Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Go LiveCode

Fwd: Help Us Take LiveCode Open Source

The best bit of news in a decade. No joke.

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Date: Jan 29, 2013 5:01 AM
Subject: Help Us Take LiveCode Open Source

The following is an e-mail sent to you by an administrator of "LiveCode
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Dear forum members,

We  are hugely excited to be launching this project today:


Join our campaign to make a full version of LiveCode that is free and open
for everybody to use. We are doing this via a Kickstarter fundraiser, and
we need your help. If we are successful, between us we can change the face
of programming forever.

Open Source LiveCode means

- Free access for teachers
- Free access for students
- Free access for hobbyists and enthusiasts
- A headstart for professionals

We are aiming to bring LiveCode to hundreds of thousands of new users,
removing the price barrier and making easy access programming available to

Visit our Kickstarter page to learn all about the project:


Please, if you want to see programming become the new literacy, get behind
this project! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your business
associates, tell your distant acquaintances, shout it from the rooftops.
Between us we can make this happen. We've got some great rewards for you
too on Kickstarter, so everybody wins.

Make your pledge today and help us to take LiveCode Open Source!


Warm Regards,

Heather Laine
Customer Services Manager
LiveCode - Unleash Your Killer App

Thanks, The Management

Monday, January 28, 2013

Red Cross Lifeguarding Class at Baldwin

The Baldwin Varsity Swim Boosters is hosting an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification with CPR/AED & First Aid Training in March 2013.
This is a 31-hour program spanning two weekends in March 2013.
They are Friday, March 8th through Saturday/Sunday, March 9/10 and The following  Friday, March 15th through Saturday/Sunday, March 16/17.
Lunch is provided on the weekend days.
This program is in its 8th year with Red Cross Certified Instructor Raylene Klinger and is open to anyone age 15 years or older who can pass a skills test given the first nightof the program.
Class size is limited/early registration is recommended.  Click here for the Flyer..
The Program, held at Baldwin High School, has included students from Baldwin, Brentwood, South Park, Bethel Park, Penn State, Duquesne University, Edinboro University, Slippery Rock, West Mifflin, Seton LaSalle, Central Catholic, Carrick High School, Brashear High School, Mt. Lebanon, Montour, Gateway, Canon MacMillan, Shadyside Academy, Thomas Jefferson, Community College of Allegheny County and Thomas Jefferson. Also offered is CPR/AED Recertification.
If you have any questions please contact:
Patricia Ward
Program Coordinator
Lifeguard Certification

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fwd: Getting a job with a Criminal Background---also big UPMC recruiting event

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From: <RFlanag@aol.com>

TWO BIG EVENTS--- Flyers below and attached
1) Getting a job with your Criminal Background
2) Getting a job at UPMC
Getting hired at UPMC--

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fwd: [New post] Salt in Schenley’s Wounds

From: Yinzercation <comment-reply@wordpress.com>

YinzerThing posted: "Is Pittsburgh seriously going to consider handing over the beautiful old Schenley High School to a charter school operator? Closing that building back in 2008 raised many concerns in the community about dismantling a thriving urban high school. More recen"
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New post on Yinzercation

Salt in Schenley's Wounds

by YinzerThing

Is Pittsburgh seriously going to consider handing over the beautiful old Schenley High School to a charter school operator? Closing that building back in 2008 raised many concerns in the community about dismantling a thriving urban high school. More recently, Schenley alumns and supporters have raised serious questions about the rationale for the closing, which was based in large part on the estimated costs of asbestos remediation. It now appears those costs may have been vastly overstated and that the School Board may not have had important data on which to base their decision. Protestors have gathered over 1,000 signatures on a petition these past couple of weeks asking the School Board to take its time and investigate these significant charges. [Concerned Citizens Petition]

Meanwhile, however, the School Board has received proposals from four groups wishing to purchase the historic Schenley building in Oakland. And two of them would turn the space back into a school. Most heart wrenching to me is the proposal from a group of Schenley alumns who are trying to raise money to create a private school for visual and performing arts named after a fellow alumnus, Andy Warhol.

Here I have to agree with Post-Gazette letter writer Anna Watt-Morse, who said that this plan strikes her "as out of touch with the current realities of our city and its schools." She reminds us that "Pittsburgh already has a wonderful school for the arts, CAPA … that has had to cut art departments and eliminate vital private music lessons because of reduced funding" and that "arts education at other city schools … is drastically underfunded." What's more, "A new, tuition-based Schenley would … benefit only the students who can afford private education." Watt-Morse concludes, "A gift in the name of Andy Warhol should provide opportunity for all students of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, not a select few." [Post-Gazette, 1-17-13]

The second proposal the School Board is considering that would turn the building into a school would actually mean handing it over to a charter school operator. Kossman Development Co. plans to convert the space into housing for college students and young professionals as well as the Provident Charter School for dyslexic children. [Post-Gazette, 1-23-13] If students are not having their learning needs met in their neighborhood schools, this is a serious equity issue that we must address. But I am not a big fan of creating segregated learning ghettos, especially since this model does not address the needs of all our students, just those who might gain access to the school.

