Sunday, April 18, 2021

Candidate Thompson quote

THOMPSON: Oh, let me just say briefly on the environment, our rivers are uninhabitable, and basically we're putting tons and tons of raw sewage in the river. Other cities, Cleveland and Columbus, they've decided that they want to live in a world with clean water, and we've decided to countersue the government because we want to live in a world of filth and feces. So we need to stop putting feces into our rivers.


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Fwd: Fw: ParkMobile Data Breach Affects Some Mobile Parking App Users

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Subject: FW: ParkMobile Data Breach Affects Some Mobile Parking App Users


Pitt Information Technology has received reports of a data breach that occurred at ParkMobile in March 2021. ParkMobile makes the popular mobile parking app of the same name and provides metering and parking app services to the City of Pittsburgh. Some University of Pittsburgh garages may accept payments through ParkMobile, if you pay through the application.


What Data Was Affected?


ParkMobile indicates that basic user information was taken, including license plate numbers and, if provided by the user, email addresses, phone numbers, and vehicle nicknames. Encrypted passwords were taken but not the encryption keys necessary to read the passwords, meaning that significant resources would be needed to break the password encryption.


ParkMobile indicates that no credit cards or parking transaction history were accessed, and they do not collect Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, or dates of birth.


What Do I Need to Do?


If you have an account with ParkMobile, out of an abundance of caution, Pitt IT recommends you change that password as soon as possible.


While the data exposed in the alleged breach did not come from University systems, sometimes individuals reuse the same passwords on multiple websites. If you use the same or a similar password at Pitt or other websites, you should also change those passwords. Also, because of the nature of other data taken, be vigilant for an increase in phishing scams or other scams related to this data.


In addition, utilize the following good password practices to minimize your susceptibility to data breaches:


  • Use a password manager to simplify the management of your various passwords. Pitt Password Manager (LastPass) is available at no cost to all students, faculty, and staff. You can use it to create strong, unique passwords for all your online services.
  • Do not reuse passwords across different websites. Scammers try variations of known passwords, so it is important to make sure your passwords are not similar to each other.  
  • Use strong, complex passwords that include symbols, numbers, and uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Change your passwords frequently.
  • Use multifactor authentication on websites that allow it.


Saturday, April 03, 2021

Fwd: End of the Road

A sad post from a friend.

Many of his comments and emails have graced this blog -- as I consider him a real running mate.


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From: jehemington <>
Date: Sat, Apr 3, 2021 at 2:15 PM
Subject: End of the Road
To: John Hemington <>

Well folks, here's the deal, I will no longer be sending out these political e-mails calling out establishment policies.  This morning I got hit upside the head with the news that my family believes that I am a loopy, loony-tune heading down a wormhole because my "extremist" politics are so far outside the mainstream.  Now, I do not agree with this assessment at all, but I am also convinced that if this is the way my own family feels then there is no hope and no real point in continuing to put in the effort to try and alert others to what is really happening out there in the world.  This tells me that the plutocrats and the corporate warmongers have won.  That humanity's time on this wonderful planet is not to persist much longer – certainly not for many more generations.  The way things are now trending with the current administration's foreign policy we could well see a catastrophic nuclear war in our own lifetime.  Should we somehow avoid that disaster, we will almost certainly not escape the catastrophe of climate change much sooner than scientists now predict.


Sadly, mainstream politics, whether the Democratic Party variety or the more bizarre Republican variety have no answers to any of the most serious problems facing humanity.  Nor are they even willing to willing to pretend to actually address them.  Furthermore, there is no hope in this country for a viable third-party to develop and prosper.  So, we are left with the endless nonsense of political Kabuki Theater of impossible corporate subsidy solutions that never address real issues while more and more people starve in the streets.  At the same time, this most powerful nation on earth creates almost daily holocausts in nations all around the globe in the name of protecting "human rights".  We are, whether we like to acknowledge it or not, an evil people. We allow our government, in the name of patriotism and corporate profit, to destroy the lives of millions of others, both here and abroad, without any serious concern or dissent.


These have been issues I have struggled with ever since I left the Army in 1970.  And contrary to my family's belief that my obsession is of recent origin.  It is not.  However, I just don't have the energy to keep this up in the face of so much apathy at home and among those "progressive" legislators I have supported financially and otherwise.  Legislators who have refused to use the power of their votes to push the establishment Democrats to really adopt progressive portions that they claimed to support in Biden's campaign in much the same way as the conservative Democrats have used their votes to quash progressive ideas for years.  It is all very demoralizing and I am not willing to continue the battle from here on out.  This is not what I had hoped to be saying today, but my mental health and family health must take precedence over my political desires.





Friday, April 02, 2021

Fwd: [Art-All-Night] Call for Artists

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The next Art All Night will be held April 24th - April 25th, 2021 in a location that couldn't be more convenient - your house!

The show will be open from 4 p.m. Saturday all night long until 2 p.m. Sunday by accessing View art, hear music, watch demonstrations, create art, play games and make memories "All Night" long!


We invite you to submit one (and only one) piece of artwork during this one-of-a-kind event. Artist registration instructions are available at where you can use the online registration system through April 19th for videos and April 21st for photographs.

If you are submitting a 3D piece (sculpture, ceramics, papier-mâché, etc.), please consider submitting next week instead. We are currently working on a feature to make our virtual showcase more multi-dimension friendly. Stay tuned!


Volunteers are also needed to help spread the word. Please consider forwarding this email to your friends and family, liking one of our social media pages and hitting "going" on our Facebook event. However you are accustomed to spreading news please use those channels to get your friends and family to enter art and attend the event. Your help is the only way the show goes on and the only way it continues. Please help us put on one of Pittsburgh's great events in a whole new way.

Art has the power to heal and now is a great time to share your art with Pittsburghers and brighten someone's day.

Art All Night...  412-235-1950