Thursday, September 24, 1992

Letter to the principal at Plum

9/24, 1992
Plum School District

Dear Mr. Edwin Neff,

I just talked with Mr. Andy Becker, and he will make mention tonight of the expanded swimming programs I have in mind with the proposal.

I want to keep the ball rolling. I did tell him that I did have a good conversation recently with Frank Jones and that I’m working the evening swimming and Saturday lessons.

Furthermore, I do understand that this swimming proposal is not #1 on everyone’s list at present.

I will attend the meeting on Tuesday. Perhaps I’ll say “Hi” to you there if not before. I’m finishing up the first draft of a pool policy manual. We are getting the applications completed too, and we will have a good, large staff.

Thanks for all the help with anything that you can do to keep the program floating downstream!

By the way, I was talking with the Red Cross officials in Pittsburgh. It would be great if we could teach CPR, First Aid, Lifeguarding and WSI classes at the pool for our students is spare time this fall and winter. As the swimming proposal takes shape, this should be one of the first offerings. Teaching classes such as this is a benefit to the district, as we get more qualified workers, and a benefit to the students, as they get an opportunity to earn an income at other facilities, especially at summer jobs.

Sincerely Yours,
Mark Rauterkus