Thursday, March 31, 2016

This is the type of support some in PPS give to PPS Summer Dreamers

In spring 2016, I put in a pool permit to get ready for Summer Dreamers so that our summer staff can work with the existing kids at Obama at the pool -- and work with a renewal of swim skills with the kids I coached in past years as part of PPS Summer Dreamers. 

The permit was denied. The denial says, "NO SUMMER DREAMER STUFF."

I wanted to have ONE practice on Wednesdays from April to June. 

Go figure.

Futhermore, in future years this permit would be considered a blessing -- because there is an ANSWER. MOST of the time, interactions with PPS administrators have no replies. Silence. 

Steel City Codefest Jr.

Codefest Jr. - For youth who want to learn about Coding! 
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You're Invited!

Codefest Jr. is the youth portion of the Steel City Codefest, the City's annual civic hackathon.

It's a free one-day event that introduces youth grades K - 12 to coding and other STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) fields. It doesn't end at Codefest.

Parents, find more information about on-going Citywide STEAM programs for your kids at:

Kids are also welcome to stay for Final Presentations and Awards from 12:30 - 2 p.m. in the Library auditorium.

View the Codefest Jr. promotional video.
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PPS pool permit in March

Pool permit for Mondays for kayak.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Fwd: NBC to Televise USA Women's Olympic Qualification Game - Saturday 3/26

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Date: Mar 25, 2016 6:01 PM
Subject: NBC to Televise USA Women's Olympic Qualification Game - Saturday 3/26
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NBC Sports Network To Televise Team USA's Pivotal Quarterfinal Match
of Women's Olympic Qualification Tournament

The USA Water Polo Women's National Team – the world's top ranked women's water polo team – will attempt to qualify for the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympic Games this Saturday at 4:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN, as NBC Sports Group provides unprecedented coverage of the FINA Women's Water Polo Olympic Qualification Tournament.

This marks the first time that the USA Water Polo Women's Olympic qualification match will be televised nationally. NBC Sports Live Extra – NBC Sports Group's live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs – will live stream all four quarterfinal matches on Saturday, including Team USA's Olympic qualifier, beginning at 7 a.m. ET.

The four teams that advance from the quarterfinal round qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio this August. The quarterfinal matchups will be determined following group play this week.

Paul Burmeister (play-by-play) and U.S. Olympic silver medalist Julie Swail (analyst) will provide commentary for Team USA's Olympic qualification match on NBCSN.

The USA Water Polo Women's National Team are the defending Olympic gold medalists, following their first Olympic gold medal in London in 2012, and Team USA is the only nation to medal in every Olympic Games that has offered women's water polo (dating back to 2000). Team USA is ranked No. 1 in the world and has captured the "water polo grand slam," as it is the current Olympic, World, World Cup and World League champions.

Players returning from the 2012 Olympic gold medal team include captain Maggie Steffens, who was named FINA Women's Water Player of the Year in 2012 and 2014, as well as Kami Craig,Melissa Seidemann, and Courtney Mathewson.

Following is the telecast and streaming schedule for coverage of the FINA Women's Water Polo Olympic Qualification Tournament Quarterfinals on March 26th:




USA vs. France

NBC Sports Live Extra

7 am / 4 am

Greece vs. Russia

NBC Sports Live Extra

8:45 am / 5:45 am

Spain vs Netherlands

NBC Sports Live Extra

11 am / 8 am

Canada vs Italy

NBC Sports Live Extra

12:45 pm / 9:45 am

USA vs France*


4:30 pm / 1:30 pm

*same day delay


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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fwd: The government schools' biggest failure: it's not what you think

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March 22, 2016
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The Biggest Failure of Government Education
Everything about formal schooling these days teaches passivity. Even the endpoint is passive: get your piece of paper and then, upon graduation, wait by the telephone for someone to tell you you're needed.

What is this, 1957?

Yes, it's a tough economy -- if you're acting like it's 1957. But in the Internet age, earning possibilities are everywhere, and the startup funds necessary are minimal.

And yet, after having kids in their system for 13 years, the government's schools have done absolutely zero to alert students to these possibilities, or to any way of living their lives other than going into six-figure debt studying sociology for four years.

