Friday, April 10, 1992

Plum Swim Team - 1992


Stacey O'Neil

Jennifer McCurdy

Scott Contreras

Swimmers and Divers

Natalie Hook, FR, surprise swimmer who just missed making WPIALs as an individual. She swam free and fly, and Mark is counting on her to swim at states next season. This has been a big year for Natalie as she has new family memebers and new school. Potential!

Kristen Duray, FR, freestyle swimmer who gained a great deal of confidence throughout the season and was dedicated and wanted to contribute to the team. Coachable!

Shannon McMullen, FR diver, and the only Plum girl to make WPIAL’s in many years. Made the last cut at WPIAL meet and was the 2nd best freshmen diver in the meet. With a new list and plenty of summer diving, she could be headed to states next season. Potential!

April Williams, FR diver, who is not afraid to move ahead and has plenty of athletic ability. She has the ability to show the right attitude and will become a great diver if the coaches don’t turn her into a full-time swimmer. Conditioned.

Erica Opanowski, FR diver, who has come a long way since she started, and she has a full career ahead. Fred is excited about her potential, but Mark respects her spirit the most. Spirited.

Emil Heitzinger, FR, WPIAL swimmer in free relay, who will find success in the breastroke and freestle events in the future. Improved.

Karin Painter, SO, WPIAL champion, school record holder on free relays, state medalists. Karen swam the free events at all distances. Coachable.

Erica Van Tassel, SO, WPIAL champion, school record holder on 3 relays, state medalists. Her seasonal goal was to break the PHS 50 free record—and she did. Spirited.

Mindy Adamonis, SO, I.M. swimmer who helps in many events. Dedicated. She comes to many of the practices and sees the big picture. Coachable.

Becky Pochatko, SO, WPIAL swimmer on point scoring 200 free relay, with a great split. She swam many events including the 500 and the 50 free. Improved.

Tanya Hayes, SO, with leadership characteristics who can swim many events, with a beautifly stroke technique, including the fly. Spirited.

Tara Holland, SO, manager turned swimmer who helped with stroke counts in the early season and developed strength in the pool until she got into some meets with some impressive successes, especially in the backstroke. Coachable.

Kathy Burkhart, SO, who enjoys the 100 breast and she loves the 500. Kathy is quiet and dependable, and with some extra power and strength after this summer, she’ll be a valuable and conditioned Varsity pacesetter.

Natalie Weaver, SO, who swims relays and the back, and has shown some great bursts of speed. With more pooltime and seasonal experiences, she’ll be quick enough to insure sectional titles for the next two years. Improved.

Michelle Melli, SO, diver turned swimmer, had the team’s best finishing kick and drive at the end of races. Conditioning.

Keith Wallace, SO, second year, WPIAL swimmer in IM and relay. Keith is going to be a star WPIAL swimmer and Mark hopes it is next year. Potential.

Aric Miller, SO, limited due to minor back surgery, who returned for the final meet of season to set a personal best time. Coach hopes he’ll be back into true form and making WPIALs next season. Conditioned.

Mike Cook, first year, SO, started as a diver, but is now retired from the springboard. Mike means business, and he wants to win and pushed himself with a great attitude. Spirited.

Aurick Izzo, SO, diver, who scored many points for the team this season. Has a great deal of courage. He can be a powerful athlete and has picked up the sport in an amazingly quick manner. Valuable.

Bonny Rockette, JR, first-year swimmer, with many athletic skills. Next year, she could step into a utility role as she was able to accept a great deal of pressure at times this past season. Improved.

Karen Van Tassel, JR, WPIAL champion, PIAA medalist, ALL-America swimmer, school record holder in 6 events. Potential.

Valerie Walsh, JR, clutch swimmer in the free sprints. She told Mark that she wanted to letter this year, and she deserved it. Val loves to race and beat-up the other team. With a tireless summer of training, Mark hopes she’ll be headed to states next season. Potential.

