Monday, December 09, 1991

Plum Hosts Central / Oakland Catholic in a swim meet on a Monday

Mark Rauterkus
Sports Support Syndicate, Inc.
108 South 12th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Head Swim Coach for Plum High School Boys & Girls Teams

December 9, 1991
Sports Department

Dear Friends in the Media,

Here are the results of a swim meet held at Plum High School pool on this date. This might make for good copy in an article as the team, before the meet, at the urging of their new, first year coach, voted to discipline themselves by swimming all the races in the meet as exhibition. The athletes competed in the water but did not score points, which is feasible in the swimming meet.

The team took this punishment upon themselves by a team vote moments before the meet began as they all did not show up for a weekend practice. The only points scored in the meet for the Plum H.S. team are a result of the diving.

This was not a sectional meet. Both teams have a record of 0-2, as both the boys and girls teams lost on Friday at Penn Hills in the season opener.

Mark Rauterkus, the team's new head coach said, "I'm proud of the swimmers for taking responsibility for their actions and putting a loss in the record books in a meet we easily should have won. However, I am a bit disappointed that the team is lacking in the determination and commitment to show up for scheduled practices, even if the practices are held on the weekend. However, I am sure that we will have a great season working together.î
Sincerely Yours,
Mark Rauterkus, President
Head Coach ,Plum High School Swimming The results are to follow:

Girls Meet
Plum High School = 13
Oakland Catholic High School = 137

Medley Relay
Plum 2:07.85 (E. VanTassel, Durray, E. VanTassel, B. Potchatko)
Oakland 2:08.54 (Duncan, Murello, Shepherd, Mansen)

200 Free
Plum 2:02.75 K. Painter *
Plum 2:04.88 OíNeil *
Oakland 2:13.11 Tassone

200 IM
Plum 2:15.8 K. VanTassel *
Plum 2:21.4 Beatty *
Oakland 2:25.81 Duncan

50 Free
Plum 28.59 Walsh
Oakland 29.35 Seethaler 
Oakland 30.20 Poland

Plum 131.4 S. McMullen
Plum 124.35 Farrel
Plum 116.44 Williams

100 Fly
Plum 1:03.89 OíNeil *
Plum 1:04.21 Painter *
Oakland 1:10.48 Pillan

100 Free
Plum 56.60 E. VanTassel *
Plum 58.30 Beatty
Oakland 1:10.05 Kuhn

500 Free
Oakland 6:00.33 Hollan
Oakland 6:23.84 More
Oakland 6:44.28 Tassone

200 Free Relay
Plum 1:50.73 (Painter, Beatty, Potchatko, Hook)
Plum 1:52.06 (K. VanTassel, Duray, Miller, E. VanTassel)
Oakland 1:59.08 (Seethaeer, Pillar, Fragvogel, Ascamo)
Plum 2:17.27 (Burkhart, Walsh, Woods, Weaver)

100 Back
Plum 1:03.47 K. VanTassel
Plum 1:14.46 N. Hook
Oakland 1:15.91 Poland

100 Breast
Oakland 1:15.81 Duncan
Plum 1:17.59 Cerchiaro
Oakland 1:21.23 Hanson

400 Free Relay
Plum 4:07.33 (OíNeil, Beatty, Painter, Potchatko)
Oakland 4:18.42 (Tassone, Freytag, Kunn, Mconolly)
Oakland 4:42.58 (Hollan, Pillar, More, Shepherd)

Boys Meet 
Plum High School = 6
Central Catholic = 131

Medley Relay
Plum 1:53.6 (Wozniak, Wallace, OíNeil, Rumbaugh)
Central 1:56.00 (Heantger, Mihole, Balsley, Fryrag)
Plum 2:06.68 (Hedeen, Miller, Halloren, Heintzinge)