At no time have the students even heard this simple piece of advice: succeeding in the marketplace is all about finding something your fellow man needs, and providing it to him at a good price. Much less have they been coached in how to identify their niche.

Remember that the next time there's a local bond issue to increase the school budget. Ask: how many students graduated from your schools with their own businesses?

The very idea of creating your own opportunities, of spotting under-served niches or unexploited profit opportunities, is like a foreign language to most high school graduates.

And of course, that's not to mention the not particularly subtle bias that runs through traditional classroom instruction. You won't be hearing about Frederic Bastiat or Ludwig von Mises in the ideological prisons known more popularly as public schools.

I had a great discussion of all of this today with Zachary Slayback, author of The End of School: Reclaiming Education from the Classroom. Listen:

As you know, I've had a bit of a hand in trying to solve some of these problems. First, there's my adult enrichment program, with on-the-go courses teaching history and economics the way we should have learned it:

Although plenty of homeschoolers use Liberty Classroom, the program I'm involved with that's most geared to homeschoolers is the Ron Paul Curriculum, for which I created over 400 videos on history and government.

Your students won't just get accurate information -- though that of course is a big selling point. They'll also learn practical skills they can put to use in making a living. In particular, the Ron Paul Curriculum's business courses explain how to start a home business -- not a topic a student is likely to encounter at the local high school.

Plus, join through my link, and you get Liberty Classroom (plus other bonuses) for free:

If all goes well, Ron Paul's bodyguard will be tomorrow's guest -- and man, does he have stories.
Tom Woods
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Fwd: Trump voters

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From: John Hemington

Below is a link to an interesting article from the Allentown Morning Call describing the fact that many Democratic voters, particularly white working class voters, are switching parties in order to vote for Donald Trump.  This seems to come as a surprise to many, but it shouldn't be at all unexpected given the way working class Americans have been both ignored and screwed by the elitist leaders of both major political parties since 1980.  The reality is that these so-called leaders have come to represent only one class of voters – or, more accurately, donors – corporate rulers and the billionaire class.  Working class voters, particularly working class white voters, had come to expect and depend upon the ever rising standard of living which persisted from the end of World War Two until about 1980.  But that expectation began to dissolve with the advent of Ronald Reagan's presidency in 1980 and continued to dissipate during the Bush I years.  However, it was during the presidency of Bill Clinton that the floodgates finally opened with the Clinton promulgated "New Democrats" or Washington Consensus version of the Democratic Party.  This amounted to a deliberate sell-out of middle and working class Americans dreams and aspirations to the monied corporate and financial elites. 

It also marked a total reversal of prior Democratic support for poor and minority populations in deference to myth-based ideas that the nation could no longer support or justify social programs because of their cost.  It also marked the advent of "trade agreements" which were supposedly going to make American products more competitive, but instead made foreign lands more profitable as locations for corporate manufacturing   At the same time the political mantra of both parties was cuts to taxes for the rich and social programs for the poor.  During this period working class whites were told that their jobs were being eliminated because of unstoppable foreign competition and the unstoppable flow of immigrants from Mexico and Latin America; that undeserving Blacks and Latinos were gobbling up all of the money available to satisfy their desire to lay around and collect welfare payments for doing nothing.  It was more of the old tactic of dividing those at the bottom and turning them against one another by claiming that one group was the cause of the problems of the other when both were victims of a system designed to keep them subservient to the rich and powerful.

The election of Barak Obama based on a campaign of "hope and change" with promises that he would change the basic tenor and operation of the system that had become so oppressive to the middleclass, working classes and the poor proved to be an illusion based on lies and distortions.  Not only did Obama continue and expand upon the unconstitutional policies of the Bush II administration including more wars everywhere, he effectively completed the process of selling out the country to the financial elite which had begun during the Clinton administration – there could no longer be any hope for any real change in the political landscape. 

So now here we are confronted with a new election cycle once again dominated by corporate and financial interest money with Hillary Clinton once again carrying the banner of the "New Democrats" for the financial elite – a woman who never met a war, an Israeli leader, or trade agreement she didn't love – competing with a billionaire real estate mogul who appeals to those working class voters who have been shafted again and again by a system gone berserk in the name of money power.  Can there be any wonder that the Donald generates such a visceral level of support when he strikes out against the entrenched elitist political class?  The surprise to me would be if those he didn't attack, the white working class people of this country, didn't flock to his side and support his candidacy no matter how irrational he might appear to many of us.

