Thursday, June 01, 2000

Hostelling International's memo from Mark Rauterkus

Dear Fellow Pittsburghers,

I'm interested in talking, either in person or on-line, to anyone with interests in vision, mission, activities and facility of the Hostelling organization and associated politics.

I'm interested as I'm a South Side, part-time activist who has many recreational leadership experiences in other parts of the country.

Furthermore, I feel that there might be some unique solutions and program opportunities available to please various membership interests. I'd love to talk with you and begin to uncover some of these ideas in shared discussions.

Thanks for the consideration.

Please contact me if and when you so desire.

Mark Rauterkus

A collection of the documents delivered to the AYH Board, Marketing Committee and Jesicca, the AYH manager, are available for review.

These plans were talked about, sent to them, and the outcome was nothing. The board drove the organization into the ground and out of business. The board and others knew that the organization would not survive -- yet they choose to do nothing but keep the status quo.

Presently, (as of December 2005) the AYH building is sitting idle, sadly. It is owned, by the URA.