the Nation – February 24th, 2012

The 41st Season of ACA Racing is Upon Us

The 2012 ACA Board of Directors assembled on Monday, February 6th to kick off our 41st year of racing. I would like to express my gratitude for the service of outgoing board member Kevin Rutledge and welcome his replacement Stacie Truszkowski. All other ACA Board Members remain in effect from 2011. We are very lucky to have volunteers among us willing to commit their time and efforts necessary to maintain the charter of the Allegheny Cycling Association.

The ACA experienced its largest turnout of racers ever in 2011. From April to September, we held 91 races, tallying up 2,483 entrants representing 2,260 racers – 223 entrants were double-dippers.  Entrants were spread out among 772 A racers, 670 B racers, 602 C racers and 439 Women/Juniors. 82 of you bought season passes (also a new record), with 77 actually paying for them (shame to you rule-breaking scofflaws).  Race day payouts and season awards totaled $6,355. I'm also happy to report our email group list has grown to 410 members.

2011 was a great year racing bicycles in Western PA. It's now time to focus our attention on 2012. Without further ado, I'm happy to share the following highlights the ACA Board has approved for 2012:
  • Race dates are set and we're kicking off the 2012 series on Tuesday, April 10th. We'll go 22 weeks through Wednesday, September 5th for the A, B, C & W/Jr. series.  
  • J.R. Petsko and his ABRA crew are helping us run the Saturday series. The 10 race dates are 4/28, 5/12, 6/9, 6/30, 7/21, 7/28, 8/4, 8/11, 9/8 and 9/22.
  • 100 laps was so much fun last year we're bringing it back in 2012. Mark your calendar for August 18th for 50 miles of 'round and 'round fun.
  • Race officiating will be handled by Doug Riegner & John Cotter on Tuesdays and Amy Garbarak and Sharon Slovenec on Wednesdays. John Fite and Stacie Truszkowski will be assisting with registration. Please take a moment to thank this crew the next time you see them. Our races are organized, safe and fun because of this crew.
  • A women's clinic is being planned. Stay tuned for a date and more details to come.

Get Registered NOW!
You need a license to race your bike at the Bud Harris Cycling Track and you need an ACA membership to score points for series awards and prizes. USAC and ACA web sites are ready to register you for racing. Note that an ACA season pass pays for a few extra races, reserves your spot on race night, registers you as an ACA member and provides a ticket to the end-of-season awards banquet.

Money Talks
The ACA is a non-profit organization. Truth be told, we had a positive cash flow of $286 last year. How did we manage such a staggering windfall? After all of our race expenses, supply costs and awards are totaled, the ACA squeaks out a $.12 profit per $10 race entry. We run a tight ship and we intend to keep it that way for 2012. I'm happy to say there will be no change to racing costs for 2012. Race fees will remain at $10 per racer, with a discount of $5 for Juniors in the Junior race only. ACA Memberships and prize money are to remain consistent as well.

The Pennsylvania Cycling Association (PCA) has graciously awarded the ACA a $500 grant for the continued subsidy of Junior race entry fees. In 2012, Junior race entry discounts amounted to $1,260 in expenses. Our Treasurer, the fiduciary gifted John Fite, has provided a detailed breakout of how your $10 entry fee keeps us in the black. I challenge anyone to find this much value for anything that costs $10. Thank you John for the great detail.

Race Entry Fee
USAC User Fees
Juniors Discount
Season Pass Juniors Discount
Series End Cash Awards
Race Numbers
Race Day Cash Awards
Season Permits
City User Fees
2012 A Champ Season Pass
Misc. Supplies
Total Expenses per Race per Racer

Mad Profit

Marshals and Volunteers Must Sign Insurance Waivers
USA Cycling is serious about registering and insuring specific volunteers for events. The ACA will require that all Officials, volunteers and marshals MUST sign a USAC release waiver or you cannot assist with an event. This applies to any volunteer, including race marshals. We appreciate the time and effort of our volunteers but we must take this matter seriously. Forms will be provided to those wishing to volunteer. If you don't sign a form, you cannot help.

USAC Cycling Meeting – Saturday, March 17th, 9 a.m. ProBikes Spin Studio, Squirrel Hill, 3rd Floor
The ACA has scheduled a meeting open to all cycling aficionados and targeted toward training new USAC officials. It will be hosted by Andy and Marilyn Taus and Ellen Dorsey. The date and time are Saturday, March 17th, 9 a.m. at ProBikes Squirrel Hill in their Spin Studio on the 3rd floor. Plenty of parking is available. Coffee and snacks will be available in the morning and we'll do pizzas for lunch. Special thanks to Todd Schoeni and ProBikes for providing the venue.

The meeting is open to all cycling enthusiasts. Training new USAC officials to keep racing safe and organized in Western Pennsylvania is critical. Races don't happen without officials. This meeting has become an important annual event as it helps us all learn about new cycling rules, share ideas and makes racing safer, stronger and more fun. We need you to come out and contribute to the cause. Please respond a.s.a.p. to let us know if you can attend the seminar.

