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What a rant!

Monday, August 18, 2014

viral Syncro Skit

Movie to prevent violence among youth

The Black Political Empowerment Project(B-PEP) And Black Women For Positive Change Invite You to A Free Movie Screening

The free film screening will be held Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at, East Liberty Presbyterian Church located at 116 S. Highland Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15206 RM. 234. For directions please call 412-441-3800. A second screening will be hosted on August 21st at 6:30 p.m.at Project Destiny Inc, 2200 California Ave. Pgh. PA 15212. For directions, call 412-231-1258. We are urging local churches to bring young people to these screenings. Rev. David McFarland, MADDAD's, and Assistant Chief of Police Maurita Bryant urge youth and their parents to attend and participate in the post-film discussions. The film "On 2nd Thought" is available free for download on IPhones, tablets, cell phones via YouTube at www.blackwomenforpositivechange.org Order for DVD copies can be made from the same website. For information contact Diane Powell, 412-302-2952.

Rick Perry's quagmire

From Reason magazine, online.
The indictment of Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tex.) for trying to force a district attorney charged with drinking and driving out of office is illustrative here. A district attorney who drinks and drives shouldn't be allowed to keep that job, given how often a district attorney prosecutes drunk drivers. And it's rich to see a prosecutor charge a governor with "coercion" for threatening funding if a DA embroiled in a scandal wouldn't resign, when prosecutors coerce defendants into plea deals all the time. Is Perry enjoying widespread support for trying to force a DA that damaged her reputation out of office? Of course not, the DA is a Democrat so a significant amount of Democrats will back her. Her job is to monitor public integrity. It would seem her job should obligate her to resign after being charged with drunk driving. But prosecutors and cops will act in their own self-interest, especially when their jobs are on the line. And so bad actors are incentivized to help each other. Add partisan tribalism into the mix, and you have a recipe for a big old heap of nothing else happening.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

B.F. Water Polo. You heard it here first. Bottom Friendly Water Polo.

Any Trademark Attorney want to pick up a cause pro bono?

I think this could have legs. Pun intended.

BF Water Polo makes it okay to stand on the bottom with the ball. It is okay to swim too. And, it is faster to swim. But, when you get the ball, stand up. The jumping off the bottom element is something to consider, but the verdict is still out on that.

We've been playing water polo in the shallow water. Then those who are not such great swimmers and those without the fitness to play deep pool water polo can join along. I've called this "Community Water Polo" but it needs a better name. Community water polo is legal water polo but in a co-ed style and without the crashing into the other players that can unfold in real water polo. But around here, our pools are often with both a deep-end and shallow-end, so we get to be on the bottoms more at certain times.

B.F. Water Polo is well suited for kids. But, adults can play too.

B.F. Water Polo could be a great activity for Pittsburgh Sports League, PSL. They host kickball leagues. Why not B.F. Water Polo evenings, leagues, teams, clinics and end of season tournaments?

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Greatest Article of All Time -- Trib gets it right in coverage of our Summer Dreamers and visits with Elite Runners and the Liberty Mile Efforts

Thank you Karen Price.

By Karen Price
Thursday, July 31, 2014, 10:39 p.m.

Jordan McNamara stood in front of dozens of Summer Dreamers Academy campers at Helen S. Faison Arts Academy in Homewood on Wednesday and asked a question.

“Who likes to run?” he asked, followed by, “Why do you like to run?”
Hands shot in the air.

One boy said because he was the fastest kid in the world. A girl said because it helps her build muscles. Another child said it keeps her energized.

Before long, McNamara and two other professional runners in town for Friday's Liberty Mile race, Heather Kampf and Leo Manzano, were running through the grass with the kids. They jogged around the perimeter of the field, set up mini races and ended with some stretching and strengthening moves.

For the past five weeks, approximately 120 campers in the Pittsburgh Public Schools program have been training with a coach from the Liberty Mile in preparation for the race through the streets of Downtown on Friday. The Liberty Mile, in its third year, is produced by Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon Inc. A total of 1,200 runners competed last year.
McNamara, who has finished second at the Liberty Mile each of the past two years, said Pittsburgh is the only place where race organizers get the elite runners involved in the community at this level. The elite runners also visited campers at Langley K-8 on Thursday.

