Thursday, November 02, 1995

Napa, here we come

Letter from NorCal Swim Shop and Craig Dillingham, Clinic Director said, in part:
Dear Mark and Catherine,

Thanks very much for agreeing to speak at the 17th Annual Pacific Swi Coaches Clinic. We are looking forward to your presentations.

We reserved a room for the Saturday night at the clinic site, the Marriott Hotel in Napa. On Saturday evening the clinic will be hosting a special dinner for the speakers and vendors. This is a very special tradition that many of our past speakers have enjoyed tremendously. Since this is a catered affair, we must know if you are NOT planning to attend.

Yes, it was special!

Saturday, June 03, 1995

ABA Convention and Trade Exhibit

The SSS (Sports Support Syndicate) booth was at the ABA, American Booksellers Assn, trade show, June, 3, 4, and 5, 1995 in McCormick Place, Chicago. We had booth 5513 in the small press area. There are 30-pages of exhibitors, one line each, showing. That list does not include imprints, boothshares or distributed lines -- just the contracting exhibiting companies.