Medical Plan – Doctors, EMTs, Specialists and First Responders
USAC has mandated that all events must carry a detailed Medical Plan. We've been relatively fortunate over the years with only a handful of significant accidents at the Bud Harris Cycling Track. However, bicycle racing is an inherently dangerous sport and accidents do occur. The ACA will be instituting new medical guidelines for our series and reinforcing existing regulations to keep racing safe and organized.
·         The Medical Plan and relative announcements will be made at the beginning of each race. The Chief Official is in charge. Please pay attention to what the officials have to say as it may affect the outcome of a race if a crash occurs. Failure to follow their direction can result in race relegation or expulsion from the series.
  • In the event of an accident, riders will be instructed to keep moving forward and move away from the accident. On-track marshals or race officials will make a decision to slow or suspend the race.
  • The Chief Official is in charge of the race at all times. In the event of an accident, the Chief Official will request medical assistance if necessary. Please refrain from attempting to direct riders or provide direction on your own. Your impulse may be counter to what's deemed necessary by the Chief Official. If an accident occurs, please keep your head straight and continue forward progress to maintain your safety as well as others.
  • The ACA membership is chock full of doctors, EMTs, medical specialists and first responders. While we appreciate your potential assistance, please refrain from attempting to participate or take control if an accident occurs. The Chief Official understands the Medical Plan and will recruit you if necessary. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, it can disrupt the safety of the event. If you feel as though you can contribute, please alert the Chief Official prior to the start of the race. If needed, you'll be engaged.
Bud Harris Plaque Fund Raising Effort - $1,500 Fund Raising Goal
As most of you know, the "oval" was officially renamed the "Bud Harris Cycling Track" in memoriam of the late Bud Harris. There is a sign marking the naming to the right of the officials stand. The sign is a good marker but many people are unaware of exactly who Bud Harris was and aware of his efforts in urging the City to create such a great cycling venue.

The ACA Board has commissioned a plaque through Matthew Bronze Memorial Products to commemorate Bud Harris. We've worked with Bud's wife, Ann Harris, in designing a plaque to be placed on a stone base near the current wooden sign. The plan was initially announced at the 2011 awards banquet. We were pleasantly surprised to receive over $420 in donations that night toward our fund raising goal. It was inspiring to see racers handing over their cash awards and others reaching deeply into their pockets.

We've received more donations since the announcement but are still short of our goal of $1,500 goal to cover expenses. I am reaching out to the membership to please consider contributing to the Bud Harris Memorial Marker fund. Checks can be made out to "Allegheny Cycling Association" and mailed to Chris Popovic, 825 Maple Lane, Sewickley, PA 15143. No amount is too small to make this happen. I thank you in advance for your contributions.

Juniors Racing in A Race Requirements
The New Year brings with it new potential for greatness. We all want to improve upon our past performances and this comes much faster to some riders vs. others. Junior membership has surged in recent years and now many Junior racers have ascended to Cat 3 status. It is an impressive feat for any Junior rider to obtain a Cat 3 license. However, a Cat 3 license doesn't automatically come with comprehensive racing experience. In an effort to help our Junior riders gain valuable race experience and to prepare accordingly for the intensity of the A races, the ACA is implementing a policy for Junior Cat 3 riders to compete in the A race series. Junior racers wishing to compete in the Wednesday night A race must adhere to the following requirements.
  • Junior racers are classified as any rider under 19 years of age.
  • A Junior racer must place in a top five (5) finishing spot in at least five (5) B series races consisting of at least 25 racers or more.
  • Junior gears are in effect. No Junior will be permitted to race any ACA race without Junior gearing. For complete details on Junior gearing, please visit the USA Cycling web site.
  • Junior racers who have already raced in the As are exempt from this policy.
Thank you for your time and attention regarding these announcements. We welcome any and all feedback. Here's to a healthy and fun racing season.

Chris Popovic
2012 ACA President

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fw: Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Recognizes Election Victories

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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 07:30:43 -0600
To: <>
Subject: Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Recognizes Election Victories


Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Recognizes Election Victories
For Immediate Release
Harrisburg – 
The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce five victories on Election Day 2011 and salutes the campaign efforts of Libertarian Party candidates statewide. Erik Viker was re-elected to Selinsgrove Borough Council with the second-highest number of votes in a five-person race for three seats. Vance Mays was elected to the Valley Grove Area School Board and James Fryman was elected to the Franklin Area School Board.  Vernon Etzel was elected Treasurer of Oil City and the voters chose Patricia Fryman to serve as Township Auditor in Victory Township.  Venango County Commission candidate Michael Thomas earned over 12% of the votes running against two Democrats and two Republicans. Tim Russell, the current mayor of Emlenton, PA received over 40% of the vote in a race for Magisterial District Judge in Venango County, running against a cross-filed Republican Party member who won by only 13%. In the race for mayor of Wilkes-Barre, Libertarian candidate Betsy Summers earned over 10% of the vote. Also in Luzerne County, Libertarian candidates Brian Bergman, Tim Mullen and Michael Lacey appeared on the ballot for the Municipal County Council.  Manuel Gomez earned 11.45% of the vote for York City Council and also in York County School Board candidate David Moser earned over 9% of votes. 
The Libertarian Party is the largest and best alternative for people who want to promote citizen liberty and limited government in both Pennsylvania and the United States. More than 200,000 people across the country are registered Libertarians, and Libertarians serve in hundreds of elected offices. Please visit for more information. 
Contact: Erik Viker (Media Relations) at or
Lou Jasikoff (Chair) at 1-800-R-RIGHTS /
Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPa)
3915 Union Deposit Road #223
Harrisburg, PA 17109
# # #

