Saturday, November 02, 2013

Dave Powell, Libertarian, got the endorsement from the Trib in his race for Pittsburgh City Council

Way to go Dave Powell.

Nice to see the Trib jump into the fray and offer endorsements to the challenger candidates.

Dave is a long time political friend of mine. He is well reasoned and principled. He'd offer plenty of different ideas in the discussions.

The nation, at the time of spy issues, NSA troubles, wiki leaks, Homeland Security creep, and more police state actions at every turn, putting a Libertarian on city council would be fantastic.

Samuel Hurst, Republican, also a candidate for city council, has been working his tail off too by going to meetings and staying active on social media. He is worthy of all the protest votes he can muster as well.

Thanks gentlemen for all you have done and are doing for the political landscape of Pittsburgh. My tip: Don't burn out. Keep plugging.

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