Friday, December 01, 2000

Citiparks Pool Fees

Schedule of fees for swim pools for 1999 Caused Plenty of City Council Discussion

Some Points:
  • The no-charge options should be part of an overall policy.
  • No-charge admissions reasons can be for income or policy.
  • The City could use the revenue.
  • No-Charge admission to young people has some support with city council members.
  • The swim pools can become splendid opportunities for young people and others.

  • The City leaders, staff and citizens need to systematically sit down and begin collaboration to come to some findings and understood policies for swim pools.
  • Let's explore and find ways to make the pools more meaningful.
  • More programs cost, and the participants or other revenue streams need to be paid for. How is the city to pay for overhead of the new or expended programs.

    New programs need to be created with the expectation that extra funds not going to be forthcoming out of the existing budget.

    One of the suggested ideas is to close some city facilities. This suggestion could become a reality if the closing decisions are not made in a vacuum. The closings need to be augmented by better run facilities as an outcome of the closing. The point of engagement for the community is to beef up more regional pools can be a distortion.