Tuesday, June 01, 1999

Political Uses of the Internet to Explode in Many Ways

Political Uses of the Internet to Explode in Many Ways

To build a space that can become a spot that helps to create and strengthen releationships needs to include many elements that leverage many political opportunities. The notion of the "electronic town hall" was made popular in past national elections, CNN, Ross Perot, and many other examples. The buzz has started, but the execution is far from reaching a potential.

Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania do have impressive www sites. Much work is being done in this area, but much more is needed.

Steve Forbes uses the net to launch his second White House bid. He says it's time to jump into the information age, come March 1999.

The Tribune-Review reports, "This rather novel approach to announcing one's presidential condidacy won its share of attention...."

"I'm going to run the first full-scale presidential campaign in American history on the Internet, because I want you to be involved every step of the way," Forbes posted.

  • http://www.Forbes2000.com
  • Washington Politicians Are Stuck In The Stone Age

    Pittsburgh area people and politians are going on-line and are moving in the right directions. But, to make on-line communications effective, the first hurdles involve the old "Chicken and Egg" debate -- as to what needs to happen first?

    If the people are not pushed and pulled to the internet, then the politicians are not going to be pushed and pulled to use the internet. We all have to tug at technologies to make a critical mass to allow better economy of scale.

    The On-Line Mission Is A Valuable Corner Stone Here

    The visions put forward in this position paper call for the creation of a high-tech incubator for community building activities. Passion Park can host many sessions, both on-line and in-person, to help citizens, politicians, team captains, coaches, athletes and health-care folks mingle and be better informed.

    Not only do league officials and coaches have a place to put their game schedules and line-up, but politicians need to put in their schedules, hold debates, use teleconference appearances to go to Harrisburg, Washington, and the local meeting at the Block Watch.