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fw: Rick Santorum Defends Budget-Busting Statism

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From: "John Tate" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 19:30:23 -0800
To: Liberty Activist<>
Subject: Rick Santorum Defends Budget-Busting Statism

Dear Liberty Activist,

The debate in Mesa, Arizona just ended a few seconds ago.

Rick Santorum – the latest candidate to try and establish himself as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney – was hit hard.

But instead of backing down tonight, he had the audacity to defend his Big Government record, including:

>>>    Voting for Title X funding, which sends tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood;

>>>    Campaigning and endorsing Arlen Specter in a tough Republican Primary versus a true conservative – Pat Toomey;

>>>    Voting for bailouts and raising the debt ceiling five times.

He even said at one point having limited government is nothing more than a pipe dream and hinted that the problems with existing Big Government programs, are more Big Government programs!

These are hardly the marks of a conservative.

But the truth is, time is running out to expose Rick Santorum and PROVE that Ron Paul is the ONLY constitutional conservative in the race.

At this point in the game, our ability to take on and DEFEAT both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney depends on our ability to Get Out the Vote (GOTV).

But GOTV isn’t cheap – nor easy.

It requires massive phone banks, targeted mail, emails, and hard-hitting TV ads like our new ad, “Fake.”

That’s why I’m counting on you to make a generous donation to help make sure our campaign has the resources to let voters know where the other candidates stand on the issues – and run a full-scale GOTV effort.

Can Ron Paul count on you to help with these efforts?

The American people are tired of Republicans like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich supporting bailouts.  They’re tired of Republicans like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich supporting massive big spending schemes. 

But, as I told you, unless we have the resources to run a full-scale GOTV program, our efforts could come up short on Super Tuesday.

And I’m sure you agree we can’t let that happen.

So please, dig deep and make the most generous contribution you can afford to help Ron Paul get out the vote.

Super Tuesday is less than two weeks away.

Any amount you can give will help us turn out voters.

So please, make a generous contribution to help with GOTV efforts on Super Tuesday.

Together, you and I can Restore America NOW!

For Liberty,

John Tate
Campaign Manager

P.S  The debate in Mesa, Arizona just ended – and I’m backstage with Ron Paul after a stellar performance.

Dr. Paul requested I send you an email letting you know what was at stake this Super Tuesday and to ask for your help.

So can Ron Paul count on you to make a generous contribution to help get the truth about Rick Santorum out to the voters and to make sure we have the resources to run a full-scale GOTV program on Super Tuesday?

Paid for by Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fwd: Rick Santorum’s Budget-Busting Statism

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: John Tate
Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Subject: Rick Santorum's Budget-Busting Statism
To: Liberty Activist <>

Dear Liberty Activist,


That's exactly what President Obama and his one BILLION-dollar campaign war chest will turn our eventual Republican nominee into if you and I nominate a candidate who can't show voters a true contrast . . .

Don't be fooled.  We're not going to get that contrast if we choose Rick Santorum.

Today, our campaign is releasing a new television ad to make sure voters know the real story about Santorum's record.  Won't you take a moment to watch it?

Also, if you possibly can, I must ask you to please give $20 or $30 to help us run this ad in as many states as possible before Super Tuesday.

You see, I'm confident that once voters learn the truth about both Rick Santorum and Dr. Paul's records, they'll clearly see who the real fiscal conservative is and support our campaign.

But I need your help to spread the word.

Just a couple of years ago, the Republican Party was wandering in the wilderness.

Rick Santorum was a prime culprit.  And nominating him as our GOP nominee will only lead to CRUSHING defeat this November.


During his time in the Senate, Santorum voted to:

***     Give millions of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood;

***     Raise the debt ceiling five times;

***     DOUBLE the size of the Department of Education through the budget-busting and unconstitutional "No Child Left Behind" bill;

***     Start a brand new, unfunded entitlement, Medicare Part D, the largest expansion of entitlement spending since President Lyndon Johnson - creating $16 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities;

***     Stand with senators like Barbara Boxer and Frank Lautenberg to pass massive new federal gun control schemes and regulations;

***     Keep workers under Big Labor's thumb by voting against a National Right to Work law;

***     Send $25 million in taxpayer dollars to North Korea;

***     Pass Sarbanes-Oxley, which imposed dramatic new job-killing accounting regulations on businesses.

And these are only just SOME of the Big Government positions Santorum took in the Senate.