Yes, Donald Trump may well be an incipient Fascist.  He certainly has the narcissistic need for adulation and control; but that is not going to dissuade those who feel that the entire political system is arrayed against them and their children's future – and with good reason.  Most of these people are not crazies.  Most are feeling a desperation which is rooted in years of declining living standards and years of false promises by the political class of both parties.  They have been conditioned not to anything which smacks of socialism even though some socialist type policies would benefit them mightily (think Social Security – which the love – Medicare for All, unemployment compensation, postal service, infrastructure maintenance, and many others), but the mere word sends chills down their backs.  Thus, in all likelihood, insufficient support for Bernie Sanders to overcome the fixed non-democratic Democratic Party primary system, even though Sanders is not a socialist in any real sense of the word.  He is an unreconstituted Roosevelt liberal of the post-World War II vintage.

Thus, there is only one place left for those frustrated working class Republicans and party-switching Democrats to turn and that is Donald Trump.  Unfortunately, it appears that people of color and Latinos are continuing to buy into the self-created Clinton myths that she has fought for Blacks and Latinos for years when the only thing she has really fought for is money and power. Perhaps someday they will figure out the "New Democrat" scam and finally rebel, shedding the political chains which bind them.  For the rest of us there appears to be little or no hope for anything positive to come out of this election.  But things could get much worse for all of us with either Hillary or Donald – not to mention Ted.


Fwd: Registration is OPEN!!!!!!

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Hello The First Tee of Pittsburgh Families,

The First Tee of Pittsburgh's 2016 Spring Certification programs for The Bob, Victory Hills, South Park, Pleasant Ridge and North Park locations ONLY is now open for registration on our website

We have implemented a new system for registration.  Please visit us at and click registration on our homepage.  You must create an account if you have not done so already, (returning users, please use your login and password to proceed).

Please note that the parent/guardian is the ACCOUNT HOLDER.  You will proceed from there in three easy steps.

Payment is accepted on-line ONLY and your spot cannot not held without payment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

Details on the South Side Church Crawl

From 1 to 5 pm on April 10, 2016. Click for details at

Friday, March 18, 2016

Fwd: New cohort announcement, fundraising, & financing your facilities

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Date: Mar 18, 2016 1:19 PM
Subject: New cohort announcement, fundraising, & financing your facilities
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Upcoming events you don't want to miss


Planning & Financing
Nonprofit Capital Projects  
Conception to Completion
Presented by Massaro Design Build LLP

In order for Pittsburgh's communities to thrive, they must possess the infrastructure to support social, economic, and cultural growth. 

At this event, attendees will learn about the steps necessary for planning and financing nonprofit facilities projects. 

Massaro Design Build LLP Vice President, Michael Tarle, will present the design/build approach to planning for capital projects. He will also review important and often overlooked budget considerations by providing budget templates to inform planning from the start. 

Bridgeway Capital Community Development Loan Officer, Dwayne Rankin, will explain how Bridgeway helps nonprofits take their community-minded projects from concept to completion. 

Rankin and Tarle will be joined by nonprofit leaders who will share and discuss their experiences with facility project panning. In the weeks after this session, Rankin and Tarle will hold a series of follow up events for event participants.

Come and learn about new financing opportunities
for your organization's development.

March 21st, 2016
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
5 PPG Place, 2nd Floor Board Room
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Confirmed Presenters

Michael Tarle
Michael Tarle, AIA is Vice President of Massaro Design Build LLP a regional design and construction company. While at Massaro, Mike has worked with over twenty five non-profit organizations to assist them with their design and construction needs.
Dwayne Rankin
Dwayne Rankin leads Bridgeway Capital's lending team and is the Community Development Loan Officer. From predevelopment support to long-term lending, his goal is to deploy Bridgeway's ļ¬nancing tools to strengthen real estate development projects with lasting community impact.




