Sunday, June 24, 2001

In Pgh - alternative weekly - interaction via LTE

This letter to the editor was sent to In Pgh in reply to some goofy coverage generated by Steve Volk. The In Pgh magazine would soon vanish from the landscape of Pittsburgh. It was purchased by the Pgh City Paper.

Volk's article on Carmine said, "Not only did the party pick Carmine largely because they had no one else, ... "

Wrong! I ran for the nomination and lost. Options were present. The "no one else" statement needs a retraction. Our contested primary made history. Volk's wrongness and ploy at revisionist history can't be tolerated.

Moreover, City GOP committees didn't pick anyone. Voters in the GOP Primary did. PARTY bosses spoke and opted to be neurtral, unlike the Dems. The party put the decision without strings nor pressure to VOTERS.

Pgh's Republicans acted more democratic and with greater inclusion than Democrats. Citizen activists and champions of principles are turning to the GOP side, especially in the city.

Tom Murphy and Bob O'Connor had four closed-door debates. Cronies in the Dem party always try to toss challengers off the ballot.

In the future, only cronies with $1-million PACs but without ideas and hope for self-government are going to be Dem candidates. The Dems killed themselves in 2001 by slamming the door to opposition, so un-american. That was the biggest news. Volk's political story missed what was most important, and in lesser matters, he scored the same.