Sure, Rick Santorum has seen a bump in the polls recently.  But that's only because it's clear voters are rejecting Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich's counterfeit "conservatism."

They want a candidate who can be trusted to fight for fiscal responsibility, and Santorum has tried to mouth the right words on the campaign trail.

But like Romney and Gingrich, the proof is in the pudding.

And instead of apologizing for his record, Senator Santorum has the audacity to DEFEND virtually every one of his Big Government votes!

The truth is, he's learned absolutely NOTHING from his crushing defeat in his 2006 Pennsylvania reelection race.

Liberty Activist, Republicans aren't going to defeat President Obama this November by agreeing with him.

And don't think for a second that voters will allow themselves to be fooled by another Bush-era, big spending, Big Government establishment Republican this fall.

Voters want REAL change.  They want REAL fiscal conservatism.

Not Rick Santorum's budget-busting statism.

Voters want spending CUT - not INCREASED and shifted to different federal departments based on which party is in power.

We're $15 TRILLION in debt.

If our kids and grandkids are going to enjoy the liberties that should be their birthright as Americans, we MUST change course now.

Ron Paul stands apart.

He's never voted to raise taxes, bail out reckless companies, take away your gun rights, raise the debt ceiling, or send millions of dollars to causes that violate taxpayers' deeply held beliefs.

While Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney were all working to expand federal power and continue the wild spending spree, Ron Paul was warning about the coming economic crisis and fighting to rein in our out-of-control government.

Liberty Activist, all three of our opponents have the powerful establishment machine on their side.

We're depending on grassroots supporters like you to help us fight the distortions and give voters the truth.

If we want to defeat Barack Obama and get our nation back on track, you and I cannot afford to nominate one of the politicians who helped drive us to the edge in the first place.

Together, you and I can elect Ron Paul and Restore America Now!

For Liberty,

John Tate
Campaign Manager

P.S. Right now, Rick Santorum is rising in the polls because voters have been taken in by his election year rhetoric.

Our campaign is releasing a new television ad today to make sure the American people learn the truth about Santorum's Big Government, big spending record.

After you watch the ad here, please contribute $20 or $30 to help us run it far and wide - and also spread the message about Dr. Paul's consistent conservatism - before the critical Super Tuesday primaries.

Paid for by Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

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Fw: [Project-Censored-L] Cuba Sets a Global Example for the Achievements of Socialism

Project-Censored-L mailing list

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From: Peter Phillips <>
Sender: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 23:09:06 +0000
Subject: [Project-Censored-L] Cuba Sets a Global Example for the Achievements of Socialism

Cuba Sets a Global Example for the Achievements of Socialism

 By Peter Phillips

In an all day conference, February 10, 2012, some 120 authors, professors, and journalists, from dozens of Caribbean, American and African countries, met with Fidel Castro. Those attending were invited participants for the Intellectual Encounters for Peace and the Preservation of the Environment event at the Havana Convention Center. Topics discussed in the nine-hour session were world peace, environmentalism, neo-liberal capitalism, and the continuing importance of socialism.


Fidel Castro (age 85) urged those assembled to a moral duty to prevent the extinction of humankind and challenge the expanding predations of neo-liberal global capitalism. He expressed concern for the inevitable collapse of Wall Street and the international monetary system. Paper money is worthless without backing from gold or other assets, Castro asserted. Environmental destruction is classless in that eventually all will suffer—both the rich and the poor—if neo-liberal capitalism continues on its rampart global destruction, he professed.


Castro's main message was clear. Cuban socialism is an international example of a humanitarian economy in the world.  "We have over 80,000 doctors," he said, and "we are currently training 830 Pakistani medical students and many others from around the world."


Fidel Castro, reverently referred to as "Commandante" by many of those present, was flanked by the Cuban Minister of Culture, Abel Prieto, and the president of the Cuban Book Institute, Zuleika Romay.  The participants in the encounter were invited guests to the 2012 International Cuban Book Fair that ran from February 10 to 19 in Havana.


The nine-hour session went from 1:00 PM until after 10:00 PM, with only two short coffee breaks. Fidel gave extended responses during the event, commenting on the presentations, asking questions, and recalling the history of the Cuban revolution and Cuba's humanitarian efforts over the past fifty plus years.  Some 40 people presented briefings on their concerns.  The lies and propaganda of the corporate/capitalist media were important themes for the day. One participant remarked how the global corporate media seeks to create a monoculture of the mind inside the capitalist countries. 


As an invited author for the International Cuban Book Fair, I was honored to participate in the discussions held with the "Commandante." His energy is inspiring and his command of history and contemporary issues is phenomenal. Castro had serious health issues a few years back, but remains mentally alert. He walked with assistance from his bodyguards, but remained fully participatory in the nine-hour session.


