Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Fwd: Register for free Google workshops to grow your business or career

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Find new ways to learn skills and communicate anytime, anywhere.
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Join us for free virtual workshops from Grow with Google OnAir
Learn digital skills – from the fundamentals of online marketing to strategies for improving your resume – anytime, anywhere. Check out our free online workshops live or on demand.
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Connect with anyone on Google Meet, our service for secure video meetings, now free and available for all. Try new features like low-light mode and tiled layout.
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Learn how to start writing a resume, plan effective meetings, or give and receive feedback with Applied Digital Skills, our free online digital skills curriculum.
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Learn how to identify problems at your business or workplace and create an action plan to solve them. Download the Primer app to join in on the latest free five-minute lessons.
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With help from Merit America, Yves completed the Google IT Support Professional Certificate and went from part-time work to a career in IT, making his goals a reality.
Yves Cooper, Washington D.C.
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Mark Rauterkus
412-298-3432 = cell,

Boys Varsity Swim Coach at Pittsburgh Obama Academy
Executive Head Coach for BGC's Swim & Water Polo Camp with PPS Summer Dreamers
Women's Water Polo Coach for Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Fwd: What's Included with Lockdown Learning?

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What Do You Get?

25 sessions. Loaded in your account. Live Q & A.

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Starting June 9th, we'll be streaming live the very best recordings from all our previous conferences. We'll have a LiveCode expert on hand to answer your questions and bring the sessions right up to date. After each session has been held, we'll load them into your LiveCode account for you to watch again whenever you want, together with any stacks, slides or materials provided with the session.
  • Streamed sessions twice a week
  • 25 of the best previous sessions from all of our conferences
  • Live Q&A with a LiveCode expert
  • Recorded for later and loaded into your LiveCode account
  • All available stacks, notes, slides, learning materials
  • Just $99
We've picked the very best LiveCode sessions of all time from 2008 to the present day. We are streaming them over the next 3 months with live Q&A. There is something in this for everyone. We're covering everything from basic beginners building blocks to theoretical coding concepts and everything in between.

Plus Live Q&A with the LiveCode Team

At the end of each session, an expert from The LiveCode team will talk you through what may have changed over the years and show you any new best practices. They will also be there to answer any of your questions on the session. 

Optional extra: Add all the conferences for $200 more

10 full conferences, covering 2008 to the present day, with around 400 sessions between them, and an astonishing array of subjects. All added to your LiveCode account for you to view whenever you want to. Learn from the experts, in your own time and whenever you are ready. 
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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Fwd: Important Pennsylvania 4-H Update - May 23, 2020

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Penn State Extension Pennsylvania 4-H

Follow-Up Letter - May 2020

Be sure to watch Pennsylvania 4-H on Facebook and Instagram for the most current event details.

Check us out on social media and on the web. 


 Pennsylvania 4-H Facebook     PA 4-H Twitter     PA 4-H Instagram     PA 4-H YouTube 

Pennsylvania State 4-H Office, 115 Agricultural Sciences & Industries Building, University Park, PA 16802

This email was sent to by 4hOnline on behalf of Pennsylvania 4-H Youth Development.
4hOnline - 18208 Preston Road Suite D-9 Box 214 Dallas, Texas 75252
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* some emails are mandatory as a participating member of 4-H

Mark Rauterkus 
Executive Director of SKWIM USA, a 501(c)(3)
The Pittsburgh Project - swim coach and head lifeguard
Coach at The Ellis School for Swimming, T&F and Triathlon
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team & Renegades (Masters) 
Coach of the Duquesne University Club Swim Team

412 298 3432 = cell

Friday, May 22, 2020

Fwd: Important Pennsylvania 4-H Update - May 22, 2020

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Penn State Extension Pennsylvania 4-H

4-H Families and Volunteers:  

As Penn State Extension makes decisions regarding in-person events for the 4-H program, the public health and safety of the members, families, volunteers, and staff will always be our priority.  In the interest of safety for all, Pennsylvania 4-H has made the difficult decision to cancel all in-person 4-H events through October 1, 2020.  

While clubs will not be able to meet in person, we are continuing to serve our members and provide opportunities to them, just in a new format. Over the past several weeks, the Educators within the 4-H program have been working hard to shift as much programming as possible to a virtual/on-line format. We will continue to work with our club leaders and volunteers to offer virtual club meetings where possible and we will also continue to offer activities that youth can complete at home. Since these activities will be facilitated from the State level, we can count these activities toward the Pennsylvania 4-H Clover Award program due to the current circumstances. If you do not have access to the internet and would like to access the activities, please reach out to your County 4-H Educator and they will assist you with accessing those materials. The activities can be found at the following address and new activities are uploaded weekly: 

We realize that this decision will directly impact 4-H participation at county fairs. 4-H Educators have been provided with an implementation resource on how to work with fair boards to develop ways that youth could participate as "junior participants".This would apply to all 4-H project areas that youth are engaged in.

In regard to animal science projects, because the purpose of 4-H animal science projects is education, the State 4-H Office has made the decision that Penn State Extension, including local 4-H programs, will not be hosting nor conducting  virtual auctions. Our focus is providing the best education to our members on raising, managing, marketing, and directly selling their livestock. The 4-H program is currently working on a webinar series that we will be releasing soon on how youth with livestock projects will be able to direct market their animals locally. We are also developing virtual show/exhibition opportunities for our members projects.  

The decision to cancel events was one that was not taken lightly. We held off on making the decision in the hopes that we could potentially go back to normal during the summer. Unfortunately, that was not an option. 4-H programming will look different this summer. We are working hard to ensure that 4-H'ers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning. We appreciate your understanding, support, and everything that you do for our Pennsylvania 4-H members. 


Joshua E. Rice, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, 4-H Youth Development Programs

Penn State Extension 

Be sure to watch Pennsylvania 4-H on Facebook and Instagram for the most current event details.

Check us out on social media and on the web. 


 Pennsylvania 4-H Facebook     PA 4-H Twitter     PA 4-H Instagram     PA 4-H YouTube 

Pennsylvania State 4-H Office, 115 Agricultural Sciences & Industries Building, University Park, PA 16802