“There's always some level of involvement with the race but in terms of going to kids' elementary schools and all that, I think that's different. It's cool,” said McNamara, 25, of Eugene, Ore. “Liberty Mile is really the first race that takes the professionals and integrates them directly into the community at ground level, which I think is really special.”
Manzano, a two-time Olympian from Austin, Texas, told the children at Faison that he wasn't the fastest runner when he started in the fifth or sixth grade, but he wanted to be the best. He talked about perseverance, and the importance of never giving up. Then he told them about racing in the 1,500 meters in the London Olympics in 2012.

He was in ninth place early in the race, he told them, and wanted to give up. He started thinking about his family and his community and started to pass other runners. With 100 meters to go he was in sixth place and ultimately won the silver medal with a time of 3:34.79.

“Not giving up is the important message,” Manzano, 29, said. “I feel like it applies a lot to life as well. Sometimes in a race you come across hills or mountains and you have to continue and push past those, but you know that eventually things will be better. You'll be done and you'll be celebrating.”

Kampf, 26, of Minneapolis had a similar message and told the story of when she fell during the Big Ten Indoor Championships in 2008 and went from last place to first in the 600 meters.
“Running is the ultimate blue-collar sport,” she said. “It's just good, pure, hard effort.”
All three hoped to show the kids that while being a top runner takes hard work, running in general can be a sport they can enjoy their entire lives.

“A lot of these kids at this age, you can tell running is awful to them,” McNamara said. “For us to come in and introduce a little bit of seriousness, a little bit of inspiration but also playfulness and silliness, it makes it so they can associate running with fun and it will be something that they'll want to do and enjoy.”

Karen Price is a staff writer for Trib Total Media. Reach her at kprice@tribweb.com or via Twitter @KarenPrice_Trib.

Read more: http://triblive.com/sports/otherlocal/6533055-74/mile-race-liberty#ixzz39HtHBCOu
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grew out of thinking gets a thumbs down from me.

Is there a bias based upon "grew-out-of" thinking?

Example: I hope to coach in a similar manner with fairness and open opportunities given, for example, three kids: One that 'grew out of' single parent home. Two, a kid from a home with 2 moms. Three, a background with one dad and one mom. All get equal treatment, regardless where they grew out of.

Where things 'grew-out-of" is part of history, part of the past, part of its legacy.

I don't like to see the venom (I don't see it here. We're just talking about it.) heaped upon charter schools because of a perception, (and perhaps a reality) of how they came into today's landscape. Its politics and its part of life. No doubt, the anti-union sector has pushed for charters and it is but a small tug in the efforts to educate our kids and make schools better, IMHO.

I think the school board at Pittsburgh Public Schools should grant permission to allow for an expansion of the Environmental Charter School in the east side of the city.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fwd: Tiger Water Polo Programs Open for SIGN UP

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From: "Nikola Malezanov" <malezanov@gmail.com>
Date: Jul 28, 2014 5:53 PM
Subject: Tiger Water Polo Programs Open for SIGN UP


 Dear Water Polo Players,

I hope this email finds you well. I hope you enjoyed the summer so far. It is amassing how quickly the summer is passing. 

I would like to inform you on the programs we are offering in 2014/2015 starting in the fall. 

- COMPETITION TEAMS: 14U Boys/Girls, 12U Boys/Girls

Tryouts; August 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th

North Allegheny Senior High School

This program includes weekly training and regular competitions culminating in a July Trip to play in the 2015 Junior Olympics. This Fall, our teams will participate in the Pennsylvania Middle School League where we will compete for the title of State Middle School Champion. We'll also host a visiting team from Virginia one weekend and take a trip to the US Naval Academy for games in November. 

- FALL RECREATION LEAGUE (Noodle Ball, Youth, Middle School)

Our Fall Recreation League Program will feature basic skills training and lots of game time. The program will be held on five Sundays September 14th, 21st and October 5th, 19th and 26th – at North Allegheny High School.  In addition to the attached documents, we encourage you to learn more about the program at www.tigerwaterpolo.com 


We hope to see many familiar faces back with us this Fall and also hope to see lots of new faces too. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to "Contact Us" from our website or directly by responding to this e-mail. Thank you.


Nikola Malezanov
Tiger Water Polo
North Allegheny Water Polo
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