Cuba is an international example of the potentialities of socialism, and an ongoing symbolic challenge to marketplace capitalism. In the United States there is a continuing propaganda drumbeat against the Cuban revolution. Castro is often described as a military dictator repressing his people and blocking freedoms in Cuba. But this description ignores some undisputed social advances under his leadership that could serve as an example of what a society can do when it turns its resources to humanitarian purposes.


Contemporary neo-liberal capitalism undercuts wages, unions and social welfare, which results in the expansion of poverty, hunger, and extreme inequality. Cuba is a demonstration that humanitarian socialism can work for the masses. Cuba is the number one organic farming country in the world. Cuba has full employment, zero starvation, and some of the best health care in the world.  Cuba's life expectancy is equal to the United States and education up through university is paid for by the state for all students.


As a media-reform advocate, participant and observer, I watched tens of thousands of young people arrive at the International Book Fair in the old Spanish fort overlooking downtown Havana. These are multi-generations of people who have never suffered media advertisements. Three University of Havana literature majors, with whom I spent a full day, laughed hysterically when I asked them if they wanted a McDonald's Happy Meal. They represent a people who accept the equality of socialism and collective growth of human betterment, and will strongly defend their way of life if necessary. As literature majors they have completed three years of Latin, and are starting classical Greek. They have had courses in historical and modern Latin American and European literature, and art. Their university education costs them nothing, and the government provides all textbooks and living expenses.


After the collapse of the USSR, Cuba lost most of it subsidies form the socialist block of nations. The early 1990s were a difficult transition. This was when Cuba opened it doors to those who wanted to leave. Some 30,000 people choose to move to the United States. Yet, ten million people choose to stay and build the independent socialist country that Cuba is today. Several other South American countries, notably Venezuela and Ecuador, have taken note of Cuba's successes and are moving in a similar direction seeking socialist equality.


Some in the US believe that when the senior Cuban leadership from the 1959 revolution passes away, US corporations and displaced Cubans abroad will waltz back into Havana to return capitalism to the island. It is very clear to me, and many contemporary observers, that multiple generations of socialist Cubans will never allow this to happen.



Peter Phillips is a Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and President of Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored. He co-edited with Mickey Huff Censored 2011, which was published in Spanish for the International Book Fair in Cuba. Mickey Huff is the director of Project Censored and editor of the recently published Censored 2012, which was presented to Fidel Castro February 10, 2012.



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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Westinghouse High School -- back to square 1

This video comes from the archives. It was created in August 2009.

Mr. Lopez, once with Pittsburgh Public Schools, had a vision for Westinghouse High School. The reform efforts zoomed ahead with single gender schools, with grades 6 to 12, all under the same roof. Plus, Westinghouse would also absorb some of the students from Peabody High, about to close.

Well, now, in 2012, Mr. Lopez works with the Homewood Childrens Village and not PPS. And, the new Superintendent, Dr. Linda Lane, is sorry that the year at Westinghouse, especially the fall, was so rocky. That's my description, rocky.

Let's remember where and what was said -- as a blast from the past.

Ron Paul, the movie

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fw: Cold Hard Fact

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From: "John Tate" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 18:33:05 -0800
To: Liberty Activist<>
Subject: Cold Hard Fact

February  Money Bomb

Dear Liberty Activist,

In 2008, roughly two out of every three votes cast by a young person went to Barack Obama.

Now, some studies show that a whopping 42 million young men and women aged 18-29 will be eligible to vote by Election Day 2012.

You don't have to know much about politics to understand that if the Republican Party has any hope of DEFEATING President Obama this November, the youth vote will be a part of any winning coalition.

So which Republican candidate excites America's younger voters and mobilizes them to take action?

You guessed it.  NO ONE but Ron Paul

That's just a cold hard fact.

That's why, if you haven't contributed to Ron Paul's critical Money Bomb going on right now, please do so right away!

With Super Tuesday rapidly approaching on March 6, your IMMEDIATE help is absolutely crucial.

Voters in a whopping 10 states are preparing to go to the polls on that day.

I'm counting on a massive influx of funds to pay for the mail, email, phone calls, and all the internet, radio, and TV ads it will take to WIN.

Click to donate

The great news is, we've already raised over $1.2 million this week.

But quite frankly, if Ron Paul is going to keep collecting delegates and keep up his march to WINNING the Republican nomination for President, every additional dollar you can give is absolutely key.

The great news is, something very dramatic is happening throughout the country.

If you haven't seen them firsthand, I'm sure you've at least heard about the INCREDIBLE crowds that come to Ron Paul's rallies on college campuses.

Like Dr. Paul, I can't help but get excited with the energy and the sheer numbers of young men and women who simply want to take their country back.

It makes me incredibly optimistic about the future

But the fact is, leading our country back to free markets, sound money, individual liberty, a pro-American foreign policy, and respect for constitutional principles cannot be put off for another day.

