Friday, August 07, 1992

Plum job stuff

Mark Rauterkus

August 7, 1992

Memo about Swimming Pool Proposal

To: High School and School District Administrators

From: Mark Rauterkus

After talking with Mr. Arco, I wanted to be certain that everyone had these answers to questions he had of me.

First, the office space.

To run a program in the facilities, office space will be needed. To be true to the spirit of the proposal, the school district will not have to pay for anything, including office space. Since office and storage space will be necessary, I suggest a temporary, trailer-type office structure put near the outside exit to the pool, across the parking lot. This new room would be rented/purchased by the aquatics program, not the school district.

In the first months of the program, activities could operate out of existing facilities, including the trunk of my car, like last year as well as the team room. An out-of-building office structure might be built in the first year of operation. It is not right to use the office of the teacher, Mr. Klaus, other than what was done this past year when I seldom put the office to use. So, don’t worry about office space for the aquatics program. If it is needed, the aquatics program would provide it.

Secretarial assistance, much like office space, is a non-issue as far as the high school administration is concerned. If the aquatics program needs secretarial help, someone to answer the aquatics phone, or any other services, the aquatics program would then hire, staff, train, and administer the secretarial help in aquatics program office space. The program being proposed would not put any additional demand on the secretarial loads with increased calls, space, or staff energy.

The proposal I have in front of the board at this time has no impact what-so-ever on the academic courses of the high school. This proposal deals only with programing in non-school hours.

As far as schedule conflicts, the aquatic’s program should be aware of the major events that occur at the high school, and activities should be kept to a minimum or avoided totally when there are big dates and events at the school in the evenings. For instance, no events should be on the aquatics schedule the evenings of graduation and/or musical productions when the parking lot will have lots of traffic.

Finally, the proposal as it went to the full school board is enclosed, just in case you did not get a copy already. Also, copies of some swim articles that recently appeared in the Advance Leader is also enclosed. The reporter for the newspaper was at the school board workshop meeting covering his normal duties when I gave my first full report to the full board. He asked me a couple of questions in the back of the board room when the presentation was completed.

If any of you should have additional questions, please feel free to call me directly. I look forward to working with all of you further as we get access to the facilities with progressive programing for the sake of the students, tax-payers and community.


Mark Rauterkus