And the last thing we need is another charter school draining resources from our already struggling public schools. Among other things, the Kossman/Provident Charter School proposal depends on $5.2 million in federal and state tax credits – those are our public dollars that will not be available for other public needs, including public education. Last week the Tribune Review reported that public schools are now having to spend thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns to "compete" with charter schools. Penn Hills school district will spend $84,000 over the next two years and Woodland Hills just awarded a $13,000 contract to develop infomercials. [Tribune Review, 1-17-13] Corporate-style-reformers love to talk about the benefits of "competition" – but what a great example of the waste this creates. As taxpayers and parents we ought to be incensed that our public schools are now forced to spend valuable resources on TV spots when students are losing art, music, and history. My 6th grader is sitting in a math class with 39 students because of budget cuts. The last thing I want is my school district spending money on internet pop-up ads.

But that is just what districts across the state are being forced to do as charter schools take painful bites out of dwindling resources. The Tribune Review recently surveyed 50 school districts in our area and found that some have seen their student enrollment in charters double, or even quadruple in the past four years. Others have stemmed the tide, and are seeing a reverse flow, with fewer students enrolled in charters than four years ago. Most of those districts surveyed had between 1-3% of their students enrolled in charters; but eight schools have more than 10% attending charters this year. These include 37.5% of all students in Duquesne; 35% in Wilkinsburg; 29% in Woodland Hills; almost 23% in Sto-Rox; and nearly 20% in Penn Hills. [These are my calculations based on the Trib's report: see all the data here.]

Notice anything? These are districts with high poverty rates, some suffering from the worst effects of post-industrial decline. They are also districts with large African American populations. The state-imposed recovery officer in Duquesne is talking about closing the elementary school there, which would essentially dismantle the entire school district. Something is seriously wrong with our funding mechanisms when a community can no longer educate its own children.

This year, the 49 school districts that responded to the Trib's survey will spend a whopping $118 million on charter school reimbursements. And that's only 49 districts out of the 125 here in Southwest Pennsylvania. $118 million.

For all that money, we ought to be getting a great return. But the fact is that while some charter schools perform well, the majority do not. The Corbett administration tried to mislead the public last fall by using different criteria to judge charter school performance on standardized tests than for traditional public schools. [See "A Liar and a Cheat"] The Lehigh Valley's Morning Call published an investigation today revealing that, "The number of charter schools hitting testing benchmarks plummeted after the federal government said the state Education Department graded them too leniently." [The Morning Call, 1-23-13] Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Ron Tomalis initially claimed that almost half of charter schools had made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) under federal guidelines, but that number dropped to only 28% of the state's 156 charter schools. By comparison, 49% of the state's public schools made AYP.

The report found that "Tomalis initiated [the new grading system] without federal approval and at the behest of a charter school lobbying group." He made it "easier for charter schools to reach federal standards" by classifying "charters, no matter their size, as school districts, which are measured on a broader scale than individual schools." Again, to compare: 61% of Pennsylvania's 499 school districts made AYP. [The Morning Call, 1-23-13]

This deception matters on another level, too: besides misleading us about the success of charter schools, Governor Corbett and Secretary Tomalis would now have us treat charter schools as their own school districts. This is a new development, since brick and mortar charter schools have always claimed to be public schools operating under the auspices of local districts and their democratically elected school boards. (Cyber charter schools are already chartered by and operating only under the supervision of the state, which poses other issues of centralizing power with political appointees.) If charter schools are in fact districts, where are their locally elected school directors who answer to the public that put them in office?

This feels like another way of taking the public out of public education. It's time to put the brakes on authorizing yet more charter schools. The Pittsburgh school board needs to take a close look at the money it is being forced to spend on charter school tuition – $52 million this year alone – before it sells Schenley to another charter operator. That would be like rubbing salt in the deep wounds of a community already reeling from the effects of a painful and disruptive school closure.

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Some Diving and a Saturday Intertube Race

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fwd: Controller Lamb wants review of decsion to close Schenley building

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Concerned Citizens"

Please give Controller Lamb a thumbs up and ask your county council, city council and school board representatives to join the Controller's request.
Press Releases
Sent 01/18/2013 @ 2:09 pm
PITTSBURGH - As the Pittsburgh Public Schools consider the sale of the former Schenley High School building in Oakland, City Controller Michael Lamb sent an email to Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Linda Lane and members of the School Board, asking for a review of the decision to close the former high school.
"I know the Board and staff at PPS have labored over the decision to close Schenley and the prospects for the future of the building," wrote Lamb "I am writing today to join in the suggestion that the Board should not only take its time with this decision, but also review information that has been made available since the decision to close Schenley to determine the cost effectiveness and impact on student achievement of that closure."
Bids from potential buyers and developers of the former Schenley building were due into the district today.
The Schenley High School building was closed in 2008 due to maintenance concerns and the estimated costs of repair.
This message is from Concerned Citizens who started the petition "Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of Directors: Investigate if important information about Schenley was withheld at the time of closing ," which you signed on Change.org.
View the petition  |  View and reply to this message online

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Eventsburgh bites the dust

We are notifying you that Eventsburgh.com is in the process of terminating its current operation. 

