Tuesday, April 05, 1983

Baylor's requirements to get a Education Certificate were steep

So,  asked about what it would take to get an Education Certificate to teach in Texas -- given I was in a Masters Program in the School of Education for HPERD.
It wasn't good news. 

The To Be Done column was more than was willing to tackle. 

Teaching in the schools wasn't my plan. This cemented the deal. 

Friday, April 01, 1983

PE Proud, softball squad news

P .E . Proud Punishes Opponents


P .E . Proud's 9-2 pummeling of the Pie Pledges perpetuated Proud's perfect pennant
performance by providing a playoff position in the second week of Division 17 A softball.
Last week the team managed to mathematically double the sum of their season-long-win streak , two.

But print or prose could not properly describe the psychology or perceptiveness of this presumptuous family of fly-ball wizards. Perhaps, game MVP, Mary Beth Welsh, best personified the peppered play by her 11 put-outs at first base.

P . E , Proud's next game will be at 4:30 on Tuesday, April 5.
P . R. Director , Mark Rauterkus , announced Team Picture Day to precede this upcoming game.
"We thought it would be a good treat for our faithful fans , and we had to take some measures to protect our pitching staff from the gobs of autograph seekers," he said.