Susan Beatty, JR, WPIAL silver-medalist in Medley relay, school record holder, sturdy swimmer who made great strides in the 500 free and performed with pressure. Spirited.

Nickole Love, JR, relay swimmer, who dropped her 50 free time by more than 5 seconds. Improved.

Theresa Farrell, JR diver, diving captain and who is active in many school activities and held a great raport with the coaches, as Mark predicted, she will probably coach Fred’s children some day. Fred should be so lucky. Coachable.

Matt Halloran, JR, third year, distance swimmer and brilliant student. Matt hit a pleateau in the 500, and stayed steady with continued hard training. He made a great break-through at the end of the season. Spirited.

Tom Messina, JR, captain, first year swimmer and retired diver, WPIAL relay swimmer and very involved in school activities and music. Tom made some great team pep talks which Mark appreciated. His improvements were impressive, but his shined brightest in spirit.

Jay O’Neil, JR, third year, WPIAL swimmer in 4 events and scored points in the 200 IM and all season long. School record holder and dedicated, physically conditioned athlete. Valuable.

Paul Wozniak, JR, third year, man of purity, WPIAL swimmer in backstroke and medley relay who improved with his single minded Zen-like approach. With dedication, Paul can be a valuable college recruit. Conditioned.

Katie O'Neil, SR, captain, WPIAL gold medalist, PIAA medalist, school record holder. Katie is headed to Grove City to study Math. Coachable.

Nichol Cerchiaro, SR, WPIAL swimmer in two individual events and one relay. As a utility swimmer, she saved our 2nd place team finish at WPIALs by anchoring the 200 free relay. Valuable.

Rayna McMullen, SR, diver, who took a short period off within the season, but returned to dive exceptional beauty and grace. Spirited.

Pam Gamble, SR, distance swimmer who works hard and she enjoys swimming. Conditioned.

Chuck May, SR, fourth year, freestyler, WPIAL swimmer in 3 events and school record holder in 200 free relay. Chuck is headed to Auburn to study engineering. Chuck should be proud of his swim career, and he will never fall out of shape, even 50 years from now. Porfessional Potential.

Jim Rumbaugh, SR, captain, state champion in 100 backstroke and the 200 I.M., with new PIAA record. All-American Swimmer. Undecided major and college, but plenty of visits and opportunities are presenting themselves. Valuable.

John Hedeen, SR, fourth year, first time WPIAL swimmer in back and 2 relays and school record holder in 200 free relay. Headed to college next year. A silent, steady, swimmer who came in every day ready to go and push himself with an intrinsic drive. Improved.

Thursday, April 09, 1992

Another fruitless letter, this time to RMC

Mark Rauterkus

Sports Support Syndicate, Inc.

108 South 12th Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Orders: 1-800-869-0758

Business Phone: 412-481-2497

FAX #: 412-481-2540

April 9, 1992

Robert Morris College

Department of Athletics

Coraopolis, PA 15108


Dear Dr. Bob McBee,

Have you ever considered picking-up Men and/or Women Swimming as a NCAA Varsity Sport?

Have you ever considered NCAA Water Polo?

I understand from a recent visit to the college that the pool at the college is under-utilized to a great extent. With you facility, we could easily put some programs in there that would generate profits of $5,000 to $25,000 per year, if you are interested.

Furthermore, have you ever considered using the pool for you athletes jump training and off season conditioning?

Finally, I have one other idea that I’d like to share with you, and that is the starting of the Robert Morris Press. Many colleges and universities have university based academic press operations. With my young, independent, publishing business, I have many ways in which I could interact with your athletic department and form a sports publishing business and host many special events, for the sake of building a new source of revenue and positive public relations—especially to high school athletes.

If you are interested in getting together someday, perhaps over an informal lunch date, please call me. I have plenty of questions. Then I

would be most willing to submit a more formal business plan regarding my ideas.

I’m sending you a copy of my professional, swim coaching resume and a copy of two new book covers, plus a company catalog.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sincerely Yours,


Mark Rauterkus, President