Tuesday, August 05, 1986

New Trier got my application.

I would get offered the job at New Trier as part of the New Trier Extension, its after-school / night school program. I'd be the head club coach, mostly with the duties to coach the 200 kids who were 8th grade and younger. Plus, I'd coach the high school swimmers when they were out of their high school season. 
But, this was only a 9 month position. Summers were off. And, it was for more money than I was making, by a bunch, in the Peoria Park District job for 12 months. 

I stepped into a quagmire that was only revealed to me some months later. Tony was a true snake as he was threatened and set many traps that were unavoidable. He aspired to be the girls head high school coach. He was a teacher and knew that Bruce was thinking of retiring due to some health worries. Bruce wouldn't need to stop coaching for many years to come. 

I began working more on the Great States Swimming News magazine and took a job at the computer store in Evanston, learning more about education sales and computers, desktop publishing and got to meet Catherine!