With over $15 TRILLION in debt, sky-high unemployment, and assaults on our liberties expanding seemingly every week, you and I cannot sit back and wait for victory to one day come to us.

Our future is now. 

Keep up the fight.  Make an impact.  Caucus.  Vote.  Run for delegate.  Make sure your friends and family do the same.

And if you haven't contributed to Ron Paul's critical Money Bomb going on right now, please do so right away.

For Liberty,

John Tate
Campaign Manager

P.S.  The youth vote will be key to defeating President Obama in 2012. 

And no candidate but Ron Paul excites young men and women like Ron Paul.

With Super Tuesday rapidly approaching, it's absolutely vital Ron Paul has the funds to keep up the hard-hitting ads and feverish campaigning.

If you haven't contributed to Ron Paul's critical Money Bomb going on right now, please do so right away.

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Zing: Santorum Stinks. We in Pennsylvania remember.

The only miss-statement was the point about how Rick Santorum used to be a fiscal conservative. I don't think he was ever anything but a big spending right winger. He proves that those on the right are happy to spend government money.

Memo to court: The shit has just hit the fan.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Julian P Heicklen <>
Date: Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 11:35 PM

Attached is a letter that I have sent to Judge Kimba Wood of the U. S. District Court, Southern District of New York.

Below is an E-mail being sent to Sabrina Shroff, the U. S. Federal Defender, who is acting as my stand-by counsel.

Hi Sabrina:

This case is now 15 months old, and absolutely nothing has been done.  We have not even received a Bill of Particulars.  No surprise.  Assistant U. S. Attorney Marmelstein does not have a single witness.  She lied to a grand jury.  She has no case.  She even admits that jury nullification is legal, but claims that jurors must not be so informed.  The inmates are running the asylum.

Time Magazine just ran a cover story on U. S. Attorney Preet Bharara, lauding him for his 57–0 victory string in the Southern District of NY.  Anyone with that score is either handling only softball cases, or is in criminal collusion with the court.  It is time that he be exposed for the fraud that he is.  I had written to both Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama asking for his removal from office.  They ignored my requests.  It is time that both he and his staff be exposed as the criminals that they are.

I have been denied a speedy trial.  I have been denied a jury trial.  The judge has a vested interest in the case and is in collusion with the prosecution.  I asked that she be recused, but she has refused.  She cannot be impartial. I had already sent her a letter informing her of my intense hatred of her, and that she and her colleagues have destroyed my country.

Their strategy is to drag this case on and on, in order to keep me under indictment, in the hope that it will deter me and others from exercising their First Amendment rights.

They will never bring this case to trial.  I have had enough.  From now on, I will make the rules or inform the court that the charges are dismissed and the case terminated.  One way or another, this case will be out of the control of the District Court in a few months.  It will either have been dismissed (by me if necessary) or be in appeal.

Enough already. The shit has hit the fan.

Yours in freedom and justice—Julian

- - - - - -

Re: U. S. v. Julian Heicklen 10 Cr. 1154

I have received your ORDER of February 2, 2012 indicating that discussion
of my motions will be on February 15, 2012. Also I received a copy of the request
by the U. S. Attorney of February 10, 2012 to delay the hearing until March 19 or
21, 2012. I refuse to accept the delay request from the U. S. Attorney.

She had the opportunity to respond to my Motions submitted on November
29, 2011, but chose not to do so, indicating no objections. She was prepared to
discuss the motions on January 9, 2012. The hearing was rescheduled for February
15, 2012, because of my absence on January 9, 2012, since there was nothing to
discuss. This gave the prosecution even more time.

Obviously the prosecution needs no further time to prepare for the hearing.
The only purpose is to drag this trial on to keep Defendant under indictment.
Amendment VI of the U. S. Constitution requires that:
"In all criminal
prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial,..." The
time for a speedy trial varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but is always no
more than 6 months, as far as I know. In California State courts it is 30 days.

I was indicted on November 10, 2010. It is now over 15 months since
indictment, so already I have been denied my right to a speedy trial as required by
Amendment VI of the U. S. Constitution. This is not a privilege, it is a right. No
place in the U. S. Constitution is there a requirement that I ask for a speedy trial. I

know that your understanding of the English language is defective.
means is that you have failed in your judicial duty.

Therefore, I make the following DEMANDS:

1. The hearing on the motions be held prior to February 25, 2012. I expect
these motions to be approved, since the prosecution has not presented any
argument to the contrary.
2. The names and addresses of people that I intend to interview, as stated in
the MOTIONS that I submitted on November 29, 2011, be provided to me
by March 1, 2012, so that the defense can issue subpoenas.
3. A list of dates in April, 2012 suitable for the interviews in the courthouse in
the presence of a court reporter and a person who can and will place the
interviewees under oath.
4. A new master jury list for preparing the jury pool be prepared by the Clerk
of Court prior to March 7, 2012. The current list of registered voters is not
valid for three reasons:
a. Voters are not representative of the all the people in the jurisdiction.
b. Specifically, felons are excluded from voting. This violates Statute 18
U.S.C. § 243, which requires that no person be disqualified for
previous servitude.
c. It also violates Statute 28 U. S. C. § 1861, "... all citizens shall have the
opportunity to be considered for service on grand and petit juries in
the district courts of the United States,..."
4. The master list should contain the names and addresses of all persons 18
years or older living in New York County. Such a list can be obtained from
the U. S. Postal Service.
5. A copy of the master jury list must be submitted to the litigants by March
15, 2012.

