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Get ready to update in February 2024
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Issue 1 - Science
r.24 Lifeguarding Program Highlights

The new r.24 American Red Cross Lifeguarding Program is set to make a splash in February 2024. To help you prepare, we are kicking off a communication series of the latest science, education and training resources included in the release.

This first issue focuses on our core foundation - the unrivaled science and industry best practices that providers like you have trusted and relied on for decades.

As a leader in aquatics training and education, our programs are backed by the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, a 60+ team of renowned experts. The 2024 Lifeguarding program provides new and various science-based enhancements and clarifications. This release includes: 
  • Improved surveillance, scanning and recognition training
  • Enhanced video activities
  • New Skill Sheets and assessment for conductive surveillance/scanning
  • Details about human information processing, signal detection theory and inattentional blindness
  • Tactics to overcome scanning, visibility, attentional, vigilance and recognition challenges
  • Focus on zone verifications
  • Impacts of height, size and shape of lifeguard stations on surveillance
  • New walking patrol station
  • Expanded benchmarks for lifeguards and facility operations
New Aquatic Guidelines and Best Practices
We are also excited to introduce a comprehensive online resource of scientific reviews, aquatic statements and evidence evaluations impacting Lifeguarding students, instructors, instructor-trainers and training providers.

Stay tuned for future issues that will share relevant information on what to expect from the Lifeguarding update, including new tools and resource highlights, innovations and what you need to Prepare to Update.