Although we have attracted many businesses and major local organizations to utilize our service,  the business model has not been able to generate sustainable revenue for us to continue operating.

We would like to thank your support for the last 2 years and take this opportunity to recommend Pittsburgh business calendar (http://pittsburgh.businesscalendar.org/) for your future event postings. 

Mark Rauterkus       Mark.Rauterkus@gmail.com    
PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim and Water Polo Camp Head Coach
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team

412 298 3432 = cell

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Obama swim team won again in a sectional swim meet o er Northgate. We are looking good. Super inspiration from Hailey in a. EPIC 200 IM. Good efforts  everywhere.
Boys score 97-44 Obama over Northgate.
Girls score 86 to 63 Obama over Northgate.

Monday we go to Brashear at 3:15 meet.

Results to be posted soon thanks to Mary S, a vital volunteers

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Fwd: Standing up for Pennsylvania

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From: "PA Governor's Office" <gov@pacast.com>
Date: Jan 6, 2013 3:22 PM
Subject: Standing up for Pennsylvania
To: <mark@rauterkus.com>


Standing up for Pennsylvania

Surrounded by Penn State alumni and local business owners, Governor Tom Corbett this week announced that Pennsylvania is suing the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for its sanctions against Penn State University. This historic lawsuit is already being branded "the right call" by Gil Spencer of the Delaware County Daily Times.

Here are five things you need to know:

1.   The lawsuit was brought by the Governor on behalf of all the citizens of Pennsylvania, and asserts that the sanctions, unlawfully leveled by the NCAA, will have irreparable effect to the economy of all of Pennsylvania in addition to Centre County.

2.   The suit asserts that the NCAA overstepped their authority by weighing in on the Jerry Sandusky scandal.  The crimes perpetrated by Jerry Sandusky and three other administration officials are a criminal matter and are, and should, be handled by the court system.

3.   The suit asserts that the NCAA did not follow their own due process rules when evaluating and handing down these sanctions.  The normal review processes were ignored and a small group of members made the sanction decisions.

4.   The choice given Penn State wasn't a choice at all. The University had to either accept the sanctions or face the harshest punishment available, a total football blackout, otherwise known as "the death penalty."

5.   The Governor will encourage the Penn State Board of Trustees to keep its commitment of $60 million to help victims of sexual abuse, but to keep that funding in Pennsylvania as opposed to the NCAA who would have it leave the fine leave our commonwealth. 

Prefer a visual? Click to the right to see video and pictures from yesterday's press conference.

Video Gallery

Photo Gallery

PA Logo

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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Fwd: 2013 Learn-to-Swim Program - Enroll Today!

From: American Red Cross National Headquarters

The American Red Cross is pleased to announce that enrollments are now open for the 2013 Learn-to-Swim program.

New with the 2013 Learn-to-Swim program:

  • Annual fee per facility, based on projected 2013 enrollees
  • No additional student learning fees
  • Simplified registration, ordering and fulfillment processes
  • Exclusive access to a dedicated aquatics online store, with special offers for our partners
  • Package containing educational posters for your facility
Get Started Today!
To get started, please visit redcross.org/LTSenroll.

Act Now! Special Offer
Enroll your facility in the 2013 Learn-to-Swim program by February 5 and receive 2 FREE lifeguard hip packs. Offer expires February 5, so enroll your facility now at redcross.org/LTSenroll.*

Thank you for your interest in the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program. We look forward to a successful partnership with you in 2013.

Best regards,

Your Red Cross Aquatics Team

Fwd: FIJA demonstrations at courthouses

From: Julian P Heicklen <jph13@psu.edu>

Subject: FIJA demonstrations at courthouses

Hi Tyranny Fighters:

As you know, Mark Schmidter and I were arrested on the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, FL on separate occasions. We both have been convicted of criminal contempt and sentenced to several months in jail.
The case is on appeal.  The appellate court is upholding the convictions based on the argument that courthouse plazas are not public forums, so First Amendment rights are not protected.

My aim is to refute the appeals court claim with facts on the ground.  I aim to show that many, many FIJA demonstrations have occurred on both federal and county courthouse without incident, so that the court's argument fails the test of fact.

For any of you that have participated in a FIJA distribution at any courthouse, please send me the courthouse, the number,of appearances, dates of appearances to the best of your recollection, and he names of any individuals who may have participated with you.  Let me know if you were hassled by any law enforcement officers.  If so what was the outcome?

With your help, we can smother the court's claim with the facts on the ground.

Our time has come to end the anti-FIJA efforts of the government.  Please do not let this moment pass.

Yours in freedom and justice — Julian