I will consider failure to meet any of these timelines as dismissal of the
charges and closure of the case.

Defendant certifies that copies of this letter have been sent by certified U. S.
mail to:

Pro Se Clerk, U. S. District Court, Southern District of New York, 500 Pearl Street,
New York, New York, 10007

Assistant U. S. Attorney, Rebecca Mermelstein, S. D. N. Y., U. S. Courthouse, 300
Quarropas Street, White Plains, NY 10601

U S. Federal Public Defender Sabrina Shroff, Federal Defenders of New York, Inc.,
Southern District, 52 Duane Street–10th Floor, New York, NY 10007

Copies also sent to Defendant's Legal Panel via E-mail

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fwd: Gary Johnson 2012: Live town hall Feb 13

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012
Subject: Gary Johnson 2012: Live town hall Feb 13

Hello all,
Gary Johnson will again be host a live town hall on February 13th. His co-host will be Jeffery Miron, Havard Professor and author of "Libertarianism A-Z." Gary credits him as his economic advisor. This would be a great opportunity to ask Gary of Mr. Miron questions. Here is a link to the event:

Hope to see you there,
Pennsylvania State Director Gary Johnson 2012
Steven Detweiler
Mt Top, PA 18707

412 298 3432 = cell

Not Mitt. Not Now. Let's go Maine!

We love Maine. Hope Maine says, "Not Mitt." Hope Maine rewards Ron Paul for his consistent stance for freedom and peace.

Just 10 years ago Mitt was saying some things that clash with what he is trying to sell today. Did Mitt think that these clips would get lost on a lone crashed hard drive? 

Fwd: Repeal of Section 1021 of NDAA

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Julian P Heicklen>

Hi Tyranny Fighters:

Indefinite detention without trial: Section 1021

The detention sections of the NDAA begin by "affirm[ing]" that the authority of the President under the AUMF, a joint resolution passed in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, includes the power to detain, via the Armed Forces, any person "who was part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners," and anyone who commits a "belligerent act" against the U.S. or its coalition allies in aid of such enemy forces, under the law of war, "without trial, until the end of the hostilities authorized by the [AUMF]." The text authorizes trial by military tribunal, or "transfer to the custody or control of the person's country of origin," or transfer to "any other foreign country, or any other foreign entity."[1
Ron Paul and 3 cosponsors have just introduced a bill in Congress to void section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act ( NDAA) for 2012.  The information is below.  Go to the following web page for details and to cast your vote to repeal section 1021.

To repeal section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Public Law 112-81) is hereby repealed.

Latest Title: To repeal section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. 
Sponsor: Rep Paul, Ron [TX-14] (introduced 1/18/2012)      Cosponsors (3) 
Related Bills: H.R.3676 
Latest Major Action: 1/18/2012 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in addition to the Committee on Armed Services, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned. 

412 298 3432 = cell

Thursday, February 09, 2012

School Funding Rally on Saturday

a Rally in 48 Hours

by YinzerThing
The Rally for Public Education is in two days: Saturday, February 11th, 11AM - 12PM in Schenley Plaza, Oakland. With people from over 20 schools throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania helping to organize this event, this "little" grassroots movement just keeps growing. We'll have marching bands and drum bands. Many local politicians have confirmed they are coming. And the media is already taking notice.
Here's what you can do to help in the next 48 hours to make this a truly Yinzer Nation event:
  • Plan to be there! This is probably the single most important thing you can do this week for public education. If the weather is cold, bundle up and enjoy one hour outside with your friends supporting our schools (really just one hour!). We are working on getting coffee and hot chocolate.
  • Tell your friends. Over 2,200 people have received invitations from friends on our Facebook page. Consider doing the same, or send a personal note with our Rally Flyer (the best!).
  • Bring signs. Have your kids make signs about what they love about their school, or what is getting cut. Tell Gov. Corbett to reverse these cuts. Use our slogan if you want: "Some cuts won't heal. Keep public education real."
  • Help make banners. Sign making party at Kathy Newman's house tonight, Thursday, at 7PM. ( for details).
  • Contact your media friends. If you have media contacts, or want to help follow up with our media list on the alert we sent out earlier this week, please contact Sara Goodkind (
  • Invite local legislators. We need a few people to help make the final phone calls to legislators inviting them to the Rally. If you can make a couple calls, please contact Kathy Newman (
  • Hang posters. We have copies of the flyer to hang around town. Email if you can help the poster team.
  • Get word to your school. Do your teachers know? Can you send a flyer home in backpack mail with students? Are there any d-lists you can use to remind parents and community members to come?
  • What else can you do? Can you help? Do you have ideas? See our google planning document or contact Jessie Ramey (

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Education in PA

EPLC Education Notebook
Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Summary of Governor Corbett's Proposed 2012-2013 Education Budget

The Education budget for 2012-2013 proposed by Governor Tom Corbett on February 7 would shift more K-12 school funding burden to local taxpayers and dramatically cut state funding for higher education.