You're Invited to a Free Event on Office 365 for Nonprofits

Join TechSoup for a 
FREE one-day event in Pittsburgh, PA

Find out what 
Office 365 for Nonprofits is, how it can benefit your organization, and what it takes to implement it. Explore this web-based version of familiar Office applications. It allows you to work from anywhere on different devices.

Your hosts will be nonprofit technology experts from Microsoft, TechSoup, and Tech Impact. We'll discuss every aspect of Office 365 for Nonprofits:
  • Cloud-based services, what they are, as well as their advantages and disadvantages
  • Office 365 overview, so you can understand its features and how you can use them
  • Different implementation strategies and helpful resources

Thursday, March 31, 2016

9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Microsoft Office
30 Isabella Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 202
Pittsburgh, PA  15212

Attendees will also be eligible for a $300 coupon toward supporting your organization's Office 365 Migration or a $300-value consultation with experts from Tech Impact!

! Tickets for these events run out quickly.




Fundraising & Marketing 
Training 2016

NEW! GPNP member discount: $85 for all 5 sessions!

Did you attend last year's Velocity series?
The 2016 training series is open to you too! With new information around local data and trends, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Reaching the supporters you need to fulfill your mission today requires new tools, new messages and new delivery systems.  Velocity: Fundraising & Marketing for Pittsburgh Causes will train your staff in new skills to fundraise effectively.

2016 marks the second year for this successful program. Velocity 2016 includes FIVE 90-minute monthly training sessions that will address:
  • Donor Behavior - April 28
  • Messaging - May 24
  • Digital Fundraising & Marketing - September 1
  • Design - September 28
  • Multichannel Campaigns - October 27
The Forbes Funds and The Benter Foundation are pleased to underwrite your participation in this critical training for just $100 per agency.

Find out more information about the training series! 


Nonprofit People Rising: 

Are you an executive director struggling to further your skills
and develop your staff with restricted resources?

Are you an emerging nonprofit professional
seeking more opportunities to learn, grow and advance? 

If so, join us for an interactive session with Rusty Stahl, who has launched a national campaign to maximize philanthropic investments in a diverse, effective and sustainable nonprofit workforce. Rusty will offer provocative concepts, research findings, and practical tools to help you secure funding to advance the people who advance your organization's mission.

Topics covered will include:
  • The deficit of investment in nonprofit people
  • Value of nonprofit professionals to communities
  • Strategies to fundraise for staff development
  • Busting harmful myths like "overhead"
This event is part of Talent Philanthropy's ongoing Listening Tour. Rusty will seek to learn from you as much as he shares, and to facilitate opportunities for 
participants to learn from one another.

April 28th, 2016
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Rodef Shalom Congregation
4905 5th Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15213
Cost:  $25 (includes lunch) 

About the Presenter
Rusty Stahl is Founder, President and CEO of Talent Philanthropy, the national campaign to maximize investments in the nonprofit workforce. He is also a Visiting Scholar in Residence at NYU Wagner School of Public Service. Previously, Rusty founded and spent a decade as Executive Director of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP), the national association of young and new foundation professionals. Before was program staff at the Ford Foundation. A Pennsylvania native, Rusty holds an M.A. in Philanthropic Studies from Indiana University. He lives in Beacon, NY with his wife and their newborn daughter. Connect with Rusty on the website or on twitter @fundthepeople.

Presented by:

Lean Concepts for Nonprofits
Cohort Announcement
presented by
Focused on learning how to identify and eliminate non value-added activities in nonprofit processes, the Lean Concepts for Nonprofits cohort will lead up to 10 organizations through a 4-pronged opportunity:
  1. Classroom instruction: meetings will be held once per month for 6 months and will take a deep dive into lean principles.
  2. Organizational project: with the help of Catalyst Connection, each participating agency will choose an achievable project to work on and implement over the course of the 6-month period.
  3. Private consultation: Catalyst Connection will provide 4 hours of individualized, on-site help with educational content, project implementation, etc.
  4. Certification: Pending participation in the training sessions, implementation of the project, a report to the peer group, and satisfactory completion of a written exam, individuals can obtain a certification in lean principles.
Check out our blog post for highlights of an introductory Lean Principles event from earlier this year. 

Interested in applying?


Applications are Due Friday, March 25th

Find out more information on eligibility, dates, 
and how to apply by reading our Cohort RFP here. 






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