200 Free
Plum 1:52.01 Rumbaugh*
Central 2:20.18 Kasper
Plum 2:23.38 Messina

200 IM
Plum 2:06.65 OíNeil*
Plum 2:26.25 Hedeen
Central 2:28.36 Henninge

50 Free
Central 24.12 Scamardi
Plum 26.41 Wozniak
Plum 26.95 Heintzinger

Plum A. Izzo

100 Fly
Plum 53.30 Rumbaugh*
Central 1:00.10 Balsley
Central 1:12.32 Grogan

100 Free
Plum 53.71 OíNeil
Plum 1:02.00 Heintzinger
Plum 1:06.26 Miller

500 Free
Plum 6:06.16 Wallace
Plum 6:35.01 Halloran
Central 6;48.86 Kasper

200 Free Relay
Plum 1:49.35 (Heintzinger, Messina, Halloran, Hedeen)
Central 1:52.00 (Tishworth, Biricocchi, Cassey, Erytas)
Central 1:58.26 (Brinzar, Grime, Viccaro, Resan)

100 Back
Plum 1:03.46 Wozniak
Plum 1:08.61 Hedeen
Central 1:15.65 Scollion

100 Breast
Plum 1:14.40 Wallace
Central 1:18.39 Mihok
Plum 1:18.70 Miller

400 Free Relay
Plum 3:48.44 (OíNeil, Wallace, Wozniak, Rumbaugh)
Central 4:18.19 (Henniger, Kasper, Frytag, Scamardi)
Central 4:29.63 (Marks, Carson, Viccaro, Reagan)

Monday, November 18, 1991

Too Busy with a high school swim season

Mark Rauterkus 108 South 12th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203 New Position: Head Swim Coach at Plum High School November 18, 1991 Athletic Director Memo regarding Meet Schedule for Swim Team Dear Bob Terlinski, Looking over the schedule for the swimming and diving team this year, I must say that we are far too busy. The maximum number of competitions for the team is 20, as stated by WPIAL and/or PIAA rules. Plum is going to swim in 21 meets if you count WPIALs and States as two different events. This exceeds the number of allowed meets. First, I want to confirm with you that we are not in a rule violation with this number of meets. If we are, I want to get one or some of the exhibition meets cancelled. A copy of our schedule is attached. Secondly, next season I am not in favor of scheduling any exhibition meets. How do these meets get put on the schedule? Third, in place of the exhibition meets and dual meets, I think Plum should host a couple of larger, championship meets that are more similar to the types of meets that the swimmers will face at the end of the season. - We should host an early season or Christmas season relay meet with 12 teams. - We should host a Freshman/Sophomore championship within our Section. - We should host a Varsity sectional meet within our section. Not only would these larger meet experiences be more valuable than the dual meets, but I could host these in a manner that could increase our revenue for the program. I would like to make improvements to the Plum Swimming program, and hosting better, larger and more competitive meets is the first step that should be taken. These meets will be a source for additional income for the program as well. We have a good facility, capable community assistance, a motivated team, new leadership, and an area in the WPIAL that is ripe for fresh ideas. If I can get a good start on next yearís schedule in the month of December, then we can guarantee its success. As you know, major changes to the competition schedule takes time to sell the ideas to others as well as organize internally. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks. Sincerely Yours, Mark Rauterkus New Position: Head Swim Coach at Plum High School November 18, 1991 Athletic Director Memo regarding Diving Dear Bob Terlinski, We are still without a diving coach. What is being done? May I suggest that we announce the opening in the Sunday Sports section of the Pittsburgh Press. Can we do anything to get the staff in the building considering the opening as a one-year assignment? I could ease some of their fears and help them. If any interested teacher wanted to meet with me, I could show them what type of assistance I could use. If a diving coach is not found in the next week or so, Iíd like to ask to be placed as Head Swim and Diving Coach as I am doing both jobs now. The diving is an extra set of responsibilities and will take me many extra hours each week. Finally, if possible, we might want to talk about getting some of the money for the diving coach, if one is not found, to be redirected to expert diving instruction for the students on a clinic basis at special times throughout the season. For example, our divers could travel to Pitt on their own and take some clinics. But, there will be fees involved. perhaps we could split the fees with the athletes 50/50. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely Yours, Mark Rauterkus

Wednesday, June 05, 1991

Pull Your Own Weight -- theme at the trade show for the book insustry

Date unsure. NYC at the Javits Convention Center. Went to a NY Yankees game with Brian Holding of HKP. Got snapshots of folks on the pull up bar I had made for the event. 

