Sunday, March 17, 2024

Fwd: Build A High Speed Pull With Fins

The more propulsion swimmers can create, the more speed they'll be able to create.

And in backstroke, butterfly, and freestyle, most of that propulsion is coming from the upper body.

It's 'only' about 50% in breaststroke, and that's if the swimmer has a good kick.

So if swimmers want to go fast, they need to have an effective pull.

Using resistance can be a really powerful tool for helping swimmers create more propulsion with each stroke.

Same with stroke counts.

However, creating more propulsion per stroke is only half the solution.

Swimmers need to be able to create a lot of propulsion with each stroke FAST.

And that is a different challenge.

My favorite solution?


Check out the video for why it matters and how to put it into practice.

video preview

Keep it simple...


P.S. If your swimmers aren't swimming fast enough, sometimes they just need to swim faster.

In that case, fins will get the job done.



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