Wednesday, April 08, 1981

Sports Math, call to others

Sports Editor
«Company Name»
«city», «state»  «zip»
Dear Sports Editor,
To help combat  the growing problem of American illiteracy and poor fitness, the Sports Support Syndicate is offering you a unique opportunity. We want you to join your colleagues in the industry to assist in the production of Sports Math. This new book, due in 1991, is edited by a veteran, public school teacher presently in charge of a gifted program. The book engages readers in both math and reading skills through the use of individual, sports-related math problems from a wide range of sports.
As a small publishing company of sports-oriented books and literature, the Sports Support Syndicate is releasing more than 20 titles in 1991. We concentrate on information which will benefit and educate athletes and coaches. We also engage in projects which entertain and increase the awareness level for lesser known sports and fitness pursuits.
Inclusion in this project would offer your magazine the opportunity to:
- increase your subscriptions with a form of free advertising, 
- associate your name with the worthwhile cause of literacy, 
- tap into a new market, and
- expand the awareness of your sport to the general public.
In exchange for these opportunities, we are asking for the following from «magazine»:
1) Please submit three sports-oriented math problems in a word problem format with the correct answers. Two of the word problems should contain all of the information necessary to solve the problem. One of the word problems should require sport-specific knowledge. For example, a touchdown in football equals six points, or a perfect score in bowling equals 300 points or three outs in baseball equals half an inning.
2) Please submit camera-ready logo of your masthead which will accompany one of the word problems.
3) Please submit one sports action half-tone with a caption identifying the individual(s). Half-tones which in some way indicate the athlete's thought process will be especially appreciated. The caption should include photography credit. The size must be larger than 2" by 2" and smaller than 6" by 9".
4) Please submit subscription details for your magazine for any readers interested in contacting you for a subscription.
We believe that Sports Math  will be an important book in both the Sports and Educational communities. It is also an opportunity for your publication to reach a new market.
Your submissions should be mailed by April 30, 1991 to:
The Sports Support Syndicate will furnish «magazine» with a Press Release and a review copy of the finished book. 
We thank you for your assistance. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at the address noted at the top of the letterhead.

Chick Agnew
Sports Support Syndicate, Inc.


Last month, the Sports Support Syndicate invited your organization to take part in a unique project aimed at increasing reading and math skills through sports-related word problems. Sports Math, Our deadline has come and gone, but we would still like to encourage your participation in our project.The response we have received thus far has been positive and inspiring. We have received from a wide variety of publications covering the entire spectrum of the sporting world. From the United States Golf Association to the National Archery Association, from the Skydiving Magazine to Human Kinetics Publishers, from the Canadian Volleyball Association to The Championship Group of auto racing, responses are arriving at the office of the book's editor.
If you recall, this is an opportunity not only to get free advertising with an untapped market, but expanded awareness of your sport in association with a worthwhile cause. Do you really wish to by-pass such a chance?
In the event that you set the request aside, I will quickly review that which we are seeking in football equals six points.