Sunday, May 24, 1992

Dear Cousins

Dear Cousins,

The Leo Rauterkus family is going to Disney to let the Mouse know that Michele has graduated. It is an important event for they will have major economic decisions to face. (a) their best fan has reached maturity or (b) the same has a job.

We will be spending at least one day with the Florida Family. The Audrey from Pittsburgh has a Scrapbook for Florida Audrey that needs to be filled. Would you please send pictures of any thing decent . Especially all the beautiful children, homes, farms, spouses etc., and/or a letter, note or autograph from you or children. This is your chance to really brag because we have the best family ever and they are too far to realize how lucky they are to be a part of this.

There is at least a page for each. DO YOU WANT IT BLANK?

Because it takes a little planning to keep us together once in a while, please keep October 3rd free for a cousins party at our home.

More details later.

Send all information today to:

Aunt Audrey

107 Pheasant Dr.

Pgh., Pa. 15235

Please put something in the mail to me before June 15th.

Thank you for your help.


Aunt Audrey