The proposed K-12 budget would "block grant" or collapse four current line items for basic education subsidy funding ($5.35 billion), pupil transportation ($542.3 million), nonpublic and charter school public transportation ($77.7 million) and $541.56 million of School Employees' Social Security into a new Student Achievement Education Block Grant. This combined line block grant line item would provide an increase of only 3/10 of 1% over last year's figure, or $21.8 million. This modest increase apparently covers only increased social security obligations, and provides no real increase for the basic subsidy to districts. Most other line items under the Governor's PK-12 education budget were level funded or received a 5 percent reduction.

The Education budget for 2012-2013 proposed by Governor Tom Corbett on February 7 would shift more K-12 school funding burden to local taxpayers and dramatically cut state funding for higher education.

The proposed K-12 budget would "block grant" or collapse four current line items for basic education subsidy funding ($5.35 billion), pupil transportation ($542.3 million), nonpublic and charter school public transportation ($77.7 million) and $541.56 million of School Employees' Social Security into a new Student Achievement Education Block Grant. This combined line block grant line item would provide an increase of only 3/10 of 1% over last year's figure, or $21.8 million. This modest increase apparently covers only increased social security obligations, and provides no real increase for the basic subsidy to districts. Most other line items under the Governor's PK-12 education budget were level funded or received a 5 percent reduction.


The following education line items received a 5 percent reduction, as indicated by the dollar value.

  • Pre-K Counts ($4.139 million).
  • Head Start Supplemental Assistance ($1.864 million).
  • Adult and Family Literacy ($614 thousand).
  • Education of Migrant Laborers' Children ($45 thousand).
  • Services to Non-Public Schools ($4.319 million).
  • Textbooks, Materials and Equipment for Nonpublic Schools ($1.314 million).
  • Safe School Initiative ($106 thousand).
The following line items received a 10 percent reductionas indicated by the dollar value.

  • Teacher Professional Development ($718 thousand).
  • Community Education Councils ($120 thousand).
The following line items were level funded. Total funding is listed for each item.

  • Special Education would be flat-funded for the 4th consecutive year ($1.026 billion).
  • PA Charter Schools for the Deaf and Blind ($39.401 million)
  • Approved Private Schools ($98.098 million)
  • Authority Rentals and Sinking Fund Requirements ($296.198 million)
  • Payments in Lieu of Taxes ($194 thousand)
These education items were eliminated entirelyLast year's funding level indicated for each item.

  • Mobile Science Education Program ($650 thousand).
  • School Nutrition Incentive Program ($3.327 million).
  • Job Training Programs ($4.8 million).
These line items received increases, as indicated by the dollar value.

  • Career and Technical Education was increased by 1.5 percent ($1.089 million).
  •  PA Assessment was increased by 42.6 percent ($15.601 million).
  • Early Intervention received a 4.1 percent increase ($8.057 million).
  • School Food Services was increased by 2.4 percent ($734 thousand).
  • School Employees' Retirement was increased by 52.6 percent ($315.880 million).
  • Tuition for Orphans and Children Placed in Private Homes was increased by 3.5 percent ($1.955 million).

  • The Community Colleges line item was reduced by 3.8 percent, a loss of $8.801 million.
  • Regional Community College Services was eliminated ($700 thousand).
  • Three of the four State-Related Universities (The Pennsylvania State University, University of Pittsburgh, and Temple University) have been cut by 30 percent.
  • The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) has been reduced by 20 percent, a loss of $82.550 million.
  • The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency was reduced overall by 6.4 percent, a loss of $27.245 million. Grants to Students and Matching Payment for Student Aid were reduced by 5 percent, a combined loss of $19.705 million. Institutional Assistance Grants (IAGs) were reduced by 30 percent, a loss of $7.317 million.

  • Pennsylvania Council on the Artsadministrative budget and grants to arts organizations would be held level at $886,000 and $8,179,000, respectively.   
  • Funding to Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission would face a 5% reduction, decreasing from $17,525,000 to $16,649,000. 
  • Library funding (including the public library subsidy, services for the visually impaired and disabled, and the library access line item) would be reduced by 5%.  Total state dollars will decrease from $59,179,000 to $56,220,000. 
Click here for information from the Pennsylvania Office of the Budget about the proposed education budget.

Click here to view Pennsylvania Department of Education's 2012-2013 Budget Presentation documents and highlights.

Additional information and analysis about the budget will be posted on EPLC's website as it becomes available.

The EPLC Education Notebook (current and past editions) also is available by visiting the EPLC website at