Tuesday, February 05, 1991

Efforts on the book, Cadre* Collection

 Sports Support Syndicate

Pittsburgh, PA 15203




February 5, 1991

Dear Coach,

Thank you. The Cadre* Collection is now fully printed and ready for sale and distribution. We believe it is an exciting and important edition; that is why we are excited about The Cadre* Collection! As you can see from the 3 enclosed copies, it is a great book. And your chapter has helped contribute to its success.

In addition to the 3 copies, which are yours to keep, we have enclosed a few other items pertaining to publicity. We are keeping it as absolutely painless as possible for you, and your assistance will be invaluable to the success of the book. Also enclosed are:

- 4 Press Releases

- an advisory letter for return to us

- a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE)

- internal correspondence

The Press Releases are intended for the local media of your choice. We recommend any four of the following: Local Newspaper, Local TV Station, Local Radio Station, College Newspaper, College Radio Station, Athletic Information Department and Hometown Newspaper. Should you require more Press Releases, we will be happy to forward more to you.

The Advisory Letter is for return to the Sports Support Syndicate. Once you have chosen the media, please note their addresses and phone numbers so that we may follow-up to ensure that the proper personnel are making use of the information. You may return the Advisory letter to us in the SASE.

Some individuals may wish to make use of the internal correspondence to advise any colleagues or staff of your participation in the publication of The Cadre* Collection. You may photocopy it directly onto your letterhead, if you so choose.

Once again, thank you very much for your contribution to this excellent edition. We're proud to have been a part ofThe Cadre* Collection, the USVBA and yourself.


Sports Support Syndicate

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Press Release

For immediate release




February 10, 1991

The United States Volleyball Association and the Sports Support Syndicate are proud to announce the anticipated release of The Cadre* Collection, an astounding collection of articles written by the elite of the

The Sports Support Syndicate has published a variety of titles by respected experts in the fields of, Swimming and Aquatics, Conditioning and Volleyball. More titles will be issued in 1991. The distribution side of the company handles a diverse number of titles and subjects.

For information or a catalog, please call 412- or1-800-.

Friday, January 11, 1991

Biz background with SSS

Sports Support Syndicate

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Press Release

For immediate release



FAX #:

January 11, 1991

Sports Support Syndicate imports home grown talent

The Sports Support Syndicate, an editing, publishing and distributing company for sports oriented books founded by Chairman and President Mark Rauterkus, recently named Chick Agnew to the positions of Vice-President and Secretary. Both Rauterkus and Agnew are natives, and alumni, of Penn Hills.

Rauterkus founded the Sports Support Syndicate in Evanston. IL in 1989, and moved to Pennsylvania in 1990, and is returning to the Pittsburgh area to establish its headquarters on the South Side. His background includes coaching and administering swim teams on both on a collegiate and club level, editorial work for Swimming World Magazine, computer sales, writing and professional photography.

"Although there is a tremendous amount of vanity publications in the overall industry, the Sports Support Syndicate was founded on the belief that there is always a market, and need, for intelligently handled products - specifically for sports. Thus our motto is "Intelligence Products & Progressive Publishing."

Agnew, a published writer in his own right, joins SSS as a career change from the hospitality industry, including a position as Front Office Manager for the opening of the Vista International Hotel in Pittsburgh in 1986. "I'm intrigued by the aspect of joining a growing company in its grass roots stage. I believe that my business background, combined with my writing interests, can help the Sports Support Syndicate in some very significant ways."

The Sports Support Syndicate has published a variety of titles by respected experts in the fields of, Swimming and Aquatics, Conditioning and Volleyball. More titles will be issued in 1991. The distribution side of the company handles a diverse number of titles and subjects.

For information or a catalog